Top 10 Best LED Dancing Water Speakers of 2018 – Reviews

If you’re looking for a unique way to listen to your favorite tunes, then maybe you should consider investing into dancing water speakers. Not only are these speakers top-notch as far as technical capabilities are concerned but they’re also artistic and spectacular from an aesthetic point of view. In principle, dancing water speakers are designed to burst jets of water in various ways, much to the entertainment of anyone who’s watching.

Needless to say, such speakers are not just novelty pieces but fully functional speakers as well. To give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for such speakers, we put together a list of the ten best dancing water speakers money can buy.

Best LED Dancing Water Speakers 2018

10Emazing Lights Dancing Water Speakers

buy from amazonWhat makes these speakers stand out is the fact that they’re compatible with virtually any music player out there. As such, they will playback music from any iPod/iPhone, Android, Desktop, or Laptop you may own with no issues to speak of. At the same time, they come equipped with a standard USB power plug which means that they do not require any batteries or any other bulky power source for its colorful lights. Not only that but they’re also made from an entirely harmless, environmentally safe material which is always a feature to look for when dealing with electric/electronic devices.

9Pixnor Wireless Bluetooth Colorful LED Fountain Dancing Water Mini Speakers

buy from amazonVersatility is always sought after by all those who shop for dancing water speakers, and in this respect, Pixnor’s wireless Bluetooth fountain dancing water speakers are the real deal. It isn’t just the fact that they provide a high-fidelity sound quality on all frequencies but that they do so regardless of the sound system they are connected to. For instance, they can sync up with virtually any mobile device of your choice regardless of operating system, which is definitely a feature to look for in such speakers.

8ECVISION Plug And Play Muti-Colored Illuminated Fountain Water Speakers

buy from amazonThese colorful speakers are a joy to look at, and even better to listen to. We say this because they feature 4 LED’s designed to provide multi-colored patterns according to the bass and treble of whatever tune you’re listening to, doing so while the actual speakers playback the music in exemplary fidelity. At the same time, these speakers are extremely pleasant to look at even when they aren’t playing any music, simply due to their artistic design.

7DE Dancing Water Speakers

buy from amazonThe first thing you notice about these particular speakers is that they come equipped with literally all the connection cords you may need to connect them to a music-playing device of your choice. It also has to be said that as far as dancing water speakers go, DE’s Dancing Water Speakers are top of the line. One of the reasons for us saying this is because of the speed and complexity of the water bursts which are timed to fit the exact tempo of the songs to a millisecond.

6Soundsoul Wireless Bluetooth Music Fountain Dancing Water Speakers

buy from amazonThese dancing water speakers come equipped with an acrylic water container and ABS bottoms, features that make them stand out from the rest by virtue of complexity and durability. At the same time, they are equipped with rechargeable batteries that you can easily recharge using a USB cord from your personal computer or laptop. As you would expect given their complexity, they are also highly compatible with virtually any popular model of Android or iPhone device.

5Wet N Wild Water Show PC Speakers

buy from amazonThanks to four LED lights encased in clear plastic, these PC speakers are guaranteed to provide not only a show but a genuinely spectacular atmosphere every time music is being played. Not only that but they are also known to perfectly sync with the beat and treble of the songs being played according to their exact tempo. Furthermore, these speakers don’t require any additional software or wiring work whatsoever, requiring only that you connect them to your computer via a built-in USB interface.

4AGS Third Generation Colourful Trumpeter Music Fountain Water Dancing Speakers

buy from amazonEquipped with 6 LED lights capable of providing quite a show, these have to be considered some of the most spectacular dancing water speakers on the market. We say this because they are capable of 3D lighting effects arranged in multicolored patterns designed to replicate almost all the sound effects being played on the speakers at any point. One thing to mention about these speakers is that they don’t really have a wireless interface but that they come equipped with a reliable 3.5 mm connection for good measure.

3SoundOriginal 2016A8 Dancing Water Speakers 4 Led Light Show Fountain Mini Stereo Speakers

buy from amazonPowered entirely via USB cable, these particular speakers require no batteries whatsoever. This is such a great feature to have when it comes to dancing water speakers because it enables you to set up the speakers as part of a more complex arrangement or sound system. As for their ‘dancing’ capabilities, let us just say that the 4 LEDs they come equipped with do their job perfectly, providing quite a show every single time music is being played.

2Soundsoul Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Dancing Water Speakers I-station7 Apple Speakers

buy from amazonBefore stating anything about the technical characteristics of these speakers we should point out that they use vegetable oil instead of water. One of the reasons behind this is because they are less likely to cause a short circuit this way, thus keeping you safe from potential fire-related accidents. This being said, these speakers are top-notch by all standards, having the ability to connect to virtually any device of your choosing in a quick fashion and without requiring any extra work.

1ATake Third generation Colorful Diamond Water Dancing Speakers

buy from amazonLightweight and compact, these 6 Watts dancing speakers are among the most ergonomic yet highly-capable the market has to offer at this point in time. They also feature a fountain on/off mode to save energy, a feature that surprisingly enough, not many dancing speakers have. At the same time, these speakers boast not 4 but 6 multi-colored LED lights, which is definitely a plus when compared to most speakers out there. Overall, these are some of the best dancing water speakers money can buy.


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