Top 10 Best LSAT Prep Books of 2019 – Reviews

You may think that you are prepared to navigate the intricate pathways of an LSAT exam but more often than not, people who take them quickly find out that they’re not as prepared as they previously thought. Seeing how the LSAT reflects your capacity to retain valuable information and to employ it under the appropriate circumstances, you want to be as prepared as humanly possible at the time of your exam. To properly prepare for that moment, you will surely need to first get your hands on an LSAT prep book to help you through.

A well-written, comprehensive LSAT prep book should prepare you for everything you might encounter in an LSAT exam. These books are formulated in a way that enables you to grasp the analytical and systematic nature of LSAT exams by providing you with unique problems and the patterns you need to follow in order to solve them. This way, you learn to understand the methodology required to solve each particular test you might encounter during the exam. Let us then find out what are the ten best LSAT Prep Books out there and what to consider when buying one.

Best LSAT Prep Books – Top List

10Let’s LSAT – 180 Tips & Guides

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As the name suggests, this particular book provides you with 180 unique tips on how to best navigate the complex patterns you will come across in an LSAT exam. It should be said that neither of the problems and solutions it contains were previously published, which is bound to provide you with quite an advantage when you take the actual test. At the same time, this book delivers a series of interesting techniques, tips, and tricks to help you figure out the pattern behind these type of tests.

9LSAT For Dummies 2nd Edition

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This interesting book deals with critical concepts and intricate problems, the type you are likely to run into when taking an LSAT exam. To give you a detailed understanding, it uses full-length rehearsal tests, detailed explanations for most commonly found problems, and plenty of mini-tests you can take to check your knowledge levels. All things considered, it is perhaps one of the best LSAT prep books out there.

8LSAT Secrets Study Guide

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What you want from an LSAT prep book is a thorough and detailed explanation about the nature of these exams and what you can expect when taking one. This is precisely what this particular book deals with, a book intended to provide you with the know-how of navigating an LSAT exam. In it, a comprehensive analysis of analytical reasoning along with reading comprehension tests and concise logical reasoning scrutiny methods that you can employ.

7Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guide

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Formulated in a more reader-friendly manner, this prep book deals with the LSAT strategies you can employ when taking the test, strategies put together according to past results. If you are aiming towards a perfect score, you can also use the book’s many analysis patterns to help you develop a more intimate understanding of what LSAT problems look like. At the same time, it contains true course materials divided into three sections that deal with reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and logic games.

6Test Prep Books LSAT Study Guide

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This particular prep book offers a great resource for students aspiring to achieve a perfect or near-perfect score on an LSAT exam. Its comprehensive materials deliver a quick but thorough LSAT overview, which you can use to adjust your test-taking practices. Interestingly enough, the book offers many test problems with three test questions each, along with a complete review for each one. Not just that but it also has intricate practice questions followed by thorough and detailed answers for you to learn from.

5The Official LSAT SuperPrep

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The SuperPrep book aims to deliver a comprehensive guide for students rather than just reviewing the material through an outside scope. This particular book incorporates three detailed sample examinations along with a complete guide to LSAT logic sections, which is bound to substantially improve your understanding of the actual tests. Furthermore, it also provides detailed explanations for each of the answers it offers, helping you grasp the patterns one could use to resolve the problems themselves.

4Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

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This is a prep book that aims to place you in a position of higher understanding by showing you ten former official LSATs that you can learn from. With them, an answer guide and writing sample after each one, so as to show you how official tests are usually formulated. What’s interesting is that it also has score conversion tables and sample comparative reading questions to help you through.

3Introducing the LSAT: The Fox Test Prep

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You can expect this prep book to not only provide a clear and comprehensive explanation of common LSAT problems but a thorough, in-depth explanation for the concepts behind them as well. In that regard, it is perhaps one of the most detailed LSAT prep books out there, one that simplifies complex problems in a way that makes them more approachable. The book does that by employing a simplistic pattern with easily recognizable methodology aimed at expanding your general understanding without conflicting with any prior knowledge you may already have.

2The PowerScore LSAT Bible

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The name may sound slightly intimidating but it tells you exactly what to expect from the book and how detailed its contents are. This truly insightful prep book is one of the best when it comes to LSAT logical reasoning problems, mostly because it offers an insightful strategy on how to best approach these problems. Interestingly enough, the concepts it contains have been tailored on previous exams and have shown to be extremely useful. On a related note, it should be said that the book also highlights the most essential parts of the PowerScore live courses which many people take before their LSAT exams.

1The LSAT Trainer 2nd Edition

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This is perhaps the most detailed and well-written LSAT prep book out there, one that incorporates all the know-how of successfully navigating an LSAT exam. Written to be more in line with independend, self-taught students, it can substantially improve your understanding of LSAT-related testing patterns and the problems associated with them. Easy to read and rather helpful, it is highly regarded as one of the most informative prep books ever published. With it, you also get access to numerous free-study schedules and notebook organizers, resources you can use to not just past the test but to further your career after you pass.

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LSAT Prep Books Buying Guide

Finding a good LSAT prep book can prove quite challenging unless you take the time to learn what makes a good one to begin with. Many are those who believe that they simply have to contain as much knowledge as any veritable textbook, which isn’t necessarily the case with prep books. What you want instead is a book that deals with the intricate nature of LSAT tests and the patterns used in compiling these tests. This will enable you to develop critical solving skills that would eventually improve your test-taking skills. In this respect, here is what you need to consider when buying an LSAT prep book:

Versatility – What you want most in an LSAT prep book is an all-inclusive content, written in a way that encompasses every bit of knowledge you could possibly use during an exam. To ensure that, look for a prep book that incorporates multiple subjects without focusing too much on a specific issue. While you could achieve the same result by studying multiple prep books, that could definitely be a waste of your precious time and resources; especially given the wide range of prep books out there.

Consistency – Another thing you want from a prep book is consistency, the type of knowledge that isn’t just pertinent but current as well. It just so happens that some of the better LSAT prep books all benefit from consistent problems and guides, so that you will not be forced to invest in multiple prep books to prepare. This way, you develop the capacity to recognize test patterns and accommodate your problem-solving efforts to the nature of the exam.

Readability – You also want a prep book that’s legible and easy to read regardless of the subject being discussed. Seeing how complex some of these subjects can be, it is very important for the book to be easy to read and reasonably consistent throughout. You do not want a convoluted, needlessly ambiguous prep books that jump from one subject to another without ever going into detail about a specific discipline and how to best address it.

What Should A Decent LSAT Prep Book Address

Many are those who consider an LSAT exam to be an aptitude teste above all else, which would make it a reflective tool in regards to one’s general ability. The trick is to gain that knowledge before you are even remotely close to taking the test, so that you may get a better grasp on the subjects at hand and how to tackle them. You get to that level by first studying a prep book, preferably one that deals with all the subjects you are likely to be faced with during the actual exam.

Logical Reasoning – A good LSAT prep book should provide as much information about logical reasoning patterns and how to best navigate them when taking a test. You may not know yet but LSAT exams are notorious for boasting a special grade of difficulty, much of which is a direct result of how the problems are formulated. If that happens, you will be required to use logical reasoning to work around whatever issue the problems presents you.

Reading Comprehension – You also want a prep book to help with your reading comprehension, regardless of what your current levels might be. There is no way you will be able to fully focus on the subjects presented in an exam if you do not fully understand what’s expected of you. In that regard, a good LSAT prep book will always be legible and comprehensive without overdoing it in any way. You don’t want a prep book that’s too simplistic as it could shape your exam expectations in a negative fashion.

Logic Games – It is very important for a prep book to not only explain the theoretical part of the exam but to also keep you sharp through a series of logic games and mini-tests you can solve to further your problem-solving capacity. These games are tasked with increasing your efficiency by helping you determine the correct method of approaching certain logical patterns and how to make the most of your existing skills.

Is One Prep Book Enough?

Some people wonder if a single LSAT prep book is enough to encompass all the intricate details an LSAT exam can incorporate. For the most part, you can expect decent prep books to do just that, especially the ones towards the high-end part of the spectrum. For this to be the case, you most certainly need to invest in an all-inclusive prep book, one with plenty of tests, guides, problems, and resources to steer you in the right direction. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, then yes, you may invest in an additional book or two to cover all your basics.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Around

The one problem many LSAT prep books have is that they tend to focus on one main issue at a time and to tackle all the related problems in a specific way. If you consult such a prep book without having any prior knowledge of the methodology employed by its author(s), then you might find it very difficult to follow the narrative. To avoid that, you might want to take the time and ask around for recommendations, preferably from people who passed the exam at some point. Whatever your decision, don’t make the mistake of presuming that a prep book has all the answers, because more often than not, these books serve as guidelines intended to help you gather your thoughts efficiently and to apply the knowledge you already possess in a practical fashion.