Top 10 Best Hunting Boots of 2019 – Reviews

As a general rule, hunters take great pride in their equipment. They make sure that their firearms and bows are as accurate as possible, make sure they have the correct weight ammo and buy the best scopes available. However, one area that’s often gets overlooked, even by professional hunters, is the choice of footwear. Which is unfortunate because a good pair of boots can make or break a hunting expedition.

However, we think that this is a problem that can be easily solved, so we set out to solve it. And we did that by not only researching the best-hunting boots currently available but by also writing a guide on how to buy a great pair of boots for your hunting trips. Hopefully, all of this will result in more successful hunts with feet that are a whole lot more comfortable.

Best Hunting Boots Of 2019

10LaCrosse Men’s Grange 18-Inch

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Manufactured using high-quality ZXT rubber, these hunting boots are not only scent-free, but they also offer the hunter the type of protection against water that their feet need. These boots are abrasion and tear-resistant, so they can be worn in a variety of different conditions, and they have multi-layered rubber on the heel and toe for added durability. Since it has an ankle lock, the heels can be locked in place, which provides for a more comfortable and more secure fit. And since these boots are available in U.S sizes from 5 to 15, just about any hunter can use them.

9TideWe Men’s Insulated Outdoor 16-Inch

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These lightly insulated boots are designed to keep the hunter’s feet warm through cold but not frigid conditions. They are made to be durable, comfortable and to provide 100% water-resistance, so they can be worn in virtually anywhere. Since they have anti-slip soles, they give the hunter the traction they need to trek through mud, snow or just about anything else that gets in their way. It also has great shock absorbing properties that prevent the occasional stepped on stone or rock from sending vibrations right up through the sole of the boot.

8Irish Setter Men’s 17-Inch Vaprtrek

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These 17-inch hunting boots are made with a number of innovative features which allows it to protect the hunter’s feet in a variety of different conditions. The first feature worth mentioning about these boots is that they have a snake guard construction that prevents snake bites, errant sticks or thorn from penetrating the upper portion of the boots and ruining the hunter’s expedition. It’s also waterproof and has the Arma Tec Abrasion System that adds an additional layer of protection to the hunter’s feet. And since it is also equipped with Scent Ban, stinky feet are also a thing of the past.

7Muck Boot Men’s Artic Pro

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This arctic snow boot is built specifically for extremely cold weather conditions. It contains 8 millimeters of neoprene that waterproof the hunter’s feet, protects it against incidental shock and helps to retain their own natural body heat. This flexible insulation allows the hunter to properly move their foot but gives them protection from the cold that can withstand temperatures as low as 60-degrees below zero. Although it’s probably too heavy for hunting in conditions above freezing, it does do a good job at protecting the hunter’s feet during even the coldest winter months. If there’s only one pair of boots to own for extremely cold conditions it’s this one.

6Rocky Men’s 8-Inch Retraction

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Equipped with 800 grams of Thinsulate ultra-insulation, these boots are suitable for autumn or early winter hunting. They are not only designed to be durable, but they’re also guaranteed to be waterproof as well. With these boots on, the hunter can traverse over rocky ground, walk through mud or water, or handle just about any other conditions the wild have to offer. They have a shaft that measures 8-inches from the arch, and they’re made with a combination of leather and textiles. These just may be the boots that deer, duck, and turkey hunters need to catch up to their game.

5Kamik Men’s Rain Boot

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These knee-high rain boots are designed for wet and cold conditions. They are 100% waterproof and can provide protection against temperatures as cold as 40-degrees Fahrenheit below zero. These boots have a heel that’s approximately 1.25-inches and has a shaft that measures 13-inches from the arch. They’re also equipped with a synthetic sole that provides the wearer with good all-terrain grip. And since it’s available in sizes from a U.S. 7 to a U.S. 15 and is available in either black or khaki, there’s almost certainly a pair of these boots that would fit the needs of most hunters.

4Bogs Men’s Classic High Insulated Boots

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These boots are 100% waterproof, have a shaft that measures 12-inches from the boot’s arch and is constructed with a 7mm insulation layer. Its insulation level allows it to remain comfortable during even the coldest of winter weather. These boots are designed to withstand temperatures down to 40-degrees Fahrenheit below zero. They’re equipped with an outsole that offers superior slip resistance, even in wet conditions, and won’t mark hardwood floors. They also have an EVA footbed that utilizes Dura-Fresh Technology, so the hunter’s feet don’t smell as bad the game they hunt. And since they’re available in colors which range from black to green to camouflage, there’s a pair that can be utilized by any hunter.

3Danner Men’s Pronghorn 8-Inch

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Manufactured using durable full-grain leather and with high-quality boot hardware, these boots are designed to hold up to just about any environment. They are 100% waterproof and also protect the wearer against incidental thorns or branches that may try to penetrate its upper portions. Although it only has 400-grams of insulation, it’s still a good boot for late spring, autumn or early winter hunts. And since it is equipped with the Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Camo Design, it will help the hunter’s feet blend in with the surrounding environment, which may just be all the advantage he or she needs to capture that buck.

2Muck Woody PK Women’s Hunting Boots

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These women’s hunting boots may look stylish with their pink accents, and with the pink coloring found on the bottom of its sole, but it is actually one of the more protective hunting boots available. These boots are designed to protect the hunter’s feet against shocks, water, and excess cold. It’s designed to adjust to the wearer’s feet, so it’s not only more comfortable but also so it doesn’t cause blisters or chafing on the hunter’s feet. All of which makes it an excellent pair of boots that’s perfect for any women to wear into the wild. It also makes a great gift for men to give to their wives or girlfriends on special occasions.

1Muck Boot Woody Max Men’s Boot

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These insulated men’s hunting boots are designed to provide the hunter the protection he needs regardless of the weather conditions. Since it’s insulated with rubber, it provides complete water resistance to the wearer’s foot. And since it’s equipped with 2mm of thermal foam under its footbed, it’s also capable of remaining comfortable in temperatures as cold as 40-degree Fahrenheit below zero. These boots also have a fleece lining that’s soft and helps to wick moisture away from the hunter’s feet. The result is a pair of boots that no hunter is going to want to have to do without in extreme weather conditions.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

A Guide To Hunting Boots

If you’re planning to spend any amount of time out in the wilderness, then you are probably going to want to buy a good pair of hunting boots. As we suggested earlier, hunting boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment that a hunter can own but is also one that’s given the least amount of thought. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. In this guide to hunting boots, we’re going to show you what you need to consider before purchasing your next pair of boots.

Step One: Determine Your Own Comfort Level

Before you even begin to look for a pair of hunting boots, you are going to want to consider your own personal thermostat and how active you’re going to be while wearing your boots. Let’s begin with your own personal thermostat. Every person on the planet has their own personal thermostat, especially when it comes to their feet. That’s why some people like to wear socks to bed and other people can’t stand wearing socks while they’re sleeping. Why is that important? It’s important because you might not want heavy insulation on your boots if you’re feet tend to run hot, or you may want a larger amount of insulation if your feet tend to run cold. It’s something you should keep in mind whenever you’re shopping for new boots.

The next thing that you are going to want to determine is how active you are going to be when you’re wearing the boots. If you’re an extremely active hunter, then you may want to get a pair of boots with less insulation. However, if you’re sitting in a turkey blind or in a deer stand, then you’re probably going to want to get a pair of boots that have a little more insulation. And of course, as we stated in the above paragraph, you are also going to want to consider if your feet run hot or cold. Once all of those factors have been determined, we can then talk about insulation.

Insulation Levels:

Hunting boots come with all different types of insulation levels, and hunters are all different, but the table below should provide a good starting point for choosing a pair of hunting boots. The insulation level of hunting boots is measured in how much insulation the boot has in grams. The higher the weight, the more insulation a boot has to offer.

  • Up To 350-Grams: They are designed for extremely active hunters and for use in milder conditions.
  • 400 To 900-Grams: This is the average hunting boot insulation range and is good for autumn hunting.
  • 1000+ Grams: This category is for hunters who hunt in extremely cold conditions.

Step Two: Consider The Type Of Hunting Boots

The next step is to determine which type of hunting boots you need. These type of boots come in all different types of styles, but the main ones include Rubber Hunting Boots, Overboots, Hikers, High Country Boots, Upland Boots, and Multipurpose Boots. Let’s examine each of these types a little bit closer, shall we?

  • Rubber Hunting Boots: These boots are designed for hunting areas that contain a lot of wet or muddy conditions. This can include terrains such as swamps, creeks, wetlands or even areas that are close to creeks or rivers. Since they’re waterproof and watertight, these boots are a good choice for anyone who wants to keep their feet dry in extremely wet conditions.
  • Overboots: These are really designed to be slipped on over your normal boots or only when you need to wear them. They are usually extremely insulated and can withstand really low temperatures.
  • Hiking Boots: Although these boots are designed for long walks and not specifically for hunting, they can increase a hunter’s mobility out in the field. This makes them a good choice for anyone looking to do quick early season hunts where they can spot their prey and make the shot quickly.
  • High Country Boots: These boots are designed for rough terrain. They often have an outsole that’s meant to grip the ground and they also usually have ankle support, too. They’re also designed to be durable and to be used in extreme conditions.
  • Upland Boots: These boots are designed for moderate, level terrain that’s easy to walk and doesn’t require a heavy hunting boot.
  • Multipurpose Boots: As their name suggests, these boots are designed to accommodate the widest variety of hunting conditions. They often come with a variety of different sole and with varying degrees of insulation. They’re not specialized like rubber or high country boots, but they are a good overall choice for hunters who expect to face a variety of different terrains and/or climate conditions.

Step Three: Don’t Forget About The Fit

Once you’ve determined the type and insulation levels of your boots, it’s time to buy a pair that properly fits your feet. When measuring to determine which size hunting boots you need, it’s important to measure your feet accurately and while you are wearing your hunting socks. This will ensure that you get the best fit possible when you’re out in the field.