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Top 10 Best Minimalist Wallets of 2019 – Reviews

Minimalist wallets are all the rage these days, and there’s a good reason for that fact. These wallets not only use fewer materials and are better for the environment than traditional wallets, but they also provide advantages for the guy who uses them. They cause fewer back issues, are more convenient to use, and can be placed easily in a front pocket, so they’re often harder to steal than thicker billfolds.

Slim wallets come in a variety of different styles and sizes nowadays, so we’ve decided to do our homework and find out which ones are the best ones to use. Once we had that information, we decided to share this knowledge with our readers. Below are the fruits of our labor. Hopefully, there’s a wallet on this list that will fit your style and make your life easier.

Best Minimalist Wallets – Top List

10Dapper Hide Slim Men’s Wallet

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Constructed from 100% genuine leather, this minimalist billfold is only 4.2-inches by 2.85-inches and is only 0.2-inches thick. It’s just big enough to carry about 8 paper money bills and about 3 different business cards. It’s has a quick and easy-to-access ID card slot, and on the back, it has two slots for holding credit cards. This wallet has a very stylish design and comes in a variety of different colors including black, brown with tan thread, brown with brown thread, and tan with tan thread. And because of how it’s constructed, this wallet should provide years of use to just about anyone.

9OMT Slim Front Pocket Sleeve Case

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In the past, this card holder sleeve would fit into a much bigger wallet. Now, it’s an exciting minimalist design that doesn’t allow the user to carry more than they need to carry. On one side, it has an ID card window where the user can place their State ID or driver’s license, and on the other side are 3 different card slots. Each of the card slots can hold 1 or 2 cards, so the user really has to prioritize what they’re carrying with them. This product is made of genuine leather and comes in a wide variety of single colors including black, white, yellow, light purple, purple and red.

8Big Skinny Slimline Bifold Wallet

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Unlike other minimalist billfolds, this Slimline Bi-Fold doesn’t attempt to reduce the number of items a person can carry. It offers the user quite a few slots and instead, is made with a thinner nylon microfiber material. This material this wallet is made from is about 5 times thinner and lighter than traditional leather materials. This wallet is machine washable and once washed, will dry in about 20-minutes. It has 4 extra-wide credit card pockets, 2 extra-large hidden storage pockets, and a clear ID pocket. This product measures approximately 4.5-inches by 3-3/8th-inches, when closed, and is about 1/8th-inch thick when it’s completely empty.

7Flowfold Recycled Sailcloth Card Holder

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This front pocket card holder is ultra thin and is light enough that it floats when dropped into water. It’s manufactured from carbon fiber re-purposed racing sails, so it’s not only durable but is also environmentally friendly, too. It comes in a number of different colors including green, cyan, white and black. This product is made in the United States and can hold approximately 10 credit cards. This compact wallet is great for anyone who needs to conserve space including hikers, hunters, and bicyclists. It’s about half as thin as a traditional billfold and is durable enough to last a lifetime.

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6MEKU Slim Leather Wallet

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The Meku Slim Wallet is ultra slim and fits nicely in most men’s front pocket. It’s crafted from genuine high-quality leather and comes in a variety of different colors, from black to light blue to green. It can be purchased with or without a clear ID window and contains 3 card slots on one side and another 3 on the other side. This wallet only weighs about 0.7-ounces and is smaller than a standard iPhone. There is also a middle pocket for keeping some cash on hand. It’s an ideal sleeve wallet for anyone who needs a lightweight wallet for their hectic lifestyle.

5Alpine Swiss Business Card Case

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Everything a person would need to have in their wallet for an important business meeting or a night out on the town can be fit into this minimalist wallet. It measures only 4-inches by 2-7/8-inches and only expands to just over an inch thick. It has two inside pockets and one expandable flat compartment. This makes it big enough to carry up to 25 credit cards or 50 business cards. This product is manufactured from premium genuine leather and comes with an ID window on the inside top flap. It also has a nice, simplistic design that’s very stylish and fits in just about anywhere.

4Neal RFID Blocking Jacket Pocket Wallet

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Capable of being used as a jacket pocket or front pocket wallet, this product will hold everything a man needs to carry for a day at work or a night on the town. It’s manufactured using premium leather and comes equipped with 6 card slots and an ID window. This gives it more than enough space for men to place their business cards, receipts, gas cards and debit cards in it. This compact wallet also has a stylish design that looks great for both formal and casual occasions. It comes in several different colors as well and is made using RFID blocking fabric to protect cards against thieves.

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3iPulse Slim Wallet With RFID Protection

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Although this wallet has a super compact design, it’s still capable of holding up to 12 cards and 10 bills. And it can do so while remaining comfortable. It’s manufactured using full-grain leather that gives it a sophisticated look and makes it feel good in the hand. It’s also equipped with RFID blocking technology that helps to keep the user’s credit card information safe from data thieves. This wallet is also equipped with a smart pull tab that keeps everything nice and organized and gives the user instant access to all of their business or credit cards when they need it the most.

2Buffway Front Pocket RFID Blocking Wallet

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This thin unisex wallet is only 3-1/8-inches by 4-7/16-inches but is designed to hold quite a few credit cards. It has 4 nifty slots for holding all kinds of different cards including both credit and debit cards. It also has a clear window for holding the user’s State ID or driver’s license, and it also comes with 2 side pockets designed to hold business and loyalty cards. The last pocket built into this wallet is a middle pocket that’s designed to hold cash, receipts, coupons or lottery tickets. This wallet also has RFID blocking technology built into it to keep the user’s card data safe and is made from smooth premium leather.

1SlimFold Thin Wallet With RFID Option

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This thin and durable wallet is an ideal companion for anyone who is looking for a simple option for carrying their ID and debit cards. It’s waterproof and can hold up to 8 different cards at the same time, and it does it while being about a third of the thickness of most leather billfolds. This small wallet is available in a number of different colors and can be bought with or without an RFID blocking option. This product is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A and is designed to last for many years. While it’s not as inexpensive as cheaper made leather wallets, it functions extremely well.

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Why You Need A Minimalist Wallet

For years men carried around bloated traditional wallets in their back pockets. These billfolds often made it hard for the man to sit down, were frustrating to look through and honestly didn’t look all that great. And then the minimalist wallet hit the scene, and things began to change. Men began to see that they didn’t have to carry the bulging billfolds that their fathers carried around.

Unfortunately, there are still men who hold on to the traditional pocketbooks and refuse to even consider these newer, slimmer wallets. And that’s why we’ve decided to outline all of the advantages that these pocketbooks provide the user. We’ve briefly covered some of these advantages at the beginning of this article, but we still wanted to go into the details a little bit better.


Minimalist wallets are more convenient to use. That’s because, in order to use one, a man has to trim down what they carry down to the bare minimum. With these wallets, men simply can’t carry every single business card they ever received or every single one of their receipts. They have to pick and choose what they carry, and this usually results in men carrying just what they need. And this makes the wallet a whole lot easier to look through and also makes it less likely that items fall out of the wallet while the guy is paying for his morning coffee.

Easier On The Back

Because traditional wallets are so thick, they often can only be stored in the back pocket. Which means that every time the guy sits down, he has to do one of two things: either take out his wallet or sit on it. The former solution is inconvenient, but the latter solution is an even worse choice. That’s because sitting on a wallet can have a disastrous effect on a person’s back.

Sitting on a wallet causes the person’s hips to become slightly misaligned. This displacement of the hip will then begin to have a negative effect on the person’s lower back. Over time, this misalignment can lead to back pain and eventually a poorly aligned spine. A minimalist wallet can solve that problem because it’s smaller than other wallets and if need be, can be easily placed in the front pocket. The wallet’s small size allows the guy to sit properly in his chair without fear of back pain or damage.


Traditional wallets often make an enticing target for thieves. That’s because they’re bulky, easy to perceive and are usually in the guy’s back pocket. And they’re larger size can tend to force the pocket open. This allows the wallet to ride up slightly and makes it easier for pickpockets to snatch the wallet out of the pocket without the guy even knowing it. A minimalist wallet, on the other hand, can be easily carried in the front pocket. And because it’s a front pocket, it’s harder to pull the wallet out of it. Also, if the wallet is small enough, the guy can place the wallet in his sock. This enables him to keep his wallet hidden while he goes about his business.

They’re Stylish

Another reason to give up an overstuffed wallet and switch to a slim wallet is style. No one wants to be the guy with the giant wallet that’s dropping cards, receipts, and papers out of it when the guy is paying for his favorite energy drink. A minimalist wallet is more attractive than a traditional model. It also projects the vibe that the guy owning it is disciplined and well organized. In other words, that he’s got it together.

Optimizing A Wallet

Some people are a bit skittish when it comes to buying a minimalist wallet because they don’t know how they’re going to get by with having fewer items in their wallet. And that’s why we’ve decided to create this section. Below are some tips which will help anyone optimize their wallet and get by with a smaller billfold.

6 Cards Or Less

Most people carry around way too many cards. They carry business cards they don’t need, credit cards they aren’t planning on using and loyalty cards to places that don’t even exist anymore. That’s why it’s important to get rid of cards that aren’t needed.

All a person really needs to carry is some form of ID (driver’s license, military ID, State ID), a debit card and maybe a credit card or two. They may also want to carry an additional card such as a Metro pass, bus pass or a gas card. All the rest of the cards in a person’s wallet can then be left at home.

Keep Social Security Cards At Home

A person should never, ever carry their Social Security card with them. There’s no reason to do so and carrying one increases the chances that a thief can steal the wallet owner’s identity. Everyone should keep their Social Security, as well as their Birth Certificate, in a safe place at home. If a person believes they need their Social Security number for some reason, they should just memorize their number.

Keep Receipts At Home

Some people keep several years of receipts in their wallet, and that’s simply unnecessary. No one needs to keep a gas station receipt from May of last year. Wallet owners should take all of their receipts home and place them in a file. This keeps them handy for when they’re needed, prevents them from getting lost and best of all, keeps them out of a person’s wallet.

It’s even easier to keep receipts at home because many of them can be scanned directly into an app on the person’s smartphone. For example, Walmart has a Price Checker app where the user can scan their receipt and if it finds a lower price will credit a gift card account. It’s a great way to slim down a wallet and save some money at the same time.

In Conclusion

A minimalist wallet is not only stylish but also is beneficial to own. As long as a person takes the time to keep waste out of their pocket and buys a wallet that fits their style, these wallets will improve their day-to-day life in any number of different ways.