Top 10 Best Litter Boxes of 2019 – Reviews

Most people are quite familiar with the rectangular plastic cat box that’s been available for many years, but few realize that there are actually dozens of different types of litter boxes currently available. And some of them do a pretty good job at providing cats with the personal space they need to get their personal business done. Finding the best litter box isn’t always easy, however, and that’s why consumers should really do their homework to find the model that suits their cat’s needs best. With that in mind, we’ve listed ten products which we feel are the best ones currently available.

Best Litter Boxes – Top List

10Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Box

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This 22.8-inch by 17.8-inch cat box is designed with really high sides so that cats can’t kick litter out of it and all over the pet owner’s home. It’s manufactured by Nature’s Miracle, a company that’s been making pet products for over thirty years, and is designed to be not only easy-to-use but also hygienic as well. It has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean, and it also has a convenient spout that allows the litter to be easily poured out and also gives the cat a low area in which to enter the box. And since it’s not equipped with a lid, it’s ideal for cats who tend to avoid tight spaces.

9Good Pet Stuff Co. Hidden Cat Box

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This litter box is not only functional as a cat box but also serves as a decorative item. It looks like it’s a real clay pot but is actually made from polypropylene, which makes it extremely durable. It’s big enough for not only large cats but for households with multiple cats, and it measures approximately 42-inches high with the included plant. And since it has a filtered vent system, dust and odor are controlled so it can be used just about anywhere. This decorative box is an ideal solution for anyone who hates the prospect of visitors looking at their open cat box and want something that blends in with their decor.

8Favorite 25-Inch Top Entry Box

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This box is designed with a unique top entry opening that not only gives the cat the privacy she needs but also helps to reduce litter odor. Manufactured using high-quality plastic, this product is durable and designed to give years of service. It can be used by a single cat or by multi-cat households and has a slip-free grid surface that helps to eliminate kitty missteps. This unit is easy to fold up for storage and equally easy to set up for use. It has a convenient lock on it, and it has a modern design that allows it to fit in with just about any household’s decor.

7Favorite Jumbo Covered Litter Box

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With a see-through covered lid and an opening conveniently located in the front, this cat box eliminates the closed-in feeling most cats experience with covered boxes and allows them to easily enter and exit the box at will. It can be used for single cat households but is also big enough to also be used by households with multiple cats. Made of premium plastics, this box is not only lightweight but is also quite durable as well. And it’s designed in a way that makes it quicker and easier to clean than other models currently on the market. It has a non-stick surface and helps the user control cat odors in their home.

6Iris Top-Entry Cat Box

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Manufactured using a unique enclosed design that looks more like a decorative item than it does a cat box, this product is designed to be a useful box for just about any home. It has rounded corners that make it easy to clean and has a unique top-entry system that prevents dogs and other animals from getting into the box and making a mess with the cat litter. It’s approximately 20.47-inches long by 16.14-inches wide and 14.56-inches high. This product is made from BPA-free plastic, is shaped in a way that prevents litter scattering and even has a convenient hook for storing a kitty litter sc

5Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Box

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With a streamlined design that’s reminiscent of a wedge, this cat box can easily be placed into a corner and out of the way of high-traffic areas. It’s manufactured using a high-quality plastic that’s not only smooth to the touch but is also non-stick for easy maintenance. This 26-inch by 23-inch by 11-inch cat box has a spout on one end, so it’s easier to pour out the litter and also makes it easier for cats to climb inside of it. It also has a hood that prevents litter from being kicked over the sides of the box but isn’t claustrophobic to most cats.

4Modkat Flip Cat Box With Scoop

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This unit is 20-inches long, 15-inches wide and 16.8-inches high, and comes with a scoop for easy litter clean up. It’s equipped with a unique flipping lid that gives the user a number of different options when it comes to configuring their cat box. The lid can be left fully open, it can be left half-open or it can be left fully closed, all depending on the cat owner’s preferences for their feline friend. This is a product that’s designed for anyone looking for an innovative cat box solution for their home.

3Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Box

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Manufactured by a company that’s been manufacturing quality household items for pets, this graphite colored cat box is a nice addition to just about any home with a cat. It’s approximately 26-inches by 23-inches by 10-inches and has a wedge-like shape that allows it to fit nicely into corners. It also has tall sides, so litter isn’t easily kicked out of it by a cat, and one end has a nice pour spout which makes cleanup a snap. This unit is easy-to-use by a cat and features a non-stick surface that’s easy to clean up. This makes this a suitable cat box for just about any cat.

2Petphabet Cat Box With Lid

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This kitty litter box is ideal for households who have multiple cats and is designed to be odor resistant. This model is also equipped with a high back that helps to keep kitty litter from being kicked out of it. It also has a clear hood that’s less claustrophobic to cats and yet helps to contain kitty odors within it. It’s also manufactured using antimicrobial non-stick plastic that prevents bacteria build-up and is easy to clean. All things considered, this box is suitable for just about any cat with one or more cats and comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

1iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Box

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Sometimes simplicity is at the heart of great engineering and no litter box proves this concept more than this one. It’s made from stainless steel and has rounded edges. It also has a large size that’s 23.5-inches by 15.5-inches and is 6-inches deep. This gives a cat the room they need to get their business done and is big enough to accommodate households with multiple cats. This product has non-slip feet so it won’t move around while it’s being used. This no-stain cat box is designed to never rust or stain and is resistant to the foul odors that plague many plastic boxes.

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How to Choose the Best Litter Box

While there are a wide variety of different cat boxes in a number of different sizes and styles, not all of them are perfect for every cat. Each pet owner has to decide for themselves exactly what their cats need and which box is the best option for them. With that thought in mind, below are some guidelines a cat owner should consider before they purchase their next cat litter box.

Choose the Right Size – Pet owners who have small cats or kittens may want to choose a size that’s appropriate. The box should be large enough for the cat to fit into and turn around. If the box is too small, then the cat may end up relieving themselves over the side of the box.

Choose the Right Height – It’s also important to consider a box that’s the correct height. While some cats can tolerate a box with high sides or a box that’s entered from a hole in the top, that isn’t the case for every cat. Older cats and kittens may need a box that has lower sides and is easier to get into.

Ensuring Proper Ventilation – Many cats prefer a cat box that doesn’t have a lid equipped, which allows air to freely move in and out of the box. However, some boxes have lids, so it’s up to the pet owner to make sure they are well ventilated. A well-ventilated litter box protects the respiratory health of the cat and helps keep foul odors from building up.

Using Litter Box Liners – Users who want to use litter box liners are going to want to make sure the box has a rim to which the liner can be attached. While liners can be used on rimless models, it’s usually more difficult to keep them in place during everyday cat use.

Manual or Automatic Boxes – While there are excellent automatic and manual litter boxes, there are some unforeseen consequences of using an automatic model. If a cat owner has more than one cat, then an automatic model may not be right for their household. That’s because, in multi-cat households, the unit may be trying to clean itself while one or more cats are trying to use the box. Therefore, automatic boxes are better for households with only one or two cats.

Proper Litter Box Placement & Use

Once the proper cat box has been secured, it’s now time to make sure that the cat gets the most out of it. Some cats are especially finicky when it comes to their elimination schedule, so it may take these cats longer to acclimate to a new box or to an old box placed in a new location. To ensure a smooth transition, here are a few things to consider.

High Traffic or Low Traffic Areas – Just as it is with buying real estate, cat box location is key. Obviously, the cat owner is going to want to place the box in an area that’s easy to access and is in the areas in which the cat uses. The cat box shouldn’t be placed in a rarely used part of the house. On the other hand, cat boxes shouldn’t be placed in high traffic areas because most cats enjoy a little privacy while they’re taking care of their bathroom business.

Keep it Away From Food & Water – Another thing to consider when choosing a location for a litter box is to make sure that it’s away from the animal’s food and water. Cats are extremely clean creatures and they are probably not going to want to relieve themselves in the same area where they eat or drink. Therefore, move the cat box to an easily accessible area that’s away from where they feed.

A Box For Each Floor – If the household has multiple floors, then it should have multiple cat boxes. Ideally, each household would want to have at least one cat box per floor, but some people choose to have two on each floor if their house is particularly large. The important thing is to keep enough boxes in the house so the cat can easily make it to one when the urge to go hits them.

Multiple Boxes for Multiple Cats – If the household has multiple cats, then the cat owner is probably going to want to have more than one cat box. Most cats don’t like the prospect of sharing their boxes with multiple cats, so if there’s more than one cat, the pet owner should have more than one box.

Choose the Correct Litter – Different cats have different litter preferences. Some cats prefer a finer, silica-based litter and other cats may prefer a denser litter. The best litters are usually the ones that clump and have a sand-like feel to them. The cat owner should also make sure the litter doesn’t contain a whole lot of chemicals in it.

Keep the Box Clean – No matter what box is chosen, what litter is chosen or where it’s placed, one of the most important things a cat owner can do is to make sure their cat box is cleaned on a regular basis. Cats not only prefer a box that’s clean, but it’s also healthier for the cat as well. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that a cleaner litter box smells better than one that’s not cleaned on a regular basis.

In Conclusion

As it can be clearly seen, choosing the best litter box is an investment that can lead to a healthier, happier cat and a cleaner environment. All the cat owner has to do is do their research, consider the needs of their cat and then choose a box that fits the household. That ensures that the pet owner, the cat and everyone else in the house is happy and content.