Top 10 Best Pellet Stoves of 2019 – Reviews

Pellet stoves allow the homeowner to heat their home effectively and easily. Wood pellets are not only very economical, but they also produce a great deal of heat. And unlike wood stoves, stoves that use pellets don’t have to be fed all of the time. That’s because they’re usually equipped with handy feeders that feed the pellets into the stove consistently.

Anyone who is looking to replace an old stove with one of these models, or is looking for a stove for brand-new home installations is going to want to buy the best one available. One that performs extremely well, is easy to maintain, and one that’s safe to use. With those considerations in mind, we’ve chosen ten models that we feel are currently the best pellet stoves available.

Best Pellet Stoves Of 2019

10Timber Wolf Economizer TPS35 Stove

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This wood pellet stove is not only easy to operate but also looks nice while it’s burning pellets. Although it doesn’t have an ash pan like some conventional pellet and wood stoves, which can complicate clean up a bit, this model is easy to start and easy to run for the most part. That’s because it has an auto start that allows it to be lit very quickly, and it uses convection heating to circulate the hot air. This allows this particular model to warm up rooms extremely well, and that makes it especially suitable for cold climates.

9Deari Serenity Electric-Start Stove

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This stove is designed to provide the homeowner with the heating they need and do it without it causing an undue burden on the environment. This stove has an auto-ignition that makes it easy to start, and it has a handy pellet feeder that keeps it operating with a minimum of fuss. This stove is also extremely efficient, having a thermal efficiency of approximately 86.5%, and a heating capacity of up to 646 square feet. And because it has a smart controller, it can be used in a variety of different ways to ensure the homeowner’s comfort and to ensure the product is easy to operate.

8Summer’s Heat Evolution Stove

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One of the best things about this pellet burning stove is that users can start it with the touch of a button and without having to use any additional fire starters. This model uses a one-touch ignition that allows the homeowner to only have to push a button to operate it. Once lit, this model also has more than enough power to heat most large size homes. Additional features found on this model include a wrap-around bay viewing area, a 45-pound pellet hopper and an air wash system that keeps the glass in it clean. Using this stove, just about anyone can enjoy an efficient way to heat their home.

7US Stove Co. Wiseway Modern Stove


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This model is from US stove and it is their modern interpretation of a wood-burning stove. This model can be used virtually anywhere because it uses a design that eliminates the need of it being hooked up to electricity. Although many modern stoves use an electric ignition system for convenience, this model doesn’t. And it also doesn’t need electricity for its automatic hopper feeder because it’s entirely gravity fed. That allows this unit to be installed not only in any home, but also allows it to be used for off-grid applications. And probably the best part about this stove is that it’s easy to use and easy to install, too.

6Vogelzang VG5790 Hopper Stove

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What prevents some people from owning a pellet stove is that they think these stoves are going to be difficult to operate. Fortunately, this stove eliminates that concern because it’s completely automatic. This product has a hopper that holds up to 120-pounds of wood pellets and automatically feeds these pellets into the fire. This model also has an auto-ignition system that makes it easy to start. And since this stove produces over 65,000 BTUs of heat, it’s capable of heating homes up to 2,800 square feet in size. Other features found on this model include air wash glass, an LED display, and a thermostat.

5US Stove 5660 Bay-Front Stove

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This stove not only has a beautiful bay-front window that makes it the perfect centerpiece for any room, but it also produces a great deal of heat and is easy to use as well. This model features six different heat settings that allow the user to customize the stove to their heating needs, and it has a 120 cubic-foot-per-minute blower that helps to circulate the heat around the room. It also has an LED display that keeps the user informed of the stove’s statues and a digital control board that allows adjustments to be made with just one touch.

4Pleasant Hearth 35,000 BTU Medium Stove

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This medium-size pellet stove is capable of producing up to 35,000 BTUs of heat, which is more than enough to heat a home up to 1,750 square feet in size. This model also features a 40-pound hopper that feeds the stove as it operates, which allows this model to produce heat for anywhere from 12 to 24-hours at a time. Another feature that users are going to like about this stove is that it has an auto light ignition system that makes it extremely easy to operate. And finally, this product has 5 different heat settings, has an efficiency rating of 85 percent and it has a stay-cool handle for convenience.

3Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU Large Stove

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This American made stove is capable of producing 50,000 BTUs of heat, more than enough to heat a home approximately 2,200 square feet in size. This model has a beautiful ceramic glass window that allows the flame to be seen as the stove operates and an air wash system that helps to keep the window from developing soot. This model can be used in homes or mobile homes, has an auto-ignition system and comes with an exclusive comfort control system that makes it easy to operate. It also features an 80-pound hopper that allows it to operate for up to 46-hours of heat at a time.

2Castle Serenity Stove With Smart Controller

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One of the main benefits of this wood pellet stove is that it’s easy to install. This model doesn’t require a whole lot of assembly and can generally be installed in 2-hours or less, depending on where it’s installed. This model is also easy to use and has a programmable controller that allows it to be set for 24-hour periods at a time. Other features worth mentioning about this stove is that it has a heating capacity of 1,500 square-feet, has a thermal efficiency of 69%, and it is extremely easy to routinely clean. All of which makes it a great stove for many homeowners.

1Comfortbilt 50,000 BTU Wood Pellet Stove

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When it comes to these type of stoves, the Comfortbilt is one of the best pellet stoves currently available. This model produces up to 50,000 BTUs of heat, which is enough heat to warm a home approximately 2,800 square feet in size. It also has a large bay window design that makes it a beautiful centerpiece to the home and an EPA-certified blower that helps to distribute the heat around the home. Additional features found on this stove is a 55-pound hopper that allows it to operate independently, an auto-ignition system that makes it easy to use and a programmable thermostat for ease-of-operation.

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