Top 10 Best Iced Tea Makers of 2019 – Reviews

If you are an iced tea enthusiast, you will undoubtedly be looking for a reliable iced tea maker to help you prepare your own. What you need to know about these machines is that they are usually built to be versatile in their purpose, meaning that they will usually prepare a lot more than just ice tea. Now, we should point out that there are a lot of things you should consider when buying an iced tea maker, including materials, cleaning, capacity, features, maintenance, and of course, price tag. To give you a general idea of what’s out there, we put together a list of the ten best iced tea makers on the market for you to look at.

Best Iced Tea Makers – Top List

10Nostalgia CI3BK Café Iced Coffee & Tea Brewing System

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Designed with a stylish construction and shape, the Nostalgia CI3BK comes equipped with 2 coasters made of durable silicone that make it a great gift item. Thanks to its compact size, this tea and coffee maker can easily fit into your refrigerator door and is very space efficient. Made from top grade materials, this 4 in 1 device can be utilized as a coffee pot, a fruit infuser, and ice coffee and ice tea maker. Featuring a glass pitcher made from borosilicate with a robust grip made of silicone, it also features a coffee filter made from sturdy stainless steel and a nontoxic, plastic air tight lid.

9Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker with Brew Strength Selector

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With a capacity to prepare an ample amount of tea at any desired strength, this iced tea maker can brew delicious cups of both hot and cold beverages. This durable glass teapot comes with an infuser basket along with a lid which can be detached at will. Ideal for making loose leaf tea, tea made from tea bags as well as blooming tea, this glass teapot is easy to utilize and can be washed and cleaned using the top rack of your dishwasher.

8Capresso Iced Tea Maker

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Equipped with a detachable lid and a spout that makes it easy to pour, the Capresso Iced tea maker can hold 80oz of liquid and comes with a removable water tank. Thanks to its detachable filter, this tea maker is perfect for preparing loose tea or with tea bags. Uniquely designed with a slide at the front of the device, you can adjust the strength of your tea as per your liking. The glass pitcher is also dishwasher safe and easy to maintain.

7Salton KM44WHT Iced Tea Maker

buy from amazonThe Salton Iced Tea Maker is a well-designed countertop kitchen device that prepares up to 2 liters of iced beverages per batch. Equipped with an anti-shatter carafe, it comes with a robust handle that makes it easy to serve and pour. Thanks to its automatic shut off function, the device ensures add safety and does not overheat. It also comes with a water level indicator to help you with pouring in the right amount of liquid for the perfect cup of tea. Furthermore, this tea and coffee maker comes with detachable filters, making it easy to clean and maintain.

6Back To Basics Iced Tea Maker

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Innovatively designed, the Back To Basics Iced Tea Maker is unlike any other ice tea maker available. With a unique set of features, this tea maker comes with various tea brewing strengths and can prepare tea with or without sweetness, automatically. Equipped with a sturdy 2.5-quart pitcher made of glass, this tea maker can prepare tea with tea bags as well as loose tea. Measuring 15.2 inches by 10.2 inches by 7.7 inches in size, this device weighs approximately 6 pounds and is rather compact.

5West Bend Iced Tea Maker

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Uniquely designed with a durable plastic pitcher with a capacity of 2.75 quarts, the West Bend Iced Tea Maker comes with a set of steeping controls as well as a timer for brewing. It also features a special sweetener chamber to adjust the level of sweetness in your beverage. Made from premium grade material and built to last, this ice tea maker also comes equipped with a special strength selector to adjust the strength of your tea, an automatic shutdown function that turns off the device when your tea is prepared, and an indicator light that displays that the device is now on and ready to prepare your tea.

4Mr. Coffee TM1 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker

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With the ability to brew tea from both loose tea leaves as well as tea bags, the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker comes with a 2-quart pitcher capacity that many consider being the ideal capacity for any tea maker. Designed with a modern outlook, this tea maker comes with a detachable brew basket. Owing to its auto-shut off function, the device turns off when your beverage is ready and the cycle is complete. Designed with a pre-programmed cleaning cycle, this useful tea maker can make both single as well as double servings.

3Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

buy from amazonDesigned to prepare two quarts of tea, the Takeya Iced Tea Maker can prepare delicious freshly brewed tea in a matter of minutes. This tea maker can make tea with both loose tea leaves as well as tea bags, properly infusing the nutrients and enhancing the flavor of the tea. Thanks to its airtight lid that comes with the pitcher, the tea stays fresh and can be stored in the fridge. The device measures 5 inches by 7.5 inches by 12.8 inches respectively, is BPA free, and can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

2Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Brewing System

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Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Brewing System is a specially designed 2 in 1 tea maker that is ideal for preparing freshly made iced tea with tea bags or loose tea leaves. It allows you to brew 2.5 quarts of delicious iced tea in a matter of minutes thanks to its fast brewing mechanism, a feature high-end tea makers all seem to share. This fully functional tea maker comes equipped with a lift and clean basket with a permanent filter attached and is also consists of a brew strength indicator that can be utilized to increase the boldness of your beverage. Extremely durable and made from high-quality materials, the pitcher and lid can be washed in the dishwasher with no issues whatsoever.

1Hamilton Beach 40911 Electric Iced Tea Maker

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The ingenious Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Maker comes with a 2-quart sized pitcher and a versatile sleek, modern design to fit any kitchen theme. For added safety, the device also comes with an automatic turn off feature that shuts down the device when the beverage is prepared. It also includes an indicator light as well as a handy brew strength selector that can be adjusted to the level of flavor you would like in your drink. Overall, it is perhaps one of the most well-engineered and practical iced tea makers the market has to offer.


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What To Look For In An Ice Tea Maker

At their most basic, iced tea makers all seem to function on the same principles, yet slightly different from one another depending on their type, brand, construction, and featured characteristics. It is important to note that the majority of iced tea makers are fairly simplistic in their design, although some of them do indeed boast features that aid them to prepare a multitude of other drinks along with iced tea. In this respect, here are perhaps the most important characteristics to consider when buying an iced tea maker:


The first thing you want to consider is the type of iced tea maker you’re dealing with. We say this because some of these tea makers are designed to meet other functions along with making iced tea, like brewing herbs and preparing coffee. If this is the case, then be prepared to pay an extra fee for such a versatile tea maker. On a related note, you will also find cafe iced tea makers if you go looking, which behave more or less the same way a classic iced tea maker would with the added benefit of being more versatile in its use.


The second thing you should think about is just how much iced tea you drink on a daily basis? The reason you want to do that is because preparing a batch of iced tea can take quite a bit of time depending on the tea maker, so a larger one is guaranteed to help you prepare enough for multiple cups. On average, many iced tea makers have a 2-quart capacity, but you are sure to find some that are a bit bigger than that.

Brewing Time

You also want to figure out how much time you’re willing to spend preparing a batch of iced tea. For the most part, it shouldn’t really take more than a few minutes, but we should point out that the expected brewing time increases along with the number of brewing features you use. We should also add that some iced tea makers enable you to keep the brew at a specific temperature for extended periods of time, a process that also makes the brew more flavorful.


The features to look for when buying an iced tea maker revolve around the brewing control and the ways you can simplify the process. For instance, a good iced tea maker should have a tea steeping control feature and an optional timed brewing control. Furthermore, such a machine should also have an automatic shut-off system, an on-off light, a brewing basket, a sweetener chamber, and removable components for easy cleaning.

Ease Of Use

Unless you have peculiar tastes when it comes to iced tea, a simple machine should do the trick. Most iced tea makers are equipped with a large pitcher, removable filter basket, and a lid to top it all off. All of these features are usually dishwasher safe and sturdy enough not to crack when washed by hand, even when you do it intensely. It is their simplicity that makes these machines formidable, which is also the reason why all the popular iced tea makers are fairly basic in their usage.


Like we said, some iced tea makers can do a lot more than just prepare iced tea. Depending on your budget, you can get your hands on an iced tea maker that can also prepare ice coffee along with a few other drinks that are brewed using the same principles. Keep in mind, however, that the more versatile a machine is the more likely it is that it will have a price tag to match, so unless you plan on brewing something other than tea, then you should perhaps stick to the basic models.


Given the sheer variety the market has to offer, it is often believed that a reputable brand is more likely to meet people’s demands than obscure manufacturers. This is perfectly true to some extent, seeing how the most popular iced tea makers out there are usually made by well-known manufacturers. Not to say that inexpensive newcomers can’t brew a delicious batch of tea, just that it is less likely you will find a good one in the low-range part of the market.


Last but not least, keep in mind that you will have to wash the machine or at least parts of it after each use. For this reason, look for an iced tea maker that uses detachable components, the type of components that are not only easy to remove but also easy to wash. In this respect, the components that make up an iced tea maker should be dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to withstand any type of washing long-term.