Top 10 Best Pencil Sharpeners of 2019 – Reviews

Pencil sharpeners are tools that aren’t given much thought until they’re needed. Although there are several different ways for a person to sharpen their pencils, the truth of the matter is that none of these other methods are as safe or as convenient as using a sharpener. And that’s probably why there are so many different sharpeners available nowadays. After all, they’re a useful tool for just about anyone to have around the house or office.

Finding the right sharpeners isn’t as easy as picking up the cheapest one available, however, even though some people think that’s exactly how they should be purchased. In reality, a person should approach buying one of these sharpeners with quite a bit of thought beforehand. If one doesn’t think carefully about what they’re buying, then they may end up with an inferior product. That’s why we’ve decided to list 10 of the best pencil sharpeners currently available.

Best Pencil Sharpeners – Top List

10Smartro Electric Sharpener

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With two different sizes of pencil holes, this sharpener is designed to sharpen just about any pencil. One of its holes is designed for 6 to 8mm size pencils and the second larger hole is designed for 9 to 12mm diameter pencils. This product can be operated with either 4 AA batteries installed in it or with a USB outlet. This allows it to be used virtually anywhere and it is suitable for all types of different pencils. It also has a child-friendly design that helps to keep young fingers safe while they’re sharpening their pencils. It’s a product that any student, artist, teacher or engineer will appreciate.

9Jarlink Electric Sharpener

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Designed for pencils as small as 6mm and pencils as large as 8mm, this sharpener is ideal for students, teachers and other people who use a standardized pencil. It has a sharp and precise helical blade that cuts the pencil on a 360-degree radius for perfectly sharpened pencils each and every time. Other features which can be found in this sharpener include a large shaving reservoir, an auto-stop feature and a feature that allows it to spit out the excess lead if the pencil breaks during the process. And since this sharpener can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a USB power cord, it can be used anywhere.

8X-Acto Ranger Manual Sharpener

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This commercial grade manual sharpener is very reminiscent of the sharpeners that can be found in schools around the world. It can easily be mounted to a desk, wall or table with its included screws and is ready to sharpen just about any pencil. The user can choose from one of the 8 pencil sizes it accommodates, and it has a crank-handle that’s easy enough for children to operate. Thanks to this product’s dual helical cutters, this sharpener will sharpen pencils with absolute precision. Although it’s not at all mobile like other modern sharpeners, what it loses in portability it makes up for with ease-of-use.

7Sansido Portable Sharpener

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With a kid-friendly design that keeps little fingers safe, this portable sharpener is ideal for classrooms and other family-friendly locations. It can be powered either with a USB cord or with 2 AA batteries and has a space-saving design that makes it easy to store when it’s not in use. This sharpener has a built-in blade that can be used for sharpening either colored pencils or #2 pencils. Additional features that can be found on this sharpener include auto on/off feature, an auto-stop that won’t allow the sharpener to turn on when the reservoir is removed, and an included USB power cord.

6Staedtler Metal Sharpener

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Although most people will look at this product and see nothing more than an inexpensive sharpener, the fact of the matter is this simple sharpener has a ton of features which make it a good product. First of all, it’s manufactured using metal, so it’s more durable than many of the inexpensive plastic ones its comparable with. Two, it comes in an assortment of colors and three, it has a screw-on lid that prevents it from accidentally opening while it’s being used. It’s also compact enough to be thrown into a backpack and taken to the office or to school.

5Office Pro Classroom Sharpener

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This Office Pro sharpener has an assortment of features which make it a good choice for any classroom. It has a premium helical blade that’s manufactured using stainless-steel and sharpens pencils to a uniform point every single time it’s used. This product also has an easy-to-pickup body with a shaving reservoir. It also has an auto-stop feature that stops the blade when the pencil has been sharpened and stops the blade when the shavings tray has been opened. This sharpener is capable of sharpening just about any pencil and uses four AA batteries so it can be used just about anywhere.

4Artist Choice Heavy-Duty Sharpener

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This heavy-duty sharpener is designed for anyone who needs a uniform and extremely sharp pencil every time they sharpen one. It has a small and compact design that fits comfortably on a desk but doesn’t sacrifice power in favor of a smaller footprint. It has high-end helix cutters that are crafted from stainless steel and do an excellent job of sharpening pencils. This product is also child-friendly and is designed to protect children’s smaller finger. And since the shavings are easy to empty out of this unit, it can be used virtually anywhere without much of a hassle at all.

3Office Goods Battery Operated Sharpener

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Not only does this sharpener have a small footprint that allows it to easily fit on any desk or workstation, but it also has a number of other features which make it a great sharpener to operate. It’s a battery-operated unit that can also be powered by a USB cord and it has a lead selection feature that allows the user to select just how fine of a pencil point they need. This allows it to sharpen a pencil exactly how the user likes it. Other features found on this unit include a stop-blade feature that prevents the unit from running while the cover is off of it and easy-to-empty see-through shavings reservoir.

2School Smart Electric Sharpener

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This compact sharpener has a number of features which make it ideal for students, artists or anyone else who needs a quality sharpener. It has a single hole design and is made to exacting standards, so it will hold up well to frequent use. This product also has a heavy-duty motor with an auto reset that prevents the motor from overheating and burning up. Other features found on this unit include a stainless-steel helical blade, an easy-to-empty reservoir and an auto stop feature that gives the user the perfect pencil tip each and every time. It’s definitely a sharpener that’s designed to hold up to heavy-duty standards.

1Power Me Home Sharpener

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Designed to be durable enough for up to 3,000 sharpened pencils, this heavy-duty home sharpener is perfect for just about any home. It’s manufactured with high-quality materials and is safe enough to be used by both adults and children alike. It has a spiral drill design that delivers a perfectly sharpened pencil every time and eliminates uneven tips. It also has an automatic jam-release system that allows users to easily remove their pencil in the case of a jam. Other features found in this unit include a stainless steel helical blade and a large, transparent shavings reservoir. All which come together to allow this sharpener to sharpen all kinds of pencils including soft and chalk pastel pencils, triangular pencils, #2 pencils, and oil-based pencils, too.

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A Guide to Pencil Sharpeners

Although pencils aren’t as popular as they were a hundred years ago, they still are a very important tool to just about anyone. It doesn’t matter if a person is an artist, a carpenter, an office worker or a homemaker, at some point in time, they are going to need a good pencil. And to keep that pencil nice and sharp, they are going to need a good sharpener. There’s just no way around it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand what makes a good pencil sharpener. There aren’t any good guides on the subject that will help consumers buy a sharpener that fits their needs, so few people give it much thought. Which is unfortunate because a good sharpener can really make a person’s day and a bad sharpener can ruin it just as easily. With that in mind, we decided to go ahead and create a guide that will help people find a sharpener that fits their needs. And this is the result, which we hope our readers enjoy.

The History of Pencil Sharpeners

The modern pencil was invented in 1795 by Nicholas-Jacques Conte, but the pencil sharpener was invented many years after the invention of the pencil. When people used these pencils, they had to sharpen them with a knife, which gets the job done but doesn’t do it uniformly and ends up wasting a lot of the pencil in the process. It’s also not a very safe method of sharpening a pencil and has resulted in more than a few cuts since the pencil’s invention.

Fortunately, in 1828, Bernard Lassimonne invented and patented one of the first pencil sharpeners available, but this sharpener wasn’t much better than using a knife to sharpen a dull pencil. It wouldn’t be until 1847 that the modern pencil sharpener was created by Thierry Des Estivaux. This invention undoubtedly saved a lot of thumbs from being cut with a knife.

Over the years, a variety of sharpeners have been created for use by the public. These include prism sharpeners, which are also known as a pocket or manual sharpener. It also includes linear blade sharpeners, planetary sharpeners and eventually, electric sharpeners. There was also a whole range of specialized sharpeners available for carpenter pencils, wax crayons, and draftsman pencils. As their names suggest, each of these sharpeners is designed for a particular type of pencil.

Choosing the Best Pencil Sharpener

Since sharpeners come in a variety of different styles and different people have different needs when it comes to sharpening a pencil, there’s really no way to determine the best sharpener for a particular person. However, you can go over some of the features that a person might want to look for when they’re choosing a sharpener and that’s what we did with the following points.

  • Size: The first thing that needs to be considered is the size of the sharpener. Some people may want a basic sharpener that’s simple to slip into a pocket or backpack and is easy to take on the go. Other people may want one that can accommodate larger pencils.
  • Manual, Battery or Corded: Another thing to think about is how the sharpener is powered. Some people like manual sharpeners which don’t require any power whatsoever. However, other people may opt for a battery or corded sharpener for use around the office.
  • Auto-Stop Feature: An auto-stop feature makes electric sharpeners a lot safer to use. With this feature, the sharpener will not operate if it’s opened. This helps prevent children from running the sharpener with their finger in it.
  • Reservoir Size: Having a large removable reservoir is great because it doesn’t require frequent emptying. However, it also contributes to the size of the sharpeners so these two things have to be weighed against one another to ensure the sharpener is appropriate for the person using it.
  • Pencil Size: Not every sharpener is capable of handling every pencil size, so it’s important to choose one that’s appropriate for the pencil size that’s being used. Some of the manual sharpeners are only capable of sharpening one or two types of pencils, but some of the school sharpeners can accommodate 6 to 8 different pencil sizes.
  • Flyaway Cutter System: Another important consideration is whether an electric sharpener has a flyaway cutter system. What this system basically does is stop the sharpener when the pencil is sharp, thereby eliminating the prospect of sharpening the pencil too much.

Additional Pencil Sharpening Tips

Once a person has selected the sharpener that’s right for their needs and is currently using the sharpener, it’s important that they protect their investment to keep it running to the best of its capabilities. Keeping that in mind, we’ve presented a few additional tips which will help everyone keep their pencil sharpener in good working order.

  • Read the Instructions: When using any product for the first time, it’s always important to thoroughly read the instructions and use the device in accordance with these instructions.
  • Setup Properly: If using a wall mounted sharpener, make sure that it’s securely and properly attached to the wall where it’s going to be used. If it’s a desk model, then be sure that it’s resting evenly on the surface of the desk and isn’t propped up on a bunch of papers.
  • Empty Regularly: If the sharpener has a reservoir, then be sure to empty it out on a regular basis to keep the machine in good running condition.
  • Change the Blades: Although most high-quality pencil sharpeners can sharpen thousands of pencils before their blades become dull, eventually the inevitable will happen, and the blades will become dull. When this happens, replace the blades with fresh sharp blades to continue the pencil sharpening fun.
  • Only Use For Pencil Sharpening: The last thing to keep in mind is to only use the sharpener for sharpening pencils. It should never be used for sharpener any other object and should only be used with the pencils it was designed to be used on.