Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks For Men of 2019 – Reviews

Say you’ve been invited to a party or an event that requires atendees to wear masquerade masks and you don’t have one. A good way to go about getting one is to shop online for whatever looks best, a solution that would have worked were we to speak of anything other than masquerade masks.

The reason we say this is because unlike other items one could usually purchase based on personal preference, when it comes to masquerade masks, you need one that isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but durable as well. To make things easier for you, we put together a list of the ten best masquerade masks for men the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Masquerade Masks For Men 2019

10Antique Gold Black Roman Greek Men Venetian Mardi Gras Party Masquerade Mask

buy from amazonLike the name suggests, this masks is designed with exquisite Venetian details aimed at capturing that high-class party spirit which is missing from most modern parties. The great thing about this particular mask is that it will make you fit right in at almost any masquerade party, be it a Mardi Gras celebration or anything similar. Affordable and surprisingly durable, this mask is also likely to survive more than one party before showing any signs of damage.

9Retro Roman Gladiator Halloween Party Facial Masquerade Mask

buy from amazonWhat makes this mask stand out is the fact that it is both simplistic and affordable, features one should always look for when shopping for a masquerade mask. This mask enjoys a Venetian metal laser cut in a variety of colors and designs which differ from one mask to another. This being said, rest assured that this hand-crafted mask is made from only the finest and eco-friendly of materials, which may explain its popularity.

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8Men’s Verona With Tie Masquerade Mas

buy from amazonSpeaking of simplistic masks, there is perhaps no other masquerade mask out there that enjoys such simplicity yet such a surprising amount of aesthetic grandeur as this one. Mysterious and dashing, this beautifully cut mask enjoys a fabric lined construction intended to provide not only a classy look but comfort at the same time. Furthermore, this masks secures with fabric ties, a closing system that makes it very easy to put on and take off.

7Beistle Long Nose Mask

buy from amazonThe reason why this mask is so great for festive occasions is that it enjoys a very exquisite design, one that would remind some of you of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. This fancy mask enjoys a high standard construction that makes it both durable and surprisingly sturdy when you consider the materials that are usually used when making these sort of masks, not to mention how comfortable it is when worn over long periods of time.

6Luminary Silver Simulated Chain Mail Men’s Masquerade Mask

buy from amazonThanks to its construction, this particular mask isn’t just sturdy but highly comfortable as well. In fact, this mask has been fabric lined with comfort in mind above everything else, not so say that it isn’t pretty to look at. As for its closing method, the mask uses a simplistic, yet highly reliable elastic band. In this respect, it is much better for masks to be easy to put on rather than having them break down as soon as you meddle with them.

5Gold Metal Venetian Half Mask

buy from amazonThe word ‘exquisite’ comes to mind when looking at this truly majestic Venetian Half Mask. As a matter of fact, you aren’t likely to find a more exquisite mask in this price range, mainly because of the materials it uses. For instance, this mask has satin ribbon ties to ensure a tight fit to the face, a closing method aimed at making the mask comfortable even when worn over long periods of time.

4Vintage Gorgeous Venetian Mardi Gras Masquerade Fancy Mask

buy from amazonWhat makes this mask stand out is its ‘diamond’ additions to its surface, which make up for a very fashionable look. Designed with intricate Venetian details, this mask will give you a stunning look at any party you may be attending. Furthermore, the mask is also unisex as far as we can tell, although its features recommend it for men rather than women due to how rigid it looks.

3Forum Novelties Men’s Venetian Style Jester Mask

buy from amazonThis is something you don’t usually see at masquerade parties – a realistic looking jester mask. Although it may indeed work better with a full Venetian jester costume, the mask alone is enough to draw a reasonable amount of attention to yourself. As for the mask itself, let us point out that it has a 100% polyester construction and that it is embellished with metallic gold trim, bells, and faux pearls.

2Casanova Silver Men’s Masquerade Mask

buy from amazonAs you would expect from an Italian-imported masquerade mask, this high-end masquerade mask enjoys a great deal of class. Its classic design has strong features, derived from its thick fabric material that makes the mask both durable and comfortable. Firm, yet flexible, this mask is equipped with an elastic band and a soft felt lining for maximum comfort and wearability, both at a standard that will have you wearing the mask again and again without it getting damaged in any way.

1Mens Mythological Silver/Black Hercules with Feather Greek Style Party Mask

buy from amazonThis is perhaps the most exquisite masquerade mask for men on the market right now. Not only is it majestic and pleasant to look at, but thanks to the high-quality materials used in its making, it will also prove more durable than a majority of all masquerade masks out there. Furthermore, the mask features black and slight silver highlight brushstrokes that have been hand-applied on this fully hand-crafted mask. Not only that but the mask also features a thick crown of black feathers that adorn the top of the mask to give it a more imposing look.


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