Top 10 Best Moscow Mule Mugs of 2019 – Reviews

Connoisseurs claim that vodka served in Moscow Mule Mugs gains a distinctive flavor thanks to their copper construction which is supposed to keep the vodka colder than a glass recipient ever could. Over the years, Moscow Mule Mugs have become so widespread that they are now being used in restaurants around the world to serve not only vodka-based drinks but a variety of other exquisite drinks as well.

With this in mind, let us point out that finding quality mule mugs is not an easy task by any means, especially because of how many of them you can find on sale nowadays. To make it easier for you to find some, we put together a list of the ten best Moscow Mule Mugs available.

Best Moscow Mule Mugs 2019

10Moscow Mule Copper Mug – Pure Solid Copper Mugs

buy from amazonThis handcrafted mug enjoys a solid copper construction which doesn’t involve any nickel or stainless steel lining to speak of. At the same time, this mug is made entirely out of copper, which is perfect for keeping your drink fresh over long periods of time. Not only that but this mug is also aesthetically pleasing by all standards, which means that it will definitely stand out among regular glassware.

9Kangaroo 100% Copper Moscow Mule Mug

buy from amazonLike the name suggests, this set of four mugs contains 100% copper mule mugs that are guaranteed to provide all the benefits of Moscow mule mugs at a surprisingly affordable price. Despite having a copper exterior, these mugs benefit from a 100% stainless steel interior to separate your drinks from the copper exterior while still offering a drinking experience you aren’t likely to find in a standard cup or mug.

8Handmade Pure Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mug

buy from amazonWith this particular mug, you can experience the taste of a cold drink for a lot longer than glassware would. At the same time, the acidic lime juice most drinks involving limes contain reacts better with a metal mug than it does in a standard glass. Capacity-wise, this mug can hold 16 oz per serving, which is sufficient, to say the least. Not only that but it is also a lot sturdier than glass or porcelain mugs thanks to its copper construction.

7Hammered Moscow Mule Barware Gift Set

buy from amazonThanks to their 100% copper construction, these high-quality Moscow Mule Mugs will provide you with long-lasting durability on top of being extremely convenient to use. Interestingly enough, despite being aimed at vodka-related drinks, you can very well use these mugs for any other drink without any issues to speak of. Also interesting is the fact that the two mugs inside the set come with two straws and an added shot glass for good measure.

6Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Drinking Mug

buy from amazonThese mugs are perhaps some of the most durable money can buy, a durability they owe to their hammered solid copper body, lined with nickel. Designed to keep drinks cold for as long as possible, these mugs will also enable you to taste the peculiar flavor of acidic drinks as they react with the copper mugs. Furthermore, the mugs are equipped with brass handles to ensure a good and comfortable grip.

5Moscow Mule Mugs – Nozdrovia

buy from amazonHammered by hand using no nickel, tin, or any metal other than copper, these mugs will definitely stand out among the rest. We say this because each 16 oz mug is made of strong 22-gauge copper in accordance with the Moscow Mule legend, which means that they’re not too large or too small. Interestingly enough, these mugs benefit from a rivetless interior, one that involves cutting-edge metal bonding technologies instead.

4Old & Urban Moscow Mule Mug

buy from amazonThis solid mug is hand hammered during its building process, one that not only guarantees its durability but also its reliability as well. For instance, this mug comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturers, which is definitely a big plus. Design-wise, let us point out that this mug’s handle is welded to the mug, which means that it doesn’t have any rivets to worry about in the long run.

3Morken Barware Moscow Mule Mugs

buy from amazonIt is craftsmanship that makes these particular mugs stand out, the type of craftsmanship you wouldn’t normally find in standard mugs. As such, these exquisite mugs make for excellent gifts to anyone who is passionate about drinking quality drinks. Also interesting is the fact that these mugs come in a custom designed gift box which contains recipes, cleaning instructions, and a brief history of the drinks included.

2RV Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug

buy from amazonThis copper plated mug features no nickel lining, nor any other metal except copper and brass for that matter. Speaking of which, the mug has a brass handle that makes it easy to grip, a handle that isn’t likely to cause any riveting-related issues in the long run thanks to the mug’s unique craftsmanship. In this regard, let us point out that this mug is designed to withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing any signs of damage, which may explain its popularity to begin with.

1A29 Moscow Mule Pure Copper Unlined Mug / Cup

buy from amazonThere is perhaps no better set of Moscow Mule cups or mugs than A29’s Moscow Mule Pure Copper Unlined Mug pack. This set features four hammered 16-ounce copper mugs, a useful shot glass, and an informative recipe booklet that will educate you on how to make the perfect cocktail to go along with these exquisite mugs.

Furthermore, these mugs contain no nickel or stainless steel to speak of, which is always something to look for in a Moscow Mule Mug. On top of all this, all four mugs are handcrafted and hammered manually so as to add to the already long-lasting durability provided by the copper construction.


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