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Top 10 Best Men’s Wallets of 2019 – Reviews

A men’s wallet is an important investment. It’s an item that men carry with them on a daily basis and not only houses their money and credit cards but also their driver’s license and other forms of identification. No man wants to store and carry such a big portion of their lives in a billfold that’s doesn’t look good or is in extremely poor condition.

Finding the right wallet, however, can be a bit of a tricky business. Not only does the individual style of the man need to be taken into account but also the quality of the billfold itself. Keeping that in mind, we’ve taken on the task of not only choosing the top ten best wallets for men but also writing a guide that will show consumers exactly what they should consider when buying a billfold.

Best Men’s Wallets – Top List

10Leopardd RFID Blocking Wallet

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Manufactured using high-quality full-grain cowhide leather, this men’s billfold is designed to not only look good but also to be very durable as well. Style and durability aren’t the only two things that this product has going for it, however. It also has 9 distinct slots: 6 card slots, an ID window, and 2 more slots placed under the card slots for cash. And while it may look like a wallet your father or grandfather may have carried, it actually has some security features built into it which prevent thieves from stealing valuable credit card information. This security feature blocks both 13.5 MHz and 125 kHz RFID signals.

9HOJ Company Skull Leather Bifold

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This striking bifold wallet has a design that proudly proclaims the user’s bold independence. It’s crafted from full-grain leather that’s embossed with a skull graphic on the outside and on the inside canvas lining is printed the saying: “Regret Nothing.” It has 8 interior card slides, 2 ID windows, and 2 receipt pockets. Its double ID feature is perfect for men who need to have easy access to two different forms of identification at once. And this billfold has a burnished look which gives it a vintage appearance. This pocketbook is ideal for bikers, truckers or rockers who want to carry their ID and their money with style.

8Serman Brands RFID Blocking Bifold

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This slim bifold is made from genuine high-quality leather and has a simple but elegant vintage look to it. It has a front pocket that’s designed to hold the user’s most used cards, a small ID window and 4 easy-to-access internal pockets. This wallet is designed to hold approximately 10 cards and some paper money without becoming overly bulky. This leather wallet is approximately 4.25-inches by 3-inches by 0.6-inch in size and has a pull-tab feature that allows the user to easily access all of the credit cards. This billfold is also equipped with an RFID blocking features that keep hackers and thieves from stealing confidential personal information.

7SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

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Designed to be thinner than most conventional men’s wallets, this billfold can organize up to 20 cards at a time but retain its slim appearance. No longer will men have to remove their wallet from their pocket when sitting down in a car or at a restaurant. Its thin design doesn’t interfere with its durability, however. It’s manufactured using a softshell material that’s not only extremely durable but is also waterproof as well. And since it has an RFID feature built right into it, the user doesn’t have to worry about thieves stealing their personal information from their credit cards or ID cards.

6Mutbak Bunker Front Pocket Wallet

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The Mutbak Bunker is not only a billfold but is also a money clip, too. It’s made from full-grain leather that’s been vegetable tanned and is designed to be extremely durable. On one side a piece of the leather that extends to make a money clip and on the inside the user can store 10 paper bills and up to 8 credit cards. Its minimalist design means that it’s only 0.375-inch thick, but is more than big enough to hold most men’s daily essentials. Some men even exclaim that they can’t feel it when it’s in their pocket. And since it has RFID protection built into it, it’s also designed to protect the card’s stored within it.

5Spec-Ops Brand T.H.E. Wallet

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Manufactured in the U.S using 1000D Cordura, a material that’s often used to make backpacks, this wallet is designed to be as durable as it is useful. It has a shark-bite closure that makes it very simple to open and close the wallet, and it has an outer ID window that’s made out of durable plastic. On the inside of the wallet can be found the second ID window, and also 5 different slots for either holding credit cards or business cards. Each of the slots is big enough to hold at least 2 cards, and there is also a small pouch hidden underneath the card slots. The section for holding bills is deep and contains another zippered pocket for holding large denomination bills.

4Estalon Leather Trifold

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Elegant, yet durable, this leather trifold wallet is designed to hold the user’s cash and credit cards with style. Made of 100% genuine leather, this wallet contains a note compartment, an ID window, six slots for credit cards or business cards and a document compartment. It’s also equipped with RFID blocking technology that helps to protect the user’s personal electronic information. It’s a great wallet for a man to buy for himself, but also makes a great gift since it comes packaged in a lovely box. Everything considered this pocketbook is perfect for husbands, boyfriends, fathers or any other male who’s looking for a stylish billfold.

3Mt. Eston Trifold Men’s Billfold

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This stylish wallet is a perfect gift for any man to give himself or to give as a Father’s Day gift. It’s made out of 100% leather and is hand-stitched to ensure quality. It contains 18 pockets in all. 11 of these pockets are for holding business cards, donor cards, or credit cards. 4 of them are over-sized pockets, 2 of them are for holding paper currency, and one of them is an ID window. This wallet is big enough to contain everything a guy needs while out in the world, and it has military-grade RFID shielding technology that protects the digital information stored on credit cards or IDs.

2Stealth Mode Leather Bifold Wallet For Men

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Made of Napa leather and equipped with an RFID blocking liner, this men’s wallet is not only stylish but is also designed to protect the user’s personal information. The outside of the wallet has a classic look to it, and the inside comes with the normal compartments one would expect from a men’s billfold. It has 8 credit card slots, a flip-out ID window, and a divided billfold inside of it. This wallet measures approximately 4.25-inches by 3.25-inches when it’s closed, but isn’t as bulky as some other comparable wallets may be. And since it’s shipped in a stylish box, it makes a great Father’s Day gift, anniversary gift or birthday gift.

1Delante Leather Long Travel Bifold

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This long bifold wallet for men is made of 100% leather and has a slim design that’s designed to only hold the user’s essentials. It has a large pocket for holding a smartphone and is made from Zeugma full-grain leather with RFID protection built into it. This product is manufactured in Europe and is designed to last the user a lifetime. In fact, the manufacturer’s of this product are so confident in the quality of its materials and the durability of its design that they offer the consumer a hundred year warranty that protects against product flaws but not against normal wear.

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How to Buy a Men’s Wallet

Wallets are an item that’s used by men every day but one they don’t think much about. To most guys, a billfold is just a vessel to store their cash, identification and credit cards. In reality, a wallet is much more than that. It’s also a projection of the man’s style and adds a little bit of order to an otherwise chaotic world. Imagine what the world was like if all guys kept their money balled up in their pockets. It would be a disaster.

Fortunately, a well-designed wallet is designed to order the man’s money and personal identification. It keeps all of the cards together and the bills in order. A well-designed wallet is also comfortable and has a pleasant look to it. In order for a men’s wallet to be worthy of consideration, it needs to be both functional and presentable. So with that in mind, let’s address both of these considerations.

Functionality of Wallets

While there may be slight differences between what individual men carry, most men need to have a few basics in their wallet. These basics include cash, credit cards, business cards and photos of loved ones. Oh, and most men are also going to need to carry some form of identification, so let’s address each of these.

Cash – Sure, cash isn’t relied upon as much as other forms of payment, but it’s still useful to have some of it on hand. Any wallet should have at least one pocket for carrying cash, and that pocket should be easily accessible. Some wallets also have a second, zippered pocket for storing large denomination bills but that’s not a necessary feature. As long as you have a compartment for keeping paper money organized, then that’s usually good enough.

Credit Cards – A wallet needs to have some slots for holding credit and business cards. However, most people don’t need as many slots as they think you need. Unfortunately, the average person carries way too many cards with them at any one time. In fact, one scientific study has stated that the average person has 8 or more cards in their wallet at any given time. Most people only really need to carry two credit or debit cards with them.

Business Cards – The majority of business cards men carry are not even going to be looked at by them. So guys should only keep business cards for the services they may absolutely need. Which means that card for a local plumber can probably be left at home. And since phone apps are kind of making business cards obsolete, it’s doubtful men even need any slots for business cards at all. If these changes are made, then the average guy really only needs 4 or 5 card slots. That should be more than enough for most men.

Personal Identification – A well-designed wallet should also carry the men’s identification and make it easily accessible. Most men only need to carry their driver’s license with them, so a wallet with a single ID window is fine for most men. However, some men, such as military personnel, workmen, or other professionals may need to carry two forms of identification. Fortunately, there are wallets that are designed to accommodate these men with dual ID windows.

Photos – If the man wants to carry photos of their loved ones with them, then they should choose a men’s wallet that has photo inserts. However, if the user doesn’t carry photos, then they can just disregard this feature.

RFID Blocking – Some wallets come with RFID blocking technology. This technology is designed to prevent thieves and hackers from using an RFID scanner to steal a person’s personal information off of the ID or credit card numbers. While most people aren’t going to come into contact with an RFID scanner wielding thief, it’s still a nice feature for people who may be worried about such things.

Presentability of Men’s Wallets

How a wallet looks is just as important as how it’s designed. After all, no man wants to pull out a ragged, duct-taped scrap of leather and have to fish their money out of it. Let’s take a look at a few things to consider when buying a men’s wallet.

Material – It’s important to choose a material that’s appropriate for how the wallet is going to be used. While many people just assume they need a leather wallet, that’s not always the case. While leather will always remain a durable and stylish choice, the modern man has a few other materials they can consider. This includes wallets made out of nylon or other synthetic materials that may be water-resistant or more durable than leather wallets.

Types of Wallets – There are a number of different wallet types. There are trucker wallets which often have a chain that attaches them to the person’s belt or belt loop; There are sports wallets that are made out of a water-resistant synthetic and usually have Velcro enclosures, and there are travel wallets that are larger and are designed to hold items such as airline tickets or travel papers. Of course, there are a variety of other wallets available, so it may be appropriate for the potential wallet buyer to do some research before purchasing their wallet.

What Not To Carry in a Wallet

Now that we’ve gone over some of the features that should be considered when buying a wallet, I feel there’s time for a little advice for what not to carry in your new wallet. Most men make the same mistakes when they use their wallets and pack things they have no business putting in their wallets. Here are a few of these taboo items:

Social Security Cards – A man should never carry their Social Security Card in their wallet. That’s because these paper cards are not only fragile but also because if they are lost or stolen, then someone can steal the user’s identity. Therefore, these cards should be left at home.

Condoms – Condoms are another thing that shouldn’t be carried in a wallet. This will only result in their degradation so that when they’re finally used they will probably end up breaking. Many guys place condoms in their wallet and simply forget about them.

Store Receipts – Most men are prone to just shoving store receipts in their wallet and forgetting about them. Most of these receipts are never going to be needed, so they’re just going to end up taking up space. It’s better to keep them in a file at home if absolutely necessary. However, it’s probably better just to throw them away in the first place.