Top 10 Best Play Kitchen Sets of 2019 – Reviews

A lot of parents don’t fully realize this but some toys can not only stimulate their children’s cognitive development but they can also help them develop valuable organizational skills that will undoubtedly pay dividends somewhere along the line. So if you want to instill a good work ethic into your children from an early age, there is no better way to do that than to use a creative toy like a play kitchen set.

These play kitchen sets are not only complex, but also versatile, sturdy, and very easy to set up. It, therefore, comes as no wonder that they are  among the most popular toys in the world at this point in time. Without further ado, here are the ten best play kitchen sets money can buy.

Best Play Kitchen Sets 2019

10Liberty Imports Deluxe Beauty Kitchen Appliance Cooking Play Set

buy from amazonThis kitchen playset features lights and sounds designed to enhance the joyful experience of playing with it while stimulating all their senses. Among its many features, it has stoves, a cabinet, pots, pans, utensils, and a lot more. At the same time, we should point out that the set requires 3 AA batteries to operate properly, batteries that are bound to last you a lot longer than you would normally expect thanks to the toy’s ingenious power-saving construction.

9Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

buy from amazonThis is a compact, stylish, and at the same time modern kitchen set designed to be a great addition to any children’s play area. It features a cabinet door which when opened, reveals quite a bit of storage space, a working microwave with oven doors, a refrigerator which also opens to reveal quite a lot of storage space, a coffee pot, two plates, two cups, two forks, two knives, two spoons, a frying pan, and a phone.

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8Deluxe Modern Kitchen Battery Operated Toy Kitchen Playset

buy from amazonThis battery operated toy kitchen set from Doll Playsets is one of the largest out there, which is quite surprising considering how affordable it is. It comes with various accessories like mini toy cups, plates, tea pots, food, pots, pans, and a lot more. Not only that but it also features bright oven lights designed to light up the room whenever the toy oven is turned on. As such, the playset requires two AAA batteries to run, which is the least you can expect from such a complex toy.

7Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen

buy from amazonWhat’s interesting about this particular play kitchen set is the fact that its stove burners make quite realistic sound effects. At the same time, the playset benefits from a real working drawer and real working oven doors which when opened, reveal quite a spacious storage compartment. Overall, this playset contains a cupcake tray, four cupcakes, two plates, two forks, two spoons, two knives, two spice shakers, a spatula, and a pot with lid.

6Step2 Cozy Kitchen

buy from amazonNot only does this playset have a realistic looking stove top but it also features an oven and a refrigerator for good measure. Furthermore, the playset features multiple storage cabinets with authentic handle hardware and upscale contemporary counter tops with a sink and a movable faucet. Also worth pointing out is the fact that this playset comes with a 21-piece accessory set that your kids will absolutely love.

5Hape – My Creative Cookery Club

buy from amazonDue to its solid wood construction, this particular playset is a lot more realistic than most, which brings a bit of authenticity to the table. What’s interesting is that it also features cooking sets, wood toy food, a few very useful utensils, and a lot more. At the same time, this playset benefits from an easy assembly and it encourages children to imagine and create role-play situations, thus stimulating their creativity quite a bit.

4Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen II

buy from amazonThis 20-piece accessory set includes a phone, a frying pan, a boiling pot, salt and pepper shakers, two cups, a few bowls, a couple of plates, a recycle bin, and a silverware set to top it off. Not only that but it also features a special frying pan and a boiling pot with a lid, both activated electronically to reveal boiling water and frying sounds once the playset’s burner is turned on.

3Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises Kitchen & Table

buy from amazonFisher-Price’s Servin’ Surprises Kitchen & Table set may appear simplistic at first sight but we assure you that it is as exquisite as they come. For instance, it is designed to recognize every food item it comes equipped with before responding with appropriate phrases, sound effects, and songs to go with each individual food. At the same time, it also features a spacious oven and stovetop flips that allow the children to convert the playset into an activity table if they feel like it.

2KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

buy from amazonThis particular playset is without a doubt, one of the most complex and lively colored playsets out there. It not only features a convenient storage space above and below the sink but the sink itself is also removable to provide additional space if needed. Furthermore, it has knobs on the oven and sink that turn and click, a refrigerator with a freezer, an oven, a microwave, and various utensils to give the set proper credibility.

1Red Retro Kitchen

buy from amazonRed Retro Kitchen from KidKraft has to be one of the best play kitchen sets ever made. This ingenious playset features doors that have been engineered to open and close similar to real doors, along with oven knobs designed to click and turn for added credibility. Not only that but this complex playset also comes with a cordless phone, a removable sink, and an overall lightweight design that allows your kids to change its position as often as they want. Overall, this has to be considered one of the best play kitchen sets money can buy.


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