Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines of 2019 – Reviews

We are witnessing an increase in popularity for karaoke machines these days and this is partly due to how compact and versatile these devices have become. It used to be that you had to go to a special karaoke bar to sing along your favorite songs, mostly because of how bulky and immovable the technology was. This isn’t the case nowadays with the surge of portable karaoke machines, which explains why more and more people see them as long-term investments rather than toys or gadgets.

Given their sudden rise in popularity, you simply cannot expect all the manufacturers to abide by high-grade construction standards, nor can you expect most of them to handle the basics all that well either. In fact, if you go at it blindly, you are far more likely to purchase a sub-par karaoke machine rather than a good one. To avoid that, you want to take into consideration everything such a machine has to offer before actually buying one. To give you some pointers in that regard, we put together a list of the ten best karaoke machines the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Karaoke Machines – Top List

10Singsation Karaoke Microphone

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Singstation’s Karaoke Microphone stands out through its ease of use and extended maneuverability. Thanks to its portable design, it allows you to set up a karaoke party almost anywhere with no limitations whatsoever. Although seen as an entry-level karaoke machine by many, it is more than capable of performing all the necessary tasks a more advanced machine would have, including an amplified sound, TV connectivity, dual jack inputs, and a compatibility with most smartphones and tablets out there.

9Akai KS800-BT Karaoke Machine

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This ingenious karaoke machine from Akai can be connected to smartphones, mp3 players, or any type of tablet as long as they’re Bluetooth-ready. Not just that but it also benefits from a front-loading CD player that enables you to play karaoke songs or any music CD of your choosing. We should also point out that the device features a USB port for an increased connectivity along with a large 7-inch color screen for more comprehensive lyrics viewing.

8VocoPro DVD-Duet

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Just like the name suggests, this exquisite karaoke machine enables you to perform duets with great ease, without having to employ any additional tools to speak of. As such, you can sing along any mp3 compilation, CDG playlist, or output DVDs you have on hand. Interestingly enough, it also benefits from JPEG image viewing capabilities with a slideshow feature for good measure. All this recommend it as the perfect solution for people who enjoy singing duets but do not want to go over budget too much.

7Karaoke USA GF839

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With this portable device, you get all the benefits of a much larger machine along with a few interesting features of its own. Among them, a 7-inch color display and an integrated player compatible with CD+G, DVDs, and mp3 files. At the same time, you can connect the machine to any Bluetooth-activated device, which is bound to expand your possibilities when it comes to its connectivity. We should also point out that the machine comes with two microphones and a functional remote control that you can use to tweak the device any way you want.

6Singing Machine SML-283P

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As the name suggests, this veritable singing machine aims to deliver the closest conditions you can have to a studio environment, so as yo further your singing experience in a reliable yet entertaining fashion. The machine enjoys a compact design that incorporates a complex disco light and a convenient LED display for good measure. not just that but it also features an inbuilt CDG player with two mic inputs, each with its own volume control functions. On top of all this, the device also comes with an integrated speaker, balance, auto-voice, and echo controls to improve your karaoke experience as much as possible.

5ION Audio Block Party Live

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This is an advanced karaoke system by most standards, one that features a powerful integrated speaker and a series of highly useful features. In that regard, it has a black case with functional wheels along with a maneuverable handle to improve its mobility. To also add to its connectivity, the device features a Bluetooth port that you can use to connect the machine to any Bluetooth-capable device you might own. Furthermore, it also features a bright LED dome on its top, a feature designed to create quite the light show if you need it to.

Garmin 728x90 Banner

4Singtrix Party Bundle Premium #SGTX1

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If you are looking for a karaoke machine capable of tuning your voice into any sort of music in real-time then look no further. The Singtrix Party Bundle #SGTX1 is designed to employ a series of customizable effects that aim to modify your voice in any way you wish just by pushing a button. This way, you can transform your voice to some extent and even add choir effects to it in a process intended to fully eliminate the need for backup singers altogether. It also has to be said that it comes with a natural pitch-correction and HardTune feature to diversify your karaoke options.

3Electrohome EAKAR300

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This advanced and stylish karaoke speaker system is designed to give out the highest possible standard in regards to tone, sound, and vocals. It also offers the capacity to choose from a fairly impressive CDG music library or to connect the machine to any compatible tablet or smartphone of your choosing. On top of that, it also has a 3.5mm aux input that you can use to broaden your options connectivity-wise, one that you can use to play any songs you might have on a different library or on a different device. Also worth mentioning is that this machine includes two microphone inputs for singing duets and a fairly powerful built-in speaker.

2Singing Machine SML-385

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Although the name doesn’t sound too creative, we assure you that the SML-385 Singing Machine is quite innovative in its design and functionality. In principle, this is a karaoke machine that aims to provide a complex yet user-friendly karaoke experience without clouding your party with any unnecessary features that would otherwise make the machine difficult to operate. A good way to look at it is through the spectrum of a simplistic interface, one that places you in full control of the unit’s CD swapping system, its balance/echo controls, its audio aux input/output, its AC power operation, and auto voice adjuster feature.

1Singing Machine SML385BTW

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This is perhaps the most reliable and widespread karaoke machine the market has to offer at this point in time and it’s easy to see why that is. First of all, it incorporates all the features of old-school karaoke machines used to offer but in a more compact, portable package. Among them, a 54-LED disco lights system which adds a certain aesthetic boost to your karaoke experience, along with the capacity to stream all your favorite songs via any Bluetooth-enabled device of your choosing. At the same time, you can use the device’s Singing Machine app to access thousands of popular songs in just a matter of seconds.

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What To Look For In A Karaoke Machine

You can expect modern karaoke machines to boast all the features that older, larger machines used to deliver, along with a variety of other ingenious features. As a matter of fact, the recent rise in popularity of karaoke machines is owed in part to their portability. In all fairness, you cannot expect low-end machines to have the same technical capabilities of top-shelf devices, but you can very well rely on them to deliver the basics despite how cheap the machines may be. To better understand what makes a good karaoke machine, we should perhaps find out what characteristics stand them apart from one another and what necessary features a decent one should possess.


Perhaps the first thing you need to consider when buying a karaoke machine is whether the microphone is up to scratch. You can nowadays expect even a low-end microphone to effectively and clearly record your voice despite the background noise or how much you shake it. You judge a microphone based on its design, featured technologies, input quality, and portability. Seeing how most karaoke machines come with a microphone of their own, you can save yourself quite a lot of money by using their inbuilt mic if it’s good enough.


The next thing you need to think about when assessing the overall quality of a karaoke machine is whether not it can deliver a loud enough output for you to enjoy your karaoke experience. Although it is common for these machines to be connected to stand-alone sound systems, you definitely want a karaoke machine with a good enough speaker of its own. Even more so if it’s the type of machine you can take with you on the road.


You also want to see whether the karaoke machine of your choosing has a screen and whether that screen meets all the required standards. It used to be that karaoke machines were connected to television sets and some of them still are. The big majority of modern machines, however, have inbuilt screens to display the lyrics of the song being played and to give you all the operational details you may require. These screens can either be standard bi-chromatic or multi-colored with a reasonably high-resolution display.


Another thing to look for in a karaoke machine is the connectivity, mainly its capacity to sync with other devices you might own. Some of these devices are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning that they can connect to virtually any tablet, smartphone, or notebook, thus expanding your reach to whatever music library any of these devices might hold. Along with all that, a good karaoke machine may also employ HDMI, RCA, and Stereo connections along with regular aux cords for good measure.

Supported Formats

You also want to ensure that your karaoke machine can playback your favorite tunes regardless of their format. In this respect, some people use CDG or mp3 files which are by far the most widespread, and yet the list of formats a modern karaoke machine supports is much bigger. Interestingly enough, some of these machines can even play music directly from online libraries like streaming services or application-based sources.

Voice Effects

If possible, look for a karaoke machine that offers voice altering and voice enhancing features. As you may already know, some people are a bit shy and reserved when it comes to singing in front of a live audience, especially if they are self-conscious about their voice. Fortunately for them, some of these machines enable them to tweak their voice in real-time and to add a wide selection of voice effects carefully chosen across a broad spectrum. At the same time, they can also add certain echo effects for a more concert-like experience.

Audio Quality

Regardless of whether the machine has its own speakers or whether it relies on external sound systems, you definitely want the machine to deliver a clear, loud output at all times. In that regard, the speakers (if it has any) should give out a crystal-clear sound across all channels, so as to not lose any notes or instrumentals when someone sings. It has to be said that when it comes to karaoke machines, PA speakers are a whole lot better than stereo speakers because of how loud and reliable they are.

Ease Of Use

No matter how expensive the machine may be, it absolutely has to feature an intuitive, user-friendly interface that you can use with minimal effort. For the most part, a karaoke machine shouldn’t have more than a few buttons and control sliders, to ensure that everyone will be able to make adjustments on the go without having to stop singing in order to figure out the controls. It is a commonly held belief that the fewer controls, knobs, and levers a karaoke machine has, the better.


Last but not least, you must consider the fact that karaoke machines have come a long way over the years and that you are no longer constrained to a single place when you want to get a karaoke night going. Given how portable some of these machines are, you can very well take them with you to any outdoors or home environment they are needed. For this reason, some of these machines are equipped with rechargeable batteries and flexible power cords to help you set up a karaoke party virtually anywhere you see fit.