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Top 10 Best Matte Lipsticks of 2019 – Reviews

Unlike sheeny or gloss lipsticks, the matte flat pigments last longer on the lips and do not leave behind any nasty marks or any smudges on the clothes, cups, or other people’s faces. They also come available in a wide variety of shades and colors, which is definitely something to look for when trying on a new style.

We should also point out that matte lipsticks enjoy the type of longevity that enables you to go about your day without having to worry about constant reapplication. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best matte lipsticks out there and what best defines a quality matte lipstick to begin with.

Best Matte Lipsticks 2019

10Silvercell 15 Colors Matte Lip Gloss Lipstick

buy from amazonThis particular lipstick is waterproof and does not stick on Cups, clothes or other people’s faces. It also comes in a wide range of colors to choose from, 16 to be more precise. At the same time, it is among the best lipsticks in the world when it comes to long-lasting effect. Combine this with the fact that it won’t need constant reapplying every hour or so like many other lipsticks out there and you begin to understand why it’s so popular in the first place.

9SHANY Cosmetics Lipstick Set

buy from amazonThis is a highly pigmented set of lipsticks which come with a wide range of cool-toned lipstick colors, including, peaches, pinks and salmon browns. It has been made with beeswax, Vitamin E and other moisturizers which give it a formulation that nourishes chapped lips. The combination also allows for smooth application due to the fact that it doesn’t involve any potentially hazardous chemical substances.

8Matte Mayhem Lush Lilac Liquid Lipstick

buy from amazonThe Matte Mayhem Liquid Lipstick is a high-quality long-lasting lipstick sold and shipped by USA Woman Owned Business. The product is tested extensively before it is released to the market, which is definitely something to look for in a lipstick. At the same time, it is made from the highest grade ingredients to ensure a perfect end product. Not only that but it also comes in eye catching colors which will help you express your individuality.

7Madly MATTE Vivid Color Matte Lip Gloss Set #1

buy from amazonSet of 6 Colors Madly MATTE Lipgloss Bold & Vivid Color Matte Lipgloss Set #1 is one of the best, not to mention cheap, lip glosses in the cosmetic world. The set comes with a choice of 6 colors that gives you the chance to choose a color that works for your lips. Given its all-natural formula, it is also very unlikely to cause you any issues as far as application goes, nor will it react negatively on soft skin.

6Nicka K Matte Lipstick Burgundy


buy from amazonThe Nicka K Matte Lipstick Burgundy comes in 20 pigmented shades to choose from. Not only that but it boasts of super-rich color with the modern matte finish. This lipstick will give you a bold, beautiful lip thanks to its iconic and curated richness that slides on for a smooth matte finish. It also does not smudge and stays put perfectly in every way throughout the day, a feature that any quality lipstick should have.

5Kleancolor Madly Coffee Brown Matte Lipstick

buy from amazonThis lipstick is a perfect combination of bold, vivid colors with a spectacular matte finish. The Madly Matte Lipstick offers long-wearing comfort without feathering or drying lips. It comes with a huge wide collection featuring numerous colors ranging from muted neutrals to lively plums to help users achieve the best and versatile looks. The lipstick comes in a range of 6 colors, namely 25 Sienna, 27 Café Noir, 26 Antique Ruby, 28 Rosewood, 30 Fandango and 28 Aubergine.

4Froomer 16 Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick Beauty Lip Gloss

buy from amazonThis particular type of lip gloss stands out by being long-lasting without smudging on clothes, cups, or anything else your lips might touch during the day. It is also waterproof and gives a brighter shade, especially when applied using a lip brush. It also comes in a variety of 16 colors to choose from, which is always nice. Furthermore, we should point out that this liquid lipstick is not filled to the brim, hence leaving you enough space for the brush.

3L.A Girl Flat Matte Lipstick

buy from amazonThe thing about L.A Girl Flat Matte Lipstick is that it comes in 16 bold shades that provide rich, deep lip colors that last all day long. The matte lipstick features a highly pigmented liquid which that dries quickly to a flat and tasteful matte finish. This type of lipstick will leave your lips colored in nice velvety perfection throughout the day, without any nasty effects to speak of. It is also one of the most affordable matte lipsticks out there, a price that definitely doesn’t reflect its very high quality.

2Maybelline New York Color Sensational Touch of Spice Matte Lipstick

buy from amazonThe Creamy Matte by Color Sensational offers vivid lip color and a stream of a creamy texture in 10 amazing shades. The Maybelline New York color Sensational Creamy Matte lip color can be worn under any lip color, a versatility that recommends it for almost any style. This lipstick also has a sleek packaging which comes with a translucent cap along with a color coded sticker at the bottom part of the tube to help users distinguish this lipstick from others.

1Golden Rose Matte Lipstick #29 Congo Brown

buy from amazonThis matte lipstick happens to be one of the best lipsticks on the market right now. It comes in a variety of non-fade matte colors which gives it an edge over the rest, especially in terms of lang-lasting effect. Furthermore, this Velvet Matte Lipstick from Golden Rose is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a lipstick that will give her good coverage for hours without having to reapply it constantly.

Interestingly enough, this lipstick also incorporates moisturizers that make the lips soft and smooth in the long run. Also worth mentioning is that this particular lipstick is paraben free and is available in 0.150z-4.2g tubes for good measure.


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