Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2018 – Reviews

A magnetic door will provide your home not only with great convenience but with a more efficient way to get in or out of the house as well. In fact, magnetic doors will also help you a lot if you have pets who have to be taken out of the house on a regular basis, mainly due to how much easier it is to operate a magnetic screen door than a traditional screen door.

At the same time, the door will allow the fresh breeze to come in while keeping nasty pests away in a very efficient manner. This being said, you shouldn’t simply buy the first magnetic screen door you lay eyes on because they’re not all built to the same standards. To give you better insight into what to expect, we put together a list of the ten best magnetic screen door on the market today.

Best Magnetic Screen Doors 2018

10Easier Living Magna Mesh Screen

buy from amazonIt is always important for magnetic screen doors to be easy to install, which is where this particular screen door stands out. You see, this magnetic screen door can be installed in just a matter of minutes and by using no additional tools to speak of. At the same time, we should point out that this screen door can fit most standard single and sliding doors and that it works great for RV apartments as well.

9Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

buy from amazonThanks to its fine mesh, this smooth magnetic screen door won’t inconvenience you in any way while passing through it. Not only that but its smooth mesh also ensures that you will enjoy the breeze outside without having to deal with the nasty pests that might otherwise pass through the door. Furthermore, this screen door features strong velcro along the frame which makes it much easier to install.

8Magnetic Screen Door – Zume

buy from amazonDesigned to fit almost any door, you aren’t likely to run into any problems installing this particular magnetic screen door, a feature all quality magnetic screen doors usually have. It isn’t just its versatility that makes it stand out, mind you, but also its specially engineered 26-magnet construction that ensures it will lock on tightly as soon as you’ve passed through the door.

7Premium Choice Products – Premium Magnetic Screen Door

buy from amazonThis particular magnetic screen door benefits from a powerful magnetic gap-free seal designed to automatically shut as soon as you’ve passed through. As you would expect, this magnetic screen door also acts as a bug mesh without restricting airflow in any conceivable way. In this respect, we should also point out that it features some of the best magnets possible, magnets that ensure a quick closing even after being used over long periods of time.

6Hoobest White Magnetic Screen Door

buy from amazonUnlike many other magnetic screen doors, this one has the magnets sewn into the seam, which gives it a much better grip and closing factor. In fact, its 14 strong magnets are guaranteed to stay put over long periods of time due to them being sewn into the seam but also to make the screen door easier to install. Furthermore, this fairly large magnetic screen door comes with a pretty long warranty, which isn’t all that common when it comes to magnetic screen doors.

5Bug Off Instant Screen

buy from amazonWe all know how important it is for a magnetic screen door to be easy to install, which is where this particular screen door excels. You see, this 32×80-inch magnetic screen door from Wolf & Moon Products can be set up in just a matter of minutes if you’re handy enough and without using any additional tools. At the same time, it features all the benefits of high-end magnetic screen doors, including the capacity to act as a bug mesh if needed.

4Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Curtain

buy from amazonWhat makes this magnetic screen door stand out is its user-friendly design, one that allows you not only to set it up easily but also to use it on a daily basis without drawing too much attention to it. The reason we say this is because it benefits from a very slim construction that enables you to pass through it without even knowing that it’s there. On a similar note, it also enables your pets to use it without too much hassle.

3Inspired Home Living Magnetic Screen Door

buy from amazonDurability is always important when dealing with magnetic screen doors, which is what makes this particular screen door stand out to begin with. This tough, durable screen door benefits from one of the most sturdy meshes possible, one that makes it perfect for high-traffic doors. In this respect, we should point out that it has no less than 26 high-energy magnets which are among the best out there.

2Premium Quality Magnetic Screen Door

buy from amazonThis is a bug-proof magnetic door designed to keep bugs and mosquitoes out while letting air flow freely at all times. Thanks to its top-quality polyester construction, this magnetic screen door can be easily washed and very comfortable to pass through. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it can be installed in a matter of minutes and without using any additional tools to speak of, which is always a feature to look for when shopping for a magnetic screen door.

1iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

buy from amazonThere aren’t many magnetic screen doors out there who benefit from the high-standard construction of the iGotTech Screen Door. This exquisite screen door is stacked with 26 powerful magnets which are sewn into its reinforced edges to give it long-lasting durability. It also benefits from a ‘velcro mile’ feature that incorporates heavy-duty reinforced velcro throughout the entire frame for good measure. Overall, it is perhaps the best magnetic screen door money can buy.


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