Top 10 Best Insulated Water Bottles of 2019 – Reviews

While camping and hiking are both very enjoyable activities in their own right, it is always important to pack the right gear. Along with personal hygiene products and personal effects, you will need to pack a good tent and all the utilities you can carry. You should also consider investing in a quality water bottle. After all, it is imperative that you stay properly hydrated. An excellent way to go about that is to get yourself an insulated water bottle. These bottles are designed to be not only as sturdy as possible but also big enough to store a reasonable amount of liquid. To be able to help you make an informed decision, we put together a list of the ten best insulated water bottles money can buy.

Benefits of Insulated Water Bottles

There are numerous advantages to using an insulated water bottle. It does not only make you stay hydrated but has these other long-lasting benefits as well.


Making use of a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic water bottles is one way to save the environment. Stainless steel bottles can be reused and recycled since it is made from natural elements while plastic bottles pollute the earth very much like a plastic straw. So the next time you purchase a container for drinking, opt for an insulated stainless steel bottle.


Since a stainless steel water bottle is leak proof compared to the regular bottled water, it is less likely to be contaminated by harmful toxins and elements. A cap or a lid is not enough to keep them out, especially when a store in a non-sanitary environment.

Thus, stainless steel bottles are better for drinking especially vacuum insulated water bottle that stores hot liquids. Vacuum insulation is made use of vacuum to retain the heat in hot drinks. A vacuum insulated flask is common for everyday use wherein the insulation is perfect for a hot drink or keeping water cold.


Ever notice how an athlete’s sports water bottle is usually made of stainless steel? That is because this material is proven to be very durable for hot and cold beverages. Drink containers made out of stainless steel can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

Money Saver

Instead of buying a plastic water bottle few times a day, you can save that money when you refill your insulated water bottle whenever you run out of the water. Yes, stainless steel water bottles may cost you more up front, but they will end up saving you money in the long run. These water bottles last forever which makes them a great investment!

Best Insulated Water Bottles – Top List

Have you been searching the internet for what is the best insulated water bottle? Well, your search stops here. We have created a list of the best insulated stainless steel water bottles on the market today.

10Swig Savvy Leak-Proof Insulated Bottle

buy from amazonSwig is a well-renowned brand mainly for the performance of its savvy water bottles. This bottle comes with a cool black theme, not to mention its double-walled design which contains all fluids well. The double wall makes for a leak-proof container. Additionally, besides being dishwasher safe, this bottle comes with a leak-proof cap (twist open) and an accompanying satisfaction guarantee. Finally, it keeps your beverage cold (24-hours) and hot (12-hours) depending on your preference and comes in two sizes (30-ounce and 40-ounce).

9Swig Savvy Vacuum-Insulated Bottle

buy from amazonOther than performance, Swig is also famous for its wide-mouthed characteristic. A wide-mouth lid makes drinking hot beverages easier. This Swing-branded vacuum-insulated model is made from stainless steel and is therefore virtually indestructible. The underlying material is BPA-free and efficient in its temperature retention capacity (24-hours for cold drinks). What’s more, this vacuum insulated water bottle features a leak-proof lid that also doubles as a cup and neoprene-made protective pouch for easy transport.

8CamelBak Big Chill Podium Water Bottle

best insulated water bottle

buy from amazonCamelBak through its Big Chill Podium bottle fortifies its position as a quality global brand. Why? Besides featuring a delightful Periwinkle theme, this container comprises BPS-free and durable polypropylene material. What’s more, compared to conventional plastics, it is also odor-free and contains a double-walled build that maintains your drinks hot or cold for many hours. This is the best double insulated water bottle you can go for. Not only that but they also offer you a replacement if you receive a defective product, a nice policy that more manufacturers should have.

Plyometrics at Power Systems

7Geysa Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle

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Compared to the traditional water bottles, these insulated models are efficient outdoor accessories which better retain the temperature of its contents. If you need an ideally-functional option, Geysa is among the best brands. Made using stainless steel, this is a durable and utterly BPA-free storage bottle. It is a stylishly designed 34-ounce water bottle that features a vacuum insulated and double-walled design for efficient temperature retention.

6The Flow Water Bottle

buy from amazonSince the debut of quality water bottles like the flow, it is easy to see why they are now the favorite option for water storage. Made from stainless steel, this accessory, for instance, is free of any harmful BPA or toxins. It maintains the water at a constant temperature for a considerable time (24-hours) allowing you to enjoy both hot and cold drinks alike for an approximate 12-hour period. This 32-ounce bottle is wide mouthed and as such simple to refill and also clean. Furthermore, it comes with a tightly-sealing lid (plastic but BPA-free) with an inbuilt straw which allows more comfortable drinking. This straw is made out of stainless steel as well and not plastic. An insulated water bottle with a straw does make drinking water more enjoyable!

5Liquid Savvy 3-lid Bottle

buy from amazonLiquid Savvy is an appealing 32-ounce bottle that features among others an exclusive vacuum-insulated and leak-proof design that suits outdoor use. The 3-lid feature includes the following: flip top lid, integrated carabiner lid, and a multi-purpose tethered lid. Also, it is also sturdier than other options and conveniently lightweight. Aside from the that, the product also comes with a cost-effective price tag, which is something most manufacturers should consider. That said, don’t expect this particular bottle to be any less effective than high-end models.

4Swig Savvy Water Bottle

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Swing makes a list yet again with this green-themed 32-ounce water bottle. Made of stainless steel material, this is an ideal option for anyone looking for durability and functionality. Furthermore, it has a wide-mouthed design, comes with a free pouch for easy transportation and an exclusive satisfaction degree. Moreover, you will find this original bottle to be a lot sturdier than most insulated bottles in this price range.

3Polar 24oz Insulated Water Bottle

buy from amazonThe best insulted water bottle is none other than the 24-ounce Polar water bottle. This model features a tantalizing secret garden theme, convenient hand grips and a lightweight design that eases its portability and a suitable size that allows it to ideally fit many standard bottle cages devoid of scratching or denting over time. Besides being freeze safe, it is also wide-mouthed allowing it to accommodate ice cubes of all sizes.

2Takeya Originals Water Bottle

buy from amazonFor anyone that is involved in any activity that requires them to take a lot of water such as hiking or cycling, go for the Takeya Originals water bottle. Why? It has an adequate space of approximately 40-ounces. Moreover, this black-themed bottle made from stainless tell (sweat-free) material which makes it not only durable and convenient but also ideal for the storage of both cold and hot beverages. It also comprises a double-walled and vacuums insulated design that allows it to efficiently contain heat not to mention a handy leak-proof cover lid. Not only that but this bottle also comes with wide loop handles that will enable more comfortable transportation plus a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

1GlacierPoint Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

buy from amazonRather than waste your money on typical cheap water bottles, invest in the GlacierPoint water bottle. It is a durable vacuum-insulated accessory with a 24-ounce beverage capacity. This food-grade model is designed from stainless steel (18/8) and as such is BPA-free not to mention being free of any odors that devalue you drink. Likewise, it also features an elegant powder coating and double-walled design that safeguards it from scratches and dents. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best insulated water bottles the market has to offer right now.


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Insulated Water Bottle Buying Guide

With insulated water bottles getting increasingly popular, it would make sense for people to have certain guidelines to follow when shopping for one. If you’re a fan of healthy living, you will need to invest in an insulated water bottle sooner or later, whether you’re a cyclist, hiker, or camper. These water bottles will not only keep your water cold and fresh for extended periods of time but they’re also quite sturdy and durable as far as construction goes. With such a wide variety to choose from, it can be pretty daunting to find one that best suits your needs, so a guide to follow through would come in handy.

Understanding Insulated Water Bottles

First things first, you should be well aware of what an insulated water bottle does and how to best use it. Unlike your average single-use plastic water bottle, insulated water bottles are designed to be used repeatedly without losing any of their benefits over time. For this reason, they are usually constructed of much sturdier, durable materials, which also makes them easier to store. While retailers often sell plastic water bottles in stores, those bottles aren’t exactly suitable for camping trips, hiking, or cycling. Not only that but plastic bottles aren’t exactly eco-friendly either.


What you want to do when choosing an insulated water bottle is to first consider its construction. In general, insulated water bottles are made either from plastic or metal, with very few differences between them depending on the manufacturer and the overall quality of the bottle itself. Although few, these differences can definitely recommend one type of bottle over the other, especially if you’re looking for a bottle that suits a specific role.

Plastic bottles – Even though plastic bottles are light and durable, they are somewhat likely to crack easier than metal water bottles, even when you’re not subjecting them to any damage to speak of. Such is the nature of insulated plastic bottles who do indeed command a much more affordable price tag than their metal counterparts. Plastic bottles are also more prone to taking damage from the heat, thus leaking a plastic aftertaste into the liquids contained within. On average, these bottles are made of HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene, and copolyester, a construction that makes the bottles sturdy but likely to take damage in hot weather.

Metal bottles – These type of bottles can either be made from aluminum or stainless steel. Although stronger than plastic bottles, they are much heavier thus more difficult to carry, which might prove an inconvenience when taking long trips. We should also point out that metal bottles are better at containing acidic beverages like lemon and orange juice, without the risk of leaving a nasty aftertaste. That said, it should be said that stainless steel bottles are much better at this than aluminum bottles that sometimes taint the next use of the bottle if they contain a highly acidic drink for too long. You should also keep in mind that metal bottles tend to warm up and sweat on their exterior if containing a hot liquid, so make sure to wrap them in something when storing them next to fabrics or clothes.

Types of Water Bottle Caps

Another thing to consider when shopping for an insulated water bottle is the type of cap it has. While most retail bottles have a simple screw on lid that screws directly onto the plastic bottle to provide the seal, insulated water bottles use a slightly different mechanism. Some of these bottles, for instance, have sports caps that are connected to the bottle, caps that pop up when prompted to allow you to drink straight from the cap. It should be also noted that some insulated bottles come with backup seals that you have to unscrew separately from the main cap, even though these particular bottles aren’t all that popular.

Valve type – It is common for sports water bottles to have valves that dispense liquid, which is precisely what some insulated water bottles use. These valves can either be pushed or pulled, with some even designed to be squeezed. You operate push and pull valves with your hands or lips, whereas squeezing valves are usually operated with your teeth. Sometimes referred to as ‘bite valves’, these valves will often have a tube inserted into the bottle to dispense the liquid when prompted. It is also common for them to have a safety feature that closes the valve to limit spillage.

Mouth size – Needless to say, the mouth of a bottle determines how fast you can pour the liquid within. Not only are wide mouth bottles easier to drain but also easier to refill, making them perfect for pouring into cups. Although bottles with small mouths take a longer time to flow, they do protect better against accidental spills. With sports bottles, especially the ones with squeezable valves, you are best protected against unintentional spillage, albeit at the cost of being harder to refill.

Volume – Last but not least, the amount of a water bottle determines how much liquid you can store within, making larger bottles better for long trips. That said, it might be somewhat uncomfortable to carry a large metal bottle with you when hiking or cycling, so perhaps a smaller, more efficient water bottle would be best. If you’re thinking about taking a family trip, however, then, by all means, go for a large bottle. We should point out that an insulated water bottle’s volume has almost nothing to do with its ability to keep liquids at a certain temperature.