Top 10 Best Pomades of 2019 – Reviews

Although there are a variety of different hair styling products available, it seems like pomade is quickly gaining the attention of many people—both men and women. Why is that the case? Because this product is easy-to-use, can be used to create a variety of hairstyles and provides a hold that can’t be matched by any other styling product. All that a person has to do is find the best one for their particular hairstyle and lifestyle.

And what I just said is the ultimate key to choosing a great product. You have to find the best pomade for your particular needs. Which means that you are going to have to do a little bit of homework and consider just what exactly your particular needs may be. To help you towards such a worthy goal, we’ve put together ten of the products that we feel are the best ones currently available and listed them below. Now all you will have to do is choose the one you like the best.

Best Pomades – Top List

10Axe Smooth Look Shine

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Although Axe is a company well known for its slick television commercials and its line of sensual body washes, few people realize that this company makes hair pomade. And even fewer people than that realize that they make a pretty good pomade, but they do. This product provides a high-shine and a medium hold to give the user a smooth and well-groomed look. Using just a tiny bit of this product, the user can sharpen their hair in ways that other beauty products can only dream about. This makes it a useful tool for customizing a variety of classic and modern looks and is especially suited to men with short to mid-length hair.

9Reuzel Clay Matte

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This product calls itself “Holland’s Finest Pomade,” but I’m willing to go even further and suggest it might be one of the top products in the entire world. Of course, that’s my personal opinion, but it is supported by the fact that this clay formula provides an exceptional matte finish and pairs it with just the right amount of holding power. This gives the user the power to customize their hair into just about any hairstyle imaginable. And not only can they create the custom styles they need to make, but since this product provides such excellent hold, they can maintain that style all day long.

8Shiner Gold

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This pomade has a number of things going for it. One, it’s an American made product, so users can rest assured of it containing nothing but high-quality ingredients. Two, it’s a water-soluble formula that provides heavy hold so users can customize their hairstyle anyway they want to customize it. It’s most important attribute, however, is that it provides a high level of shine that will really impress just about anyone. Like its label says: “Time to Shine.” And since it’s placed in an aluminum screw top container that not only protects the product but gives the user easy access to it, this product is also easy-to-use.

7Hair Craft Co. Women’s Semi-Matte

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Designed exclusively to handle the challenges of women’s hairstyles, this product has many of the features you’d expect out of a high-quality pomade. It has exceptional holding ability, and the user doesn’t have to use a whole lot of it to get the job done. This allows it to be used for just about any hairstyle imaginable and also gives the user a lot of different hairstyling options. This product is also water-soluble, so it’s easy to wash out at the end of the day. Finally, this product provides a nice semi-matte finish that doesn’t overdo it with the shine like other styling products tend to do.

6Nature’s Blessing Hair Pomade

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With a name like Nature’s Blessing, you would expect this product to offer the user with some sort of karmic benefits, but instead, it just provides a great deal of hold. As its label clearly states, this product is not just made with good intentions but is also made with nothing but natural ingredients. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is read the following ingredients which are the ones to be found in this pomade. It contains nothing but pure mineral jelly and natural fragrance. And that’s all that’s in it. Which makes it a great product for anyone searching for a simple but effective hair-styling product.

5Mythical Unisex Pomade

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This product not only has mythical in its name but also somehow manages to produce almost mythical results. It’s a water-based formula that provides an extremely natural look that is never greasy and has a beautiful semi-matte finish. It’s a product that can be used by both men and women and has a mild scent that won’t overpower the scent of your other beauty products. It’s made with natural ingredients that impart vitamins and Omega fatty acids to the hair so that it not only looks good but is actually a bit healthier. Some of these oils include argan and jojoba oil, both of which can be easily washed out at the end of the day.

4Layrite Super Hold

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It doesn’t matter if you possess curly hair or straight hair, coarse hair or thick hair, this pomade is sure to deliver the results you expect. It’s formulated to give the user that little extra bit of control that they need to shape their hair into just about any hairstyle imaginable, even high-elevation styles. This product goes into the hair quite easily and always provides for an even distribution of the product. Best of all, this pomade is designed to dry with a flexible hold that will keep the hair firmly in place all day long. And this product is designed to never flake.

3Layrite Original

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Designed for individuals with fine to medium thick hair, this formula provides just the right amount of hold without going overboard. This product is formulated to hold just like a wax but to wash out as easily as a gel. Yet it’s capable of holding the hair in just about any style and do it while holding a medium level of shine. This product never looks greasy and never feels sticky, tacky or waxy to the touch. It’s capable of drying very quickly and has a nice light feel to it. Everything taken into consideration, this pomade is ideal for anyone looking to put a classic or messy wet look without all the hassle of using a mouse or gel.

2Suavecito Original Hold

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Not everyone needs a pomade that will keep their hair in a stranglehold, and no one knows this better than the company that makes this pomade. This medium-strength product grips the hair just enough to enable it to be styled but not so much that it looks hard or crunchy. It’s capable of keeping your hair in the style you choose, but do it in a subtle way that doesn’t make your hair look or feel greasy. This American made product is designed for men and women who love motorcycles and tattoos and is ideal for the rebel on the go. All of which makes this product quite useful for just about anyone looking for a classic or retro look.

1Suavecito Strong Hold

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If setting your hair is an absolute necessity, then you are going to want to try this formula out. This product is formulated to work just like a wax but has a water-soluble formula that allows it to be easily washed out like a gel. This ultimate strength pomade will hold all types of different hair lengths, from short hair to long hair, and will provide a grip that’s perfect for high-elevation hairstyles. It also provides a moderate level of shine and goes on the hair with a creamy consistency. This product is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A and is designed for men and women who consider themselves to be mavericks.

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How to Choose Pomade For Your Hair

While the above list details the best pomade products which are currently available, that doesn’t mean that every product is going to be good for every person. It doesn’t even mean that the pomade in the number one position is going to work for your particular hair type. All that it really means is that they are the best overall products, you are still going to have to determine which one of them is right for you and the look you are trying to obtain.

In order to determine which product is right for the hairstyle you are trying to obtain, you are going to have to know the difference between the different types of pomades. To help you out in this department, we’ve put together this guide which will help you get a clearer picture on what each particular pomade is capable of doing and what it’s not capable of doing.

Textured Pomade

Textured pomades are capable of delivering a matte finish with little to no shine and is often considered to be a low maintenance option for most people. It’s applied to either dry or slightly wet hair and provides separation for the hair, which is good for some hairstyles but does it without the crunchiness of many hair wax products. It’s good for that messy look and doesn’t require a whole lot of work to apply.

Wax Pomade

A wax pomade is anyone who’s trying to obtain a slick-back or high shine look. It’s the classic type of pomade that’s often reminiscent of greasers from the 1950s. But don’t let that comparison alter your opinion of this product. When used correctly, it can give hair a damp, brushed back look with a high-level of shine, but do it without looking greasy.

Clay Pomade

Anyone looking for messy hair with a fair amount of texture may want to investigate a good clay pomade. This type of product is great for people who have straight or fine hair and those who want to add in a little bit of texture. It can be used with either dry or damp hair and helps to give your hair a textured, messy look. Features: Has a natural finish and is good for straight, wavy or curly hair.

Cream Pomade

Cream pomades are good for delivering that polished brushed back look but do it without making your hair seem shiny. It’s great for casual hairstyles and is easy-to-Features: Has a light hold and a natural finish. It’s good for curly, straight or wavy hair. use. It can easily be applied with just the fingers to both dry hair, damp hair and even wet hair.

Additional Pomade Buying Tips

Once you’ve gone through the different type of products, looked through our list of the top ten pomade products and have decided to buy pomade, it’s time to consider a few more things before you jump in with both feet. Here are a few additional pomade buying tips that will enable you to make the best decision possible.

Read the Label: It’s vitally important that you read the ingredient’s label before you buy any beauty product. After all, you’re going to be placing this product on your hair, which means that it will end up on your scalp or skin as well. So make sure that you know exactly what is in the product before you buy it.

  • Oil-Based or Water-Based: Another thing you need to consider is whether the product is an oil-based formula or whether it’s a water-based formula. Oil-based formulas are harder to wash out of your hair but generally provide several days of hold. On the other hand, water-based formulas come out of your hair fairly easily, but it will need to be redone on a daily basis typically.
  • Scented or Unscented: You’ll also want to consider the scent of the product you are using. Some pomades have a distinct scent that is not only pretty strong but can overwhelm the scents of other beauty products. There are other brands though that barely have any scent whatsoever.
  • Hold Level: Also make sure that you get the right hold level for what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you want a hairstyle where the hair stands straight up, then you are probably going to want to go with a high-hold formula. However, if you’re looking for a more laid-back style, then you may want to choose a light-hold formula.
  • Shine Level: It’s extremely important that you consider the shine level of your product. After all, you don’t want to get a high-shine formula if you’re looking for a more subdued look and you don’t want to get a low-shine formula if you want that greased back look. To avoid these problems, check out whether it’s a low-shine (matte) formula or a high-shine formula. This information will be listed right on the label in most instances.

Pomade Application Tips

For the best results, try to apply your pomade when your hands are moist. Just scrape some of it out of the product’s jar and then begin to rub it between your hands. After you’ve done that, you can then gently work it through your hair from your hair’s root all the way to the tips. During this process, make sure that you evenly apply the product over all of your hair. If necessary, use a comb to style your hair into the hairstyle you want. Although more advanced hairstyles will require a little more work, this is how it’s basically applied.

Our Final Word

See? Buying and using a high-quality pomade doesn’t have to be as hard as performing brain surgery. Not if you take the time to consider your hair type and to consider the results you are trying to achieve. There are lots of great pomade products available nowadays, so all you have to do is choose the one you want and follow a few simple guidelines. Once you do, you’ll end up with a product that will do a great job at keeping your hair on-point.