Top 10 Best MacBook Pro Cases of 2019 – Reviews

Seeing how expensive MacBook Pros are, you would want to protect such a device as well as possible, preferably without overspending in the process. A good way to do that without modifying the device itself is to invest in a protective case. No matter the vendor, you are unlikely to receive a warranty for any tablet or laptop that takes accidental damage, so it is best that you keep your MacBook as safe as possible. To help guide you through everything the market has in store, we put together a list of the ten best MacBook Pro Cases money can buy.

Best MacBook Pro Cases – Top List

10Speck Products MB13PU-SAT-BK-V2

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Thanks to its smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture, this case will provide a much better handling than most, while still offering the highest possible standard of protection such a case can provide. Interestingly enough, this case benefits from a flexible design that allows it to open all the way, a flexibility that should come in handy in the long run. At the same time, this case has inbuilt rubberized feet to keep it stable and secure on any surface.

9iCasso Macbook Pro Retina Case Rubber Coated Hard Shell

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Enjoying a rather trendy design, this wood-like case is bound to offer the type of protection you’re after. Comprising of a two-piece construction with a snap-on feature, this case stands out as one of the most flexible out there. It also fully vented to help cool down the device whenever you use it for long periods of time. Even with all these features, this case still allows you full accessibility in regards to operating the device.

8Kamor Carrying Sleeve Case Shell for Apple MacBook Air

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This isn’t just your average MacBook case but a full-pledged carrying sleeve for added convenience and portability. Enjoying a stylish design and an impressively sturdy construction, this case from Kamor will effectively protect your MacBook from any accidental damage and/or scratches. Given its vintage form, it will also pass as a regular handheld bag, which is precisely what you want when carrying such an expensive device.

7Vectros 13″ MacBook Pro Retina Bumper

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With this protective bumper case, you get highly engineered, shock-absorbing ridges like no other. It also benefits from beveled edges to better fir your MacBook and to offer a high standard of protection against scratches or bumps. At the same time, let us point out that this case is easy to install and that it features optional scratch shields for a 360-degree protection along with secure closure systems to keep the device securely fastened.

6Snugg – Leather Sleeve Case Protective Cover for Macbook Pro

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Not only does this case offer a perfect fit for any MacBook Pro but it does so while still being quite elegant to look at. Thanks to its magnetic flap, this case can be closed down just as you would a leather wallet. It also features a larger pocket to keep any accessories your laptop might need, accessories like charging cables, headphones, or even a smartphone. What’s interesting is that it also comes with a lifetime guarantee, which isn’t all that common for cases.

5Twelve South BookBook for MacBook | Vintage leather book

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It is the vintage leather look that makes this MacBook case stand out from the rest. As you would imagine, it is made from classic hand-crafted genuine leather that makes the BookBook a quite sophisticated carry and work case in more ways than one. It also has a plush, velvety interior to protect the device while it is encased safely inside, along with leather bookmarks that double as zipper pulls when needed.

4GMYLE Soft-Touch Frosted Hard Case

Garmin 728x90 Banner

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This high-quality hard coating is designed to protect your MacBook from any type of hard knocks and scratches. Even with all that protection, this case will also give you full access to all the buttons and features the device has. The case also allows you to plug in your charger, cable, or headset without removing the case first. Furthermore, it benefits from a simple clip-on/off design to make it more accessible.

3MOSISO Plastic Hard Shell Case & Keyboard Cover Skin & Screen Protector Compatible with MacBook 12 inch with Retina Display


buy from amazonThis is an excellent case becuase it also includes a matching color keyboard cover and a screen protector to further protect your MacBook against spills and dirt.

The equisite finish plastic hard shell of this cover protects your MacBook completely from scratches and scrapes.

It is ultra slim and lightweight and adds basically no extra weight to your laptop.

As a bonus, if also benefits from some extra features. For example, it has two rows of bottom ventilation which allows for safe heat disbursement to keep your MacBook cool, and it also features four anti-slip silicone feet which helps to keep your MacBook firmly in place. Overall, this is a great MacBook case.

2ProCase Hard Case Shell Cover

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Light in weight and very slim, the ProCase Hard Case Shell Cover should be seen as one of the best out there. Thanks to its quality rubberized coating, it offers a fair deal of grip and stability on virtually any surface. Due to its snap-on design, this cover is easy to snap on and to take off without too much hassle. At the same time, it enjoys an ingeniously accessible design that allows you to access all the MacBook’s features while the case is on.

1iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case

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The iPearl mCover is considered one of the toughest, most reliable MacBook cases and for good reasons. Not only is this case made of sturdy polycarbonate materials of the highest quality but it also stands out as one of the few shatter-proof cases in this price range. Ergonomically designed with retractable feet at its rear, it offers a much greater stability when you type, regardless of the surface the device stands on. Furthermore, this unique case also features an engraved square window to show the Apple logo in a stylish fashion.


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What To Look For In A MacBook Pro Case

As you would with any type of protective gear, the first thing to consider when buying a MacBook cover is the protection it offers. This can be done by assessing its overall durability, toughness, and reliability. While not all cases offer the same standard of protection and sturdiness, most cases should at least protect the device from scratches and accidental damage of any kind. As a matter of fact, here is what you need to look for if you’re ever in the market for a MacBook cover:

Size – It is essential that you find a case that fits your MacBook properly with no loose space to spare. Even though these cases are standardized for the most part, some are definitely tighter than others. Keep in mind that depending on the materials used in their making, these cases can also change size over time as a result of dilation and contraption. Also, remember that bulkier cases aren’t just heavier but also add a few layers of thickness to your device.

Fit – Always look for a case that provides a tight fit for your MacBook. While some of the looser cases may enjoy a more welcoming design, if your MacBook is allowed to slide around inside the case, then it is far more likely that it will scratch easier or even damage the hardware components that otherwise require the machine to be as stationary as possible when the device is running. For a tighter fit, some of these cases use magnet or zipper enclosures depending on their design.

Weight – Seeing how MacBooks are already light in weight by default, you wouldn’t want to add any unnecessary weight to your device if you can help it. Also, consider that heavier devices take more damage if you drop them, which will defeat the whole purpose of using a protective case to begin with. Furthermore, some of these cases are equipped with inbuilt handles, which is a good enough reason as any to ensure that you’re not encumbering yourself when carrying the device.

Construction – MacBook covers can be made from plastic, polyurethane, leather, or any type of smooth fabric when the aesthetics of the case are more important than its protective benefits. In general, leather covers are slightly more expensive than plastic cases for reasons related to design and fashion rather than protection. With plastic covers, on the other hand, you get the certainty that your MacBook will be safe from any fall damage, scratches, or environmental factors.

Padding – It is also important for any MacBook case to be well padded on the inside to reduce the damage your device takes inside the case. To properly cushion your device, a case such as these will often employ smooth fabrics which are great when it comes to accidental bumps. A substantial amount of padding will also improve your MacBook’s performance over time by reducing damage to its internal hard drive, which is the first components to develop issues if you move the MacBook around too much while it’s running.

Accessibility – Another thing to consider when buying a MacBook case is the accessibility you can enjoy. While some overly protective cases may restrict your access to all of your MacBook’s ports and inputs, quality cases do not. In fact, high-end cases are guaranteed to give you full access to any port at any given time without affecting the case’s protection level. In all fairness, you don’t really want to take the device out of its case every single time you want to insert a thumb drive or plug in an external device.

Mobility – Like we said, some MacBook cases will even have inbuilt handles for you to use. Such cases allow you to use them as travel bags for your MacBook, a nice feature to have on hand whenever you’re planning a road trip or vacation; or when you have to travel for work and can’t be bothered to buy a stand-alone traveling case. We should point out, however, that cases with built-in handles are somewhat pricier than your average protective case and understandably so.