Top 10 Best Mouthwashes of 2019 – Reviews

Dental care professionals around the world agree that mouthwash can prevent a wide range of afflictions if used regularly. Conditions like halitosis, mouth sores, tooth decay, and gum irritation can all be prevented by using mouthwash on a regular basis. At the same time, mouthwash is bound to destroy bacteria and prevent the appearance of several gum diseases, just as long as it is being used correctly. Not only does mouthwash have practical uses but it will also prevent bad breath if you get in the habit of rinsing your teeth with it after each time you brush your teeth. So it isn’t just the medical properties that recommend it but a considerable boost in dental hygienics as well, benefits no toothpaste can provide, no matter how good or expensive. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best types of mouthwash the market has to offer right now and what properties to consider when buying one.

Best Mouthwashes – Top List

10Colgate Enamel Health Anticavity Fluoride Sparkling Fresh Mint Mouthwash

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With the ability to strengthen the enamel, Colgate Enamel Health Anticavity Fluoride Sparkling Fresh Mint Mouthwash does what a brush simply cannot. Restoring calcium to the enamel, it helps to strengthen and replenish the teeth and gums making them stronger. This premium mouthwash also reverses the softening of enamel which forms cavities, helping to prevent them. Crafted with a fresh mint flavor, this mouthwash not only leaves you with a fresh, clean breath but sparkling white teeth as well.

9Listerine Total Care Zero Anticavity Mouthwash

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The Listerine Total Care Zero Anticavity Mouthwash is a high-quality mouth rinse that features 6 benefits. This 1-liter bottle of alcohol-free mouthwash comes in a fresh mint flavor that helps keep the mouth fragrant and clean. The 6 benefits of this anti-cavity mouthwash include the killing of bad breath germs and bacteria, strengthening of teeth and enamel, prevention of cavities, enamel restoration, freshening of breath and overall mouth cleansing. With the ability to produce 50% stronger teeth if used regularly, this mouthwash works better than brushing alone.

8Squeaky Clean Fresh Breath Oral Mouth Rinse

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The Squeaky Clean Fresh Breath Oral Mouth Rinse is a mild mouthwash that features an alcohol-free formula. Thanks to its fresh minty flavor, this mouth rinse not only tastes and smells great but it also helps keep the mouth fresh and clean throughout the day. Unlike other mouthwashes, this does not leave a burning, tingly feeling in the mouth, on the tongue or gums. It helps to remove all germs and bacteria and prevents them from returning. Available in a fairly large-sized, 16-ounce, stylish bottle, it is budget friendly and guaranteed to work better than many others in this price range.

7Crest Pro-Health Multiprotection Rinse-Clean Mint

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Crest Pro-Health Multiprotection Rinse-Clean Mint is an antiplaque oral mouthwash that offers multi protection for your teeth and gums. Thanks to its unique formula, it helps fight plaque and gingivitis, strengthening the teeth and gums. It also kills germs and bacteria that cause bad breath and keeps the teeth clean and fresh throughout the day. Free from alcohol, this mouth rinse is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive teeth. This is definitely one needs to consider when looking for a mouthwash of any kind.

6ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

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The ACT Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Rinse is a premium grade mouthwash that is highly recommended by most dentists. Known for its special ability to whiten teeth and prevent staining, this mouth rinse produces results in the least amount of time. It helps to kill bad breath germs and strengthens the enamel. Unlike other mouthwashes available today, this one helps to restore minerals to all the soft spots and sensitive areas in the mouth. This way, you can prevent the appearance of many dental-related afflictions like halitosis and mouth sores.

5Philips Sonicare Breathrx Antibacterial Mouth Rinse

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Philips Sonicare Breathrx is a high-quality antibacterial mouthwash that is clinically proven to reduce bad breath 3 times more than other rinses of its kind. Uniquely formulated with premium grade zinc and other natural essential oils, it prevents plaque that can lead to gingivitis. Free from alcohol and sugar, it is highly recommended by dentists all over the world. Available in a fresh clean mint flavor, it comes in a sturdy 16-ounce bottle and is guaranteed to work as efficiently as its formula allows.

4Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Multi-Care Whitening Fresh Mint Flavor Mouthwash

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Thanks to its special Whitelock Technology, the Crest 3D White Mouthwash aims at protecting the teeth from harmful stains. Loaded with a powerful triple action formula and free from alcohol, this whitening mouthwash not only removes and prevents stains but whitens the teeth daily and kills germs that cause bad breath. Suitable for 12 years and above, users would find visible results in just 2 days. Owing to its fresh minty flavor it also freshens the breath and keeps your teeth protected throughout the day.

3Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

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Approved by ADA, the Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash offers 24-hour protection for the teeth and gums if utilized twice a day. With the ability to reduce plaque by up to 52% and gingivitis by 21%, this mouthwash is clinically proven to provide fresh, germ-free breath. Giving you that fresh, clean feeling all through the day, this mouthwash provides visible results by just rinsing for 30 seconds a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Featuring a clean minty cooling flavor, it helps keep the mouth feeling refreshed during the day, effects that can be felt for hours after using it.

2Biotene Oral Rinse for Dry Mouth Symptoms

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Biotene Oral Rinse for Dry Mouth Symptoms is an alcohol-free mouth rinse that features a ton of great benefits. With the ability to sooth, while cleaning and refreshing the teeth and gums, this rinse helps to moisturize any kind of irritation occurring in the mouth without causing any burning sensation. Unlike most mouthwashes, this one helps to protect the mouth against bad odor caused by dry mouth. Featuring a clean mint flavor, it also helps provide a proper pH balance inside the mouth, thus preventing tooth decay and mouth sores.

1TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

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Considered as the most renowned oxygenating mouthwash out there, the TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Fresh Breath Oral Rinse is a premium quality mouthwash that helps neutralize all bacteria that produce sulfur. It aims at preventing morning breath, mouth odor and also prevents a sticky dry mouth, keeping the mouth smelling fresh and clean 24 hours. Containing all natural ingredients with no artificial flavoring and colors, this mouthwash does not contain any alcohol or saccharin. Needless to say, this is definitely something to look for in a mouthwash, especially a high-end formula as reputable as this.

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What To Look For In A Mouthwash

Even though most mouthwashes can be expected to perform to certain standards, not all can be expected to protect your mouth from potential diseases and serious conditions. For the most part, low-end mouthwashes focus on tooth decay alone, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; although you should perhaps raise your standards a bit higher if possible. We say this because multi-purpose mouthwashes are everywhere these days, the type of formulas that can be used for a lot more than simply protecting the enamel against tooth decay. With this in mind, let us find out what makes a good mouthwash and what to look for when buying one. In this respect, selecting the perfect mouthwash depends on the results you wish to achieve. The two key factors to consider are the ingredients and the type.

Mouthwash Type

In principle, mouthwashes can be of two kinds – medicinal or cosmetic. Although both are used roughly the same way, the formulas each contain differ ever so slightly due to their intended purpose. For this reason, people tend to use medicinal mouthwashes somewhat differently than cosmetic ones, even if they don’t fully realize. Then again, it should be said that the brands which manufacture cosmetic mouthwashes are usually nowhere near as reputable as the ones that make medicinal versions.

Medicinal mouthwashes – These types of mouthwash are utilized to treat all kinds of dental diseases. These diseases include gingivitis, harmful bacteria, halitosis, and other pre-existing conditions like plaque and gum issues. Herbal rinses are also medicinal and aid in the prevention of harmful diseases, which might be why they are so popular among people who incline towards a more practical application in regards to their rinsing needs.

Cosmetic mouthwashes – Cosmetic mouthwashes are the ones people use to prevent bad breath and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath, in turn improving and enhancing the appearance of their teeth. Although temporary, such a mouthwash leaves behind a pleasant odor and taste that lasts throughout the day. Although mostly cosmetic, these mouthwashes do indeed have slight medical properties, in the sense that they prevent the appearance of long-term afflictions that would otherwise arise due to improper oral care.


The ingredients present in your choice of a mouthwash help determine its effects and results. One of the most common ingredients that people consider in any mouthwash is the presence of alcohol. Some mouthwashes that contain alcohol aid in the killing of harmful germs and bacteria, however for those who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums should stay away from utilizing mouthwashes that contain alcohol and should buy only alcohol-free rinses. Another important ingredient is fluoride. Mouthwashes that contain fluoride, aid in the prevention of tooth and gum decay. So for those who are susceptible to tooth decaying and have a sweet tooth, considering fluoride mouthwashes is definitely on the list.

Benefits of using Mouthwash

Before buying the perfect mouthwash for your teeth and gums, it is essential to know the key benefits of a mouthwash. While virtually no mouthwash can have negative effects on your teeth and gums, you still want to figure out which mouthwash would best suit your needs and which to avoid based on their ingredients. With that out of the way, you should then focus on short and long-term benefits of using mouthwash regularly. Listed below are the advantages of utilizing a good mouthwash.

– For those who have sensitive teeth and soft areas, using a mouthwash can help reduce that sensitivity considerably after just a few days of regular rinsing.
– Mouthwash works as an excellent weapon against tooth decay, especially if the mouthwash contains fluoride.
– It contains antiseptic properties along with active ingredients that fight gum diseases in the long run.
– It helps to relieve pain caused by tooth extraction or during the development of wisdom teeth. This makes the use of mouthwash beneficial for people of all ages.
– For those who wear fixed brackets, mouthwashes can help with proper oral hygiene. With the ability to tackle areas that cannot be reached with a simple toothbrush, mouth rinses help kill bacteria and germs in hard to reach spaces.
– Some mouthwashes have the ability to provide relief and numb pain that is caused by ulcers present in the mouth. This is accomplished by preventing the festering of bacteria and germs that not only cause bad breath but also cause many dental and oral afflictions.
– Speaking of which, one of the most important reasons why most people utilize a mouthwash is because of its ability to mask bad breath and kill germs that cause bad odor after eating food or due to a dry and sticky mouth.
– Mouthwash also provides healing benefits when utilized after or before oral and dental surgery.
– If utilized after brushing your teeth, in the morning as well as before going to bed, mouthwashes help with the overall cleaning performance of the teeth and gums, ensuring the mouth stays clean and germ-free all throughout the day.
– As a liquid, mouthwashes can reach areas that a brush and toothpaste simply cannot, making them quick and easy to use.