Top 10 Best Over Ear Headphones Under $50 of 2019 – Reviews

Anyone who wants to block out the noises of the outside world and want to fully envelop themselves in their favorite music may want to try to get a pair of over the ear headphones. After all, these headphones are the best are isolating the listener from the noisy world so they can enjoy their favorite music without having to worry about interruptions. Unfortunately, many of these types of headphones are prohibitively expensive, which keeps them out of the reach of most people.

However, there are exceptions to every rule, and it’s no different with headphones than it is with anything else. There are several manufacturers who are making great headphones and delivering them at a reasonable price—many of them are even under the $50 dollar mark. For your convenience, we’ve discovered the best over ear headphones under $50 and have placed them in the following list ranked from the least desirable ones to the best ones available.

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $50 – Top List

10OneOdio Closed-Bacl Headphones

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These high-quality closed-back headphones are designed to deliver to the wearer a nice balanced sound from most audio sources and are also designed to be comfortable enough to be worn for long periods of time. They have large 50mm sound drivers that are manufactured with neodymium magnets and which produce close to a real Hi-Fi quality level of sound. These headphones also have nicely padded ear cushions that provide comfort and also help to passively resist outside noises. And since these headphones are equipped with a 9.8-foot long cord, they can easily be used with a television or home audio system.

9Panasonic Full-Size Headphones

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These headphones are not only in the under $50 range, but they’re also in the under $20 range, yet they still deliver great stereo sound to the wearer. These headphones are padded for comfort and have a 6.5-foot long audio cord that gives the user a little bit of room to move around with. These headphones also have 30mm neodymium sound drivers that deliver high-quality stereo sound with nice powerful bass and clear mid-range notes. Other features which can be found on these headphones include passive noise resistance and easy-to-adjust headband that allows the wearer to fit them to their head perfectly.

8Picun P26 Bluetooth Headphones

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Available in either black or rose gold, these Bluetooth headphones are not only comfortable to wear and deliver great sound quality, but they’re also quite stylish as well. They have large 40mm sound drivers and are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that allows them to connect wirelessly to any compatible Bluetooth device. They also have a built-in microphone and headset controls that allow the microphone to be operated. With over 30-hours of playtime in wireless mode, these headphones are suitable for long audio sessions or for a night of gaming at home with your friends. And when users are done with them, they can easily be folded up for portability.

7Avantree ANC Headphones

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These headphones are equipped with active noise canceling technology that allows them to block out low-frequency background noise with just a switch of a button. It’s also equipped with 40mm stereo drivers and a Bluetooth CSR chipset that enables it to connect wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth devices. They are constructed from high-quality materials that are strong enough for daily use but are lightweight enough to wear comfortably. Other features found on these headphones include hands-free capabilities, has less of an audio delay when used with televisions than other headphones, and the ability to be used in both wired and wireless mode.

6Mpow H5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Although most headphones with active noise cancellation in them don’t do a very good job at filtering out outside noises, this pair of headphones actually does a pretty decent job at filtering out low-frequency noises including road noise or the low hum of a train. These headphones are also equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, so they can be paired with Bluetooth enabled devices at a distance of up to 33-feet. These headphones have full-controls for operating them right on the ear cup, and the headphones themselves are foldable for portability. These headphones also deliver deep-bass sound, 40mm sound drivers and a built-in microphone.

5Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

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Designed to be an inexpensive reproduction of professional studio headphones, the ATH-M20x feature many of the same design elements that can be found on those more expensive headphones. For example, these headphones have a circumaural design that fits closely around the ears to block out passively noisy environments. They also feature 40mm sound drivers that are made from neodymium magnets and copper-clad voice coils. Other features found on these headphones include an earcup swivel of 15-degrees in both directions, a 9.8-foot audio cable for extended reach and a maximum input level of 700 mW. And finally, its constructed of high-quality materials that are designed to hold up to a studio environment.

Garmin 728x90 Banner

4Edifier H650 Headphones

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Available in a variety of colors from solid black to bright orange, these headphones will fit in with just about anyone’s style. They feature large 40mm sound drivers that deliver a crisp clear sound and also deliver excellent bass notes. These headphones fold in half for portability and convenience and are light enough to be worn all day long. They are also extremely comfortable to wear with an adjustable headband and leather ear-cups that don’t hurt the ears after they’ve been worn a while. They are built using high-quality components, including a stainless-steel headband, so they can hold up to even hardcore use.

3Edifier H840 Headphones

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Although these headphones have a lot in common with Edifier H650 headphones, the truth of the matter is that these headphones feel a lot sturdier than that older model. These headphones are made with 40mm sound drivers that have been fine-tuned for performance and have ear cups made out of soft leather that is really easy on the listener’s ears. This product also has a steel-reinforced headband, but this one is covered in a leather headrest for additional comfort. Another thing worth mentioning about these headphones is the fact that they have a 6-foot long cord with a 3.5mm gold-plate audio plug for a better connection to a stereo receiver.

2Mpow 059 Wireless Headphones

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These impressive wireless headphones not only look good but have many of the same features of more expensive name-brand headphones. Available in a number of different colors, including black, pink, red, black & green or light silver, these headphones fit in with just about anyone’s sense of style. They have powerful 40mm neodymium sound drivers, thick around-ear cushioning which is not only comfortable but also blocks out sound passively and has a built-in CSR chip. These headphones also have a microphone which can be used in a wireless mode to make phone calls. And with Bluetooth connectivity, these headphones can be paired with any suitable device.

1Tribit XFree Headphones

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Just because a pair of headphones are inexpensive doesn’t mean that they can’t deliver professional level sound quality and no pair of headphone proves this to be true more than these professional quality headphones. Designed with professional quality materials, these headphones are not only comfortable enough to wear all day long, but they’re also sturdy enough to make it through long audio sessions. They are also equipped with a number of features which rival high-end headphone models. These features include 40mm sound drivers, a rechargeable battery with 40-hours of playtime, CSR chips and Bluetooth 4.1 technology built right into them.

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Over-Ear Headphones Buying Guide

Just a decade ago, it wasn’t very easy to find a pair of over-ear headphones under $50. In fact, some would say that it was nearly impossible to find a pair of high-quality over-the-ear headphones in that price range. And if you did find one, then more than likely it had terrible sound quality and/or wouldn’t hold up to daily use.

Fortunately, things have changed, and it’s now easier than ever to find a pair of headphones in this price range, all you have to do is know what to look for when shopping for one. Which is why we’ve done the research necessary to find out what to look for in a good pair of headphones, and do so without having to pay out a fortune for them.

Knowing Which Features To Ignore

In over the ear headphones above $50, it’s important to keep in mind several different features that allow you to come to a pretty reasonable estimate of the headphone’s sound quality. With headphones in this price range, however, it’s better not to even worry about most of the same features. That’s because headphone features such as frequency response, impedance, active noise resistance, and equalization really don’t matter much in this price range.

The above features are really only important if the headphones are going to be used with a high-end stereo system. Since no one is going to be using a pair of cheap headphones with a high-end system, then it’s safe to say that all of the regular features can be ignored. All that really matters with headphones in this price range are that they are durable, have decent sound drivers, as well as one or two other features.

Sound Driver Size

Although 50mm sound drivers are often the ones found on expensive headphones, for most people, 40mm headphones will do just fine. In fact, anywhere between 30mm and 40mm is fine for low-end headphones. Sound drivers in this range deliver nice enough sound quality for most MP3 players or smartphones.

Headphone Construction

Headphones manufactured in this price range are usually made from high-impact plastic, and some of the better ones have a metal slider that allows the headphones to be adjusted. The earpads should be made from a memory-protein, or at least a material similar to memory-protein. This material is not only comfortable to wear for long periods of time but is also quite durable.

Passive Noise Resistance

Just as it’s unreasonable to try and find headphones in the $50 to $100 which have Active Noise Cancellation technology, it’s all but impossible to find it in MOST headphones under $50. Okay, that may be a bit drastic. CSR chips can be found in many budget headphone models, but the truth of the matter is they don’t work very well. That’s because they’re made with inferior electronics to keep the headphones from becoming too expensive.

However, what can be expected out of a pair of headphones in this price range is passive noise technology. Therefore, the headphones should have a thick enough ear cushion to passively block out outside noises. Many of the headphones in this price range have passive noise cancellation capabilities.

Compliance to Bluetooth 4.1 Standards

Although Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest standard, at least at the time of this article, you’re probably not going to find an under $50 pair of headphones with Bluetooth 5. However, there’s no reason why the headphones shouldn’t at least conform to the Bluetooth 4.1 standard. Headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 allows for smart connectivity, improved data transfers, and better coexistence with other Bluetooth-enabled devices than previous Bluetooth generations.

Wired, Wireless or Both

It’s also important before buying a new pair of headphones to determine whether you are going to need a pair of headphones that are wired, have wireless capabilities or can deliver both. Although one would think that inexpensive headphones wouldn’t be capable of being able to work as both wired or wireless headphones, the fact of the matter is that there are several models available that can. All a person who wants this capability needs to do is search for it.

In Conclusion

Finding the right pair of headphones in this price range isn’t too much harder than finding a pair in the $50 to $100 range or in the $200+ range. The headphones in each of these categories are designed to work for a particular range of devices. Expensive headphones are designed to work with high-end Hi-Fi systems, middle-range headphones are designed for lower quality stereos, and budget headphones are designed to work with all of the devices that many of us use on a regular basis—devices which include tablets, MP3 players and smartphones. Once a person pinpoints their particular needs, then all they have to do is find a pair that corresponds with said need. Something that we hope we’ve helped you with during the course of this guide.