Top 10 Best Humidifiers For Baby of 2019 – Reviews

Babies have extremely delicate lungs and mucous membranes, so it’s important that their room has the best air quality possible. This means ensuring that the room is free of mold and mildew, keeping to clean and dusted, and finally, making sure a humidifier is available in their room. This can not only help the baby stay comfortable but will also ensure that they’re sleeping in a healthy environment as well.

Since finding the best humidifiers for babies isn’t always a straight forward process, we’ve decided to take some of the burdens off of parents and do some of the product research ourselves. What we discovered are the ten best baby humidifiers available, and we’ve listed them below so everyone can make sure their child sleeps soundly and remains as healthy as possible.

Best Humidifiers For Baby Of 2019

10Crane Filter-Free Cool-Mist Cow

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Although these products look like fun decorative baby room accessories to the naked eye, they’re actually high-quality cool-mist humidifiers. They run quietly for up to 24-hours at a time, humidify a room up to 500 square feet in size and have lids that can turn a full 360-degrees, so its mist can be directed where it’s needed. This product doesn’t require a filter for proper operation and is made with a clean control that inhibits bacterial growth in the unit for better air quality. And since this product automatically powers off when its tank is empty, this humidifier doesn’t have to be continuously watched.

9Frida Baby 3-In-1 Humidifier

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Baby Crib

This innovative baby humidifier is designed with several interesting features. It uses special ultrasonic vibrations to take ordinary purified water and turn it into a high-grade mist that ideal for any nursery. This model also features a diffuser in which Vapor Drops or aromatherapy drops can be added. Another thing to like about this product is that it also doubles as a nightlight, so it can not only add humidity to dry air but can also be a soothing influence on the child. Additional features found on this model include an auto-stop feature, a mist adjustor and a runtime of approximately 12-hours.

8Elechome Ultrasonic Warm & Cool-Mist Humidifier

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This unit allows humidity levels to be tightly controlled in a room all year long. This model can humidify a room up to 750 square feet in size, so it’s more than big enough to get the job done in baby nurseries or in other parts of the home. Depending on how this unit is set, it will run for approximately 12 to 40-hours at a time and can deliver a max humidity dispersal of 550 ml per hour. It has both warm and cool mist settings, so it can be set according to the season or the weather. And since it has a built-in aromatherapy box, it can even be used in the parent’s room to give them a true spa experience.

7UCAREAIR Humidifier for Baby’s Bedroom

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A big problem that many parents have with some baby humidifiers is that they have filters which are expensive to replace. Fortunately, that simply isn’t the case with this one because it has a unique filter-less design. This ultrasonic humidifier can provide a cool mist for up to 10-hours at a time and do it without its noise level rising above 32-decibels. This model is big enough to cover 200 square feet of a room, which is usually big enough for most parent’s needs. Features that can be found on this model include an auto-shutoff, high and low mist levels, and easy to use buttons.

6Madetec Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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This inexpensive model has many of the features of much more expensive models, but it does it without an exaggerated price tag. Some of the features that can be found on this model include 3 different mist modes that include low, high, and cloud mode, a 1-liter refillable tank, and a 20-hour runtime. This model is also capable of providing humidity for a room up to 350 square feet in size, which makes it suitable for most child’s bedrooms. As an added bonus, this quality unit can also be used as a diffuser by simply adding essential oils to it.

5VillSure Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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This model has a very efficient output, provides a cool-mist all night long and is extremely quiet. It also features a 360-degree nozzle that allows the mist to be sent where it’s needed in the room. Since this model only has a running noise level of 36 decibels, it’s suitable for any room in the house, even for rooms with sleeping babies in them. It’s also extremely easy to control this unit using its dial knob and rotary nozzle, and this unit has a mist output of 350 milliliters per hour. All in all, this unit is a great way for parents to add a little humidity to their child’s room.

4Pur Steam Cool Mist Variable Control Humidifier

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The first thing that anyone will notice about this humidifier, once they have it set up, is that it has a pretty big water tank. In fact, it’s water tank is 4-liters in size, so it’s more than large enough to provide a cool mist to just about any size room. And because it has such as large water tank, it will also run for approximately 17-hours at a time. Another thing that makes this a quality unit is that it has variable knob control, which makes it extremely easy to control. Additional features include an auto-off, ultrasonic operation, and a sturdy design that should last parents a long time.

3ONSON 4.5-Liter Ultrasonic Humidifier

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This cool-mist humidifier is equipped with a 4.5-liter tank that allows it to run anywhere from 12-hours all the way up to 30-hours at a time. And while this unit is running, it’s not only delivering pure cool mist but it is doing so without being noisy. This allows this unit to be placed in a nursery or bedroom without having to worry about disturbing the occupants of those rooms. Other features found on this model include a 1 to 12-hour timer, an auto-shutoff feature, three different mist levels, and an LED display. That’s everything a person could want out of a humidifier.

2Homech Cool-Mist Quiet Humidifier

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With a running time of approximately 60-hours at 60 ml per hour and a 360-degree humidity coverage, there’s a lot to like about this unit. It’s also very easy to set up and once running it’s extremely quiet. This allows it to be used in bedrooms or nurseries without fear of it awakening the people in those rooms up. Another thing to like about this model is that it has a large opening, so it’s always easy to refill when it’s empty. And since it has a maximum mist output of 300 ml an hour, it can be used to quickly bring humidity to bone dry rooms in no time flat.

1TaoTronics Cool Mist Baby Humidifier

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This quality baby humidifier is specifically designed for use in nurseries or in children’s bedrooms. It has a 1.8-liter tank that provides ample humidity to medium-sized rooms including nurseries, bedrooms, and many offices. It also has a space-saving design that allows it to be placed virtually anywhere in a room without fear of it eating up a lot of space. Additional features worth mentioning include its super-quiet operation, its use of BPA free plastics in its design, and its dial control knob. Now any nursery or child’s room can have the air quality it should have, all thanks to this powerful unit.

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