Top 10 Best Ironing Boards of 2018 – Reviews

Ironing without a proper board can be both tiresome and uncomfortable, which is why you must do your best to invest into a reliable board right from the start. Although it may look like an item that you shouldn’t necessarily spend all that much on, we assure you that a poorly made ironing board can be quite uncomfortable in the long run.

Not only that but good ironing boards are also guaranteed to last you a whole lot longer than some of the sub-par, cheap boards most people unknowingly buy. To give you a better idea of what to look for when making such a purchase, we put together a list of the ten best ironing boards on the market right now.

Best Ironing Boards 2018

10Household Essentials Fibertech Top T-Leg Ironing Board

buy from amazonThanks to its fibertech ironing surface, this board helps the fabric stay firmly in place at all times, regardless of how quickly you move the iron. Surprisingly spacious, this 52″ x 14″ board can accommodate larger items like sheets or drapes without the risk of them getting dragged along the floor. Furthermore, it benefits from an arch foot, a 35mm T-leg stance, and four adjustable height positions to choose from.

9Homz T-Leg Adjustable Height Foam Pad Ironing Board

buy from amazonSurprisingly enough, most of this board’s surface is made of cotton, a surface designed to provide a very smooth ironing surface. Underneath the cotton, the board contains a specially designed foam that is both lightweight and durable at the same time. We should also point out that the board can be positioned at a 35-inches height and kept rigorously in position by its durable T-leg stance with a patented leg lock.

8YBM Home Rectangle 4-leg Foldable Ironing Board

buy from amazonThe first thing you notice about this particular ironing board is that it has not two but four steel legs with plastic floor caps. This design gives it a higher degree of stability without making the board too heave either. Due to being equipped with a strong iron rest, you are also unlikely to run into difficulties putting the iron away every once in a while. Also worth mentoning is the fact that it has a heavy-duty cotton cover and a thick full elastic band on the sides for a tight fit.

7Household Essentials Over-The-Door Ironing Board

buy from amazonWhile people usually go for the standard ironing boards, it has to be said that over-the-door boards can be jest as good. Not only that but some of these door boards are actually a lot more stable than standard models thanks to being entirely reliant on the structure of the door. As for this particular board, it is made from steel, cotton, polyester, and polyurethane, which means that it is both sturdy and reliable at the same time.

6Laundry Solutions by Westex Compact Ironing Board

buy from amazonThanks to its foldable design, this ironing board will enable you to easily store it away when it’s not needed. At the same time, it features thick steel legs designed to provide increased stability, the type of stability most ironing boards aren’t capable of. Furthermore, the board comes with a large iron rest and extra hanger space to make things easier during the ironing process while its height adjustment paddle ensures that you will be doing your ironing at your most comfortable height.

5Ybm Home & Kitchen 4-leg Ironing Board

buy from amazonThis heavy-duty ironing board is equipped with four steel legs with floor caps which give it a decent degree of stability. It also features a safety iron rest with hanging options to make it easier for you to take the occasional break during the ironing process. We should also point out that the board has a durable cotton cover with a full elastic band for a tighter fit along with a hanger bar and a shelf for good measure.

4Household Essentials Fibertech Extra Wide Top 4-Leg Ironing Board

buy from amazonThe Fibertech Extra Wide Ironing Board from Household Essential is designed to provide almost perfect stability during the ironing process without sacrificing weight to achieve it. In this respect, it features metal leg locks intended to hold the legs securely in place both during the actual ironing or when it’s in storage. Furthermore, the board benefits from a height adjustable system that enables you to choose the appropriate ironing weight with relative ease.

3Reliable The Board 200IB Ironing Board

buy from amazonThanks to its heavy-duty tube framed construction, this reliable ironing board will make it easier for you to engage in quick ironing sessions without too much effort. The reason we say this is because of the board’s increased stability, a stability it owes to its double wishbone leg design that eliminates wobbliness almost completely. At the same time, the board features an iron tray that can be used either as an ironing station, a convenient laundry rack, or a catch tray.

2Bartnelli Pro Luxery Multi layered T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board

buy from amazonIt’s not often that we get to use the term ‘extreme stability’ when talking about ironing boards because most boards can get a bit wobbly over time. This isn’t the case with Bartnelli’s Pro Luxery Multi-Layered Ironing Board, mind you, thanks to its wide base with plastic protection. It is also a multi-layered board like the name suggests, containing cotton, foam, and felt layers for extra durability.

1Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest

buy from amazonWide and ergonomic, this high-end ironing board from Brabantia is one of the best money can buy. It is not only easy to use but it is also extremely lightweight and easy to store. Speaking of storage, the board also features a handy transport lock which keeps the table folded when being stored or transported. Last but not least, the board features a safety child lock to prevent it from collapsing accidentally.


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