Top 10 Best Mouse Trap Baits of 2019 – Reviews

Dealing with mice is a problem that almost everyone has to deal with at some point in their life. And when a person is plagued by these pesky critters, then they’ll want to do everything that they can to get rid of them. That’s because these pests are not only disgusting and spread disease, but they can also do damage to a home’s walls, floors and even electrical wiring. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to get rid of them as soon as possible. And one of the best ways to get rid of these pests is to use a mousetrap bait. We’ve selected ten of the best mouse trap baits below so that people plagued by mice can get rid of them as soon as possible.

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Best Mouse Trap Baits Of 2019

10Tomcat Mouse Killer Refillable Bait Station

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This refillable bait station comes with 16 bait blocks, so homeowners can single-handly wipe out a mouse infestation. Since each block is capable of killing up to 12 mice, the 16 one-ounce baits that come with this station are enough to kill almost 200 mice. It’s no wonder so many people turn to this product for their pest elimination needs. However, this product isn’t just useful for dealing with indoor mice, but it can also be used to deal with outdoor mice as well. And since the bait station is completely weather-resistant and pet-proof, it can be placed virtually anywhere.

9Motomco Jaguar Mouse & Rat Bait Chunkx

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Designed to be used in Jaguar bait stations, this high-quality rat poison is designed to effectively deal with rat and mice infestations. Each 25-gram pelleted bai delivers a lethal dose of Brodifacoum, a single-feed anticoagulant that kills mice and rats. It’s a product that works especially well for areas where there’s a large population of mice that are especially resistant to other types of poison and it’s considered the strongest poison in its class. And since it comes in a big bucket that holds 9-pounds of these baits, it’s easy to store and use. Thanks to this product, no infection is too large to be dealt with effectively.

8JT Eaton 709-AP Bait Block Rodenticide

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This 9-pound pail contains 144 apple-flavored bait blocks that rats and mice love to each. These little blocks will entice mice to eat them, and that will deliver a lethal dose of Diphacinone that kills them quickly and easily. These are perfect for baiting any homemade or commercially obtained bait dispensers and will eliminate mouse infestations in no-time flat. And because they’re contained in a large pail that’s tamper-evident, it can be easily stored until it’s needed. That makes this product one of the better mouse baits currently available and one that’s suitable for both home or commercial use.

7JT Eaton 704-PN Peanut Butter Bait Block

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These peanut-butter flavored bait blocks from JT Eaton are extremely effective for dealing with mouse problems, maybe even more so than this company’s apple-scented bait blocks. These blocks come in a resealable and tamper-evident pail that makes it easy to dispense the product when needed or put it away for storage. Each pail contains 64-blocks of a highly efficient rodenticide, which is enough poison to effectively deal with 600+ mice. And because it’s made according to strict standards in the U.S., consumers can rest assured they’re getting a quality bait block for their money. One that will eliminate their rodent problems for good.

6Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail

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When a whole lot of mouse trap bait blocks are needed to deal with a mouse infestation at a home or farm, then this Tomcat product is ready to answer the call. These bait blocks contain Bromethalin, a powerful ingredient that will not only kill house and field mice but will also kill roof and Norway rats as well. When a mouse or rat has consumed a dose lethal to them, they immediately stop feeding, and this results in less bait being used to deal with any particular infestation. And it also comes in a 4-pound pail that provides enough of these baits to deal with just about any mouse problem.

5Motomco Tomcat Liquid Concentrated Bait

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Although this product isn’t intended for use in homes or other residential settings, it does do a good job for agricultural, industrial or commercial applications. It’s designed to be mixed with water so that when mice take a drink they’re immediately poisoned. This is an especially effective solution for drier areas where rat blocks and pellets don’t work quite as well. Once this product has been used, it can typically eliminate most mouse problems in approximately 7-days. That makes this a good option for people who don’t need a fast-acting product to control their pest problem.

4Motomco Tomcat Mouse & Rat Pail

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These place packs aren’t designed to go specifically into a bait trap, but they certainly can be used if the user so decides that’s necessary. These pellets are designed to be left on the floor, so rats and mice can feed on them at will. When the pests do feed on them, they will have the desired result of killing them in about 6-days. Although there are certainly faster-acting baits and poisons available for killing rodents, few of them are as effective as this particular brand. And since it’s a residential formula, it can be used at home, on a farm or anywhere else it’s needed for eliminating rodents.

3Neogen Rodenticide Havoc XT Bait Block

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Even though this product is designed to only be used around agricultural buildings and isn’t intended for residential uses, it is one of the more effective mouse trap baits currently being manufactured. That’s because it’s not just made with Brodifacoum, a common rodenticide, but it’s also made with Bitrex, another powerful poison. These two ingredients work together to effectively kill house mice, field mice, and even Norway rats. And since mice and rats can consume a lethal dose of this product with just their first feeding, it’s capable of killing them in 5-days or less. That makes it an effective and fast-acting formula.

2Neogen Havoc Rodenticide Bait Place Packs

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These bait place packs use Brodifacoum, one of the strongest anti-coagulant based rodenticides available and special food processing techniques that are designed to attract and kill rats effectively. The combination of these two things makes an exceptionally lethal product. So lethal that it’s not even recommended for residential use and is only designed to be used around agricultural buildings. This is a single-feed position that stops roof rats, Norway wats, field mice, and house mice dead in their tracks. And it’s also a product that’s easy to use and gets the job done in under a week.

1Farnam Just One Bite II Bait Chunks

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What makes these mouse trap baits some of the best ones around? It’s their ability to kill rats and mice in under a week that makes this an exceptional product. When this product is properly used, it only takes mice eating one dose of it to be lethal, and that will result in the rodent’s death in approximately 4 to 5 days. Although this formula is too strong to be used in residential areas, it is an effective solution for agricultural outbuildings such as sheds, barns and storage silos. And since it comes in an 8-pound resealable pail, it’s always ready to deal with any rodent issue.

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