Top 10 Best Mops of 2019 – Reviews

A mop is a cleaning tool that’s been used for hundreds of years and is in just about everyone’s home. They allow homeowners to keep their floors clean and are a tool they are probably going to use on a weekly, if not daily, basis. And that’s why it’s vitally important to own the best one possible.

Nowadays, there are a seemingly endless number of these cleaning tools available. There flat head models, cotton head ones and some that are just made using synthetic strips. All of which can make it hard for the average person to find the right one for their household. Which is why we’ve put together the following guide to offer a little clarity.

Best Mops – Top List

10Libman Wonder Mop

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This extra absorbent mop has a so-slip hand grip that’s easy to hold onto and has a machine washable head that can be tossed into a washing machine when it’s dirty. This tool has an innovative head that can wring excess water out of the mop’s head by sliding down the sleeve and then twisting it. It can be used for a variety of different floors including wood, tile, and vinyl and can also be used on a variety of other surfaces as well. This makes it useful for just about any general housecleaning and should provide the user with the power they need to clean their floors.

9Yonill Double-Sided Flat Mop

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This mop comes with a flat head and dual-function mop pads. One side of the pad is made from soft microfiber that’s extremely absorbent, and the other side is made with nylon wire that allows it to power through stubborn stuck-on stains. The head of this tool is sturdy, durable and capable of rotating 360-degrees. This unit is easy to put together and can be used for a variety of different floors including tile, wood, and linoleum. Not only is it useful for home use, but is also strong enough for industrial use. It comes with two metal rods, four different mop pads, and full installation instructions.

8Rubbermaid Commercial FGG78004

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This sponge mop is equipped with a front pull lever that allows the PVA sponge head to be efficiently wrung out after each use. However, that’s not the only great feature of this product. It also has a long, 37-inch handle that gives the user the reach they need to get their mopping done, and has a head that’s designed to fit into hard-to-reach areas. This makes this an ideal mop for not only home use but for institutional use as well. It can clean a variety of different floors, and its head absorbs liquids quickly, so they aren’t left on the floor too long.

7Hapinnex Spinning Mop Bucket Set

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This set not only consists of a high-quality mop with a swivel head that can rotate up to 180-degrees but also comes with a self-balanced bucket that won’t fall over while being used. One side of the bucket can be used for getting water onto the mop head, and the other side can be used to spin the head dry. The bucket is also equipped with a quick-drain hole near the bottom that allows the user to empty it out quickly and efficiently. All together this mop and bucket system is designed to tackle just about any job and to help homeowners get their floors cleaned quickly.

6O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber

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This flip mop comes with a head which has two separate sides. The chenille side is designed to sweep away small particles such as dust and hair. The microfiber side is designed to pick up dirt and grime. This mop also has a head which can rotate up to 360-degrees so that every inch of the floor can be cleaned. This product also has a telescoping handle that can extend up to 56-inches, which not only makes it easier to cover larger sections of the floor but also saves some people from having to stoop over and hurting their backs.

5Mopnado Deluxe Rolling Spin

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This mop system is designed for anyone who wants to clean their wood, tile or vinyl floors quickly and easily. It features a 180-degree swiveling mop head that’s specifically manufactured to reach hard-to-reach areas of the floor and has an extendable 56-inch long handle that allows the user to clean not only floors but windows and ceiling fans with it as well. Included in this system are two microfiber mop heads, a scrub brush attachment and a cleaning solution dispenser which has been built right into the bucket. This gives the user everything they need to clean just about any floor.

4E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop

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This mop might be lightweight and easy-to-maneuver, it doesn’t compromise on cleaning ability. It’s ideal for cleaning up all kinds of different flooring including laminate, stone, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood and even linoleum. It has a telescopic aluminum handle that gives it the reach users need to get into the corners of their rooms and it has a 360-degree swivel head. It uses a microfiber pad that effectively removes dirt, grease, and oil from most floor surfaces. Overall, it’s a mop that ideal for jobs both big and small and should be a useful cleaning tool for just about any home.

3O-Cedar Easy Wring

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With a special bucket design that allows it to not only hold water but also to wring out the mop, this mop is a useful tool for anyone looking to keep their house clean. It has a microfiber head that is highly absorbent and can easily power through even tough dirt and has a foot pedal that’s easy-to-use to activate the spin wringer. The bucket is also equipped with a splash guard to keep the spray inside of it and not all over the floor. This high-quality mop system can be used for home and industrial use and is designed to get the job done every single time.

2Linkyo Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

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Designed to be used exclusively on hardwood floors, this product can be used as a dust mop or a wet mop. It has a 14.75-inch metal frame with a 360-degree rotating head and a 70-inch adjustable handle. Made using a stainless steel handle, an aluminum mop frame, and high-quality ABS plastic, this mop is designed not only to effectively clean hardwood floors but is also designed to be quite durable as well. This professional quality tool comes with two reversible microfiber mop cloths and a standard mop pad, all of which are machine washable and can be used multiple times.

118-Inch Professional Microfiber Mop

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Designed to provide professional quality results, this 18-inch microfiber mop comes with a number of features which make it one of the better mops currently available. It has a stainless steel 6-foot handle and comes with two microfiber wet mop pads, an aluminum mop frame and a microfiber dust pad. Everything needed to clean up just about any floor surface including laminate, tile, hardwood and concrete floors. This makes it ideal for cleaning at home or at the office. It’s a mop that’s designed to clean up big messes and do it without being difficult to use.

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How to Choose a Mop

Mops are a useful household cleaning tool that few people give much thought. Most homeowners just buy whatever mop is the cheapest and then expect it to perform all the chores they need it to perform. Unfortunately, that isn’t the correct way to buy one of these cleaning tools. When it comes to mops, design features matters and should be given the proper thought.

We’ve compiled a list of the more popular types of mops and given an explanation of how they need to be used, as well as the features that need to be considered. Following these guidelines will give the user a better chance of buying the mop that fits their needs.

The Different Types of Mops

Below are just some of the mops currently available. After a brief explanation of each type, we’ve also listed some of the more common ways that that particular mop is used.

Flat Head Mops – Flathead mops have become extremely popular over the last few years thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns by some companies. They are known for their disposable or reusable pads. These types of mops are easy-to-setup and are easy to use on a daily basis. However, they can often have problems with stuck on food particles or heavy messes, so they might not be suitable for tough jobs.

Dust Mops –Dust mops are made for dry cleaning and are usually made from microfibers, synthetic materials or lambswool. As the name suggests, these types of mops are really only good for dusting floors, walls, and ceilings and aren’t used for picking up wet messes or stuck on particles.

Sponge Mops – Just about everyone has seen these types of mops at one time or another. They are known for their rectangular spongy head that is usually attached to some type of wringing device. These mops are pretty good for cleaning uneven surfaces or materials such as tile or linoleum floors.

Cotton String Mops – These mops have been around for a long time and are a favorite among many house cleaners. That’s because it has a good amount of scrubbing power and is highly absorbent. However, it’s not without its problems as well. These type of mops can be difficult to maintain and tend to fall apart. A fact that’s often counterbalanced by their low cost.

Strip Mops – While these mops may not have the absorbency level or the scrubbing power of cotton string mops, they are extremely easy-to-use and easily maintained. Strip mops tend to have more scrubbing power than flat mops and dry quickly.

Spin Mops – These types of mops can be made from a variety of different materials, so they can be made of cotton string or synthetic strips. What makes them different is the bucket that wrings out the mops.

Buying Different Mops for Different Needs

The next thing to think about is buying a different mop for different needs. Some people have just one mop they use for all their floors, regardless of where they’re located or what material they’re made from. That’s not always ideal, however. Having different mops for different floors can take advantage of specific mops strengths and result in a cleaner floor. For example, flat mops are often good for light cleaning on linoleum floors but are usually not good for heavier messes.

How To Properly Mop Your Floors

Once a suitable mop has been chosen, the next thing to consider is how to properly use this newly purchased tool. Unfortunately, way too many people either don’t know mopping basics or ignore them completely. And that’s why we’ve decided to write the following guide.

  • Step One – The first step is making sure that you thoroughly sweep or vacuum the floor before beginning to mop. If this isn’t done, then you’ll just end up pushing debris all over the floor, and this will prevent the floor from being fully cleaned.
  • Step Two – The next step is to prepare a bucket of warm water with a bit of detergent. Don’t add too much detergent or you’ll end up with a residue on your floor. A drop or two is sufficient. If using a flat head mop with a sprayer, then be sure you have it filled according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Step Three – Start in the furthest corner of the room and work back towards the room’s exit. Make sure that the mop bucket is on an area of floor that’s behind you and hasn’t been clean yet. Make sure that you don’t lay down too much water, which can damage the floor, by wringing out the mop on a regular basis.
  • Step Four – Mop along the baseboards with long, even back and forth strokes. Be sure to make two passes each area. One for laying down the cleaning solution and one for picking the solution and debris up. Do this until all areas of the floor have been cleaned.
  • Step Five – If the mop water becomes murky before the floor is finished, then dump it out and start with fresh mop water. If the mop water isn’t changed on a regular basis, then you’ll just end up spreading dirt all over the floor as its being mopped.

Taking Care of a Mop

It’s vitally important that your mop is kept as clean as possible. If the mop isn’t properly cleaned or has been allowed to sit while wet, then it can develop a sour smell that’s indicative of bacteria growth. To prevent this from happening, be sure that the mop head is cleaned in hot water after it’s been used. If it’s a flat head, then be sure to toss the pad. If it’s a mop with a detachable head, then rinse it in a utility sink. Once that’s been done, then hang the mop in an area that’s well ventilated so it can adequately dry. Once it’s dry, it can then be placed in a closet. If the mop head has become stained or has developed a foul odor, then replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve learned how to find the mop that suits your needs the best and has learned how to properly use and take care of the mop, you can begin your search for the best mops available. As you can see, choosing or using one of these mops doesn’t have to be a monumental chore and is something that anyone can accomplish.