Top 10 Best Popcorn of 2019 – Reviews

Regardless of whether you are looking for popcorn you can pop in the microwave, on the stove top or in your favorite popper, you are going to want to stick around. That’s because we’ve gathered together the best popcorn varieties that you can find and have listed them for our reader’s convenience.

And we have also included a guide that enthusiasts of this popular fluffy snack food are definitely not going to want to miss out on reading. Before we begin, let’s get started with our favorite popcorn varieties. Even though we had to rank them from the least to best—in our mind, all of the following popcorns are winners that are capable of tantalizing just about anyone’s taste buds on movie night.

Best Popcorn Of 2019

10Angie’s Boomchickapop Popped Sea Salt

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Although Angie’s started out as a couple popping popcorn in their garage, the brand has now become so much more. Now they’re Boomchickapop Popped Sea Salt Popcorn is known for being some of the best tasting snack foods available. This product comes in 1.25-ounce bags, and it only has 35-calories per cup. It’s a non-GMO verified product and is completely gluten-free, so just about everyone can enjoy the simplicity of its taste. This whole grain product is just the perfect size to pack into children’s lunches, to be given out as after school snack or to be eaten with a good movie.

9Lesser Evil Buddah Bowl Himalayan Pink

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Each bag of this popped popcorn contains 0.88-ounce of some truly exceptional popcorn. This product started with non-GMO corn that is popped in a variety of cold-pressed oils including avocado oil, coconut oil, and grass-fed organic ghee. Once it’s been popped, they then use some of the best Himalayan salt to top it. This popcorn contains no refined sugars, using only organic dairy and doesn’t contain any hydrogenated oils. It also doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors. This makes this snack as wholesome as it is delicious. And to top off all of this goodness, this product is even Vegan and non-GMO certified.

8Jolly Time All-In-One Kit For 8-Ounce Kettles

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If you have a commercial popcorn machine, then you are going to want to use some really great popcorn in it, and this product just about fits the bill. Each kit is in this pack is 10.5-ounces and is intended to be used in popcorn machines that have an 8-ounce kettle size. Each of the kits in this pack contains everything needed to make perfect popcorn including not only the kernels but also the oil and salt, too. These packs will pop enough popcorn for 40.5-cups of popped popcorn. This product is 100% whole grain, is gluten-free and is made with non-GMO yellow corn kernels.

7Paragon Bulk Country Harvest-12.5 Pounds

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Grown and packaged in the United States, this yellow popcorn is some of the best that can be bought. This 12.5-pound bag can be used in popcorn machines or popped up on the stovetop, and it always maintains a great expansion ratio and pops up nice and fluffy. Even better than that, this yellow popcorn also pops up with fewer unpopped kernels than many commercial popped corn varieties. Buying a bag of these popcorn kernels will give the popped corn fan enough kernels to pop popcorn for quite a long time to come. That makes it ideal for use in the home or for commercial use.

6Popcornopolis 24-Ounce Zebra Popcorn

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Caramel popcorn striped with confectioner’s chocolate is exactly what can be found in these 24-ounce bags manufactured by Popcornopolis. And to be frank, this product is very delicious. Which isn’t really a surprise considering that they make this product with wholesome ingredients. They start with 100% American-grown corn, pop it up in pure quality coconut oil and then drizzle it with caramel made from pure cane sugar and real butter, along with quality cocoa. All of which makes this snack food not only extremely tasty but also a non-GMO product that anyone can enjoy. It’s a tasty snack for movie time.

5Amish Country Variety Gift Bundle

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True popcorn aficionados are probably going to want to at least try out this variety gift set bundle. That’s because it contains ten 1-pound bags of some of the most exciting popcorn varieties grown today. This gift set includes red, blue, purple, medium white, midnight blue, baby white, rainbow, ladyfinger, extra large and mushroom popcorn varieties. And all of these varieties come out of Amish country and are not only made with non-GMO kernels but are also Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and tree nut-free as well. That makes them perfect for popping up for a snack or for movie time, or for giving as a gift.

4Gourmet 80-Ounce White Popped Corn

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Not everyone has the time or the inclination to make popcorn from scratch, which makes this huge bag of popped gourmet white popcorn such a valuable commodity. In each bulk bag are 288 cups of some of the highest quality popcorn that you’ll ever taste. Before each bag is packaged and sold, it’s popped fresh daily so that the consumer always gets the best quality popcorn possible. Although each bag is large enough to be used at concession stands or other venues where a lot of popcorn is needed for large crowds, it’s also pretty good for use at home.

3Popcornopolis Gourmet Cheddar Cheese

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Popcornopolis Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Popcorn is a product that has smooth and delicious cheddar cheese popcorn and is made with high-quality ingredients. The popcorn in each of these 4.5-ounce cones is made from high-quality corn kernels that come from Midwestern American farms and is then popped and flavored to be extremely flavorful. This popcorn is not only delicious, however. It’s also pretty wholesome as well. It’s not only gluten and trans-fat free but also doesn’t contain any MSG. And each cone of popcorn has a twist-tie to keep the product inside of it fresh and crunchy when the consumers get it.

2Gold Medal Products Mega Pop

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Okay, you have a new popcorn machine with an 8-ounce kettle in it, now what? Well, if you’re looking for a high-quality popcorn to pop in it, then you may want to try out Gold Medal Product’s Mega Pop. This premium product has everything a person needs to make great popcorn in your commercial machine. Each 10.6-ounce package not only contains high-quality corn kernels but also has Flavacol seasoning salt and a true butter flavor that people love. And since each package is premeasured, the user never has to worry about messing with messy oils or butter because it’s all in it. And yes, it tastes like movie theater popcorn.

1Great Northern All-In-One Premium Tri-Pack

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Anyone with a great popcorn machine, or is looking to buy a great machine, is probably going to want to use the best movie theater popcorn available. And this is such a product. Its tri-pack contains everything a person needs to make incredible movie theater popcorn in their popcorn maker. Each 8-ounce ack not only contains gourmet yellow popcorn, but it also contains a premeasured amount of coconut oil and butter flavored salt. Now anyone can enjoy the flavor of movie theater popcorn in the privacy of their own home with these incredible packs that pop up some really great tasting popcorn.

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Making Popcorn On The Stove Top

Now that we’ve introduced our readers to some truly fantastic popcorn varieties, we want to make sure that they can pop them up properly, so we’ve created a little guide. In this guide, fans of this salty snack food are going to have all of the information they need to pop up a perfect bowl of popcorn. Let’s get started, shall we?

A popular way of making popcorn is on the stove top. In fact, before microwaves were invented, it was one of the few ways people had of reliably making popcorn. Yet people have forgotten about this lost art form. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and share with our readers our favorite way of making popcorn, so everyone can enjoy the popcorn varieties that don’t happen to end up in a microwave.

Step One: Choose A Pot

The first thing you’ll want to do is to choose a suitable pot. This pot should be large enough to hold the ever-expanding masses of newly popped corn, but it should be made out of a lightweight material. Trust us, you don’t want to use a heavy-duty cast iron pot for making popcorn because you’ll end up with a lot of kernels not getting popped. Instead, you’ll want something like an aluminum pot or maybe one of those Teflon pots that are used for making spaghetti or soups. Also, make sure that the pot you choose has a lid or you’ll be sorry.

Step Two: Choose An Oil

When it comes to popping corn you have a number of choices available. There’s avocado oil, olive oil, red palm oil, corn oil, canola oil and about a number of other oils available. It really doesn’t matter which oil you choose, just be sure that it has a smoke point of over 400-degrees. Below we’ve listed some of the more common oils with a smoke point of at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Coconut Oil: 350-Degrees
  • Canola Oil:400-Degrees
  • Walnut Oil: 400-Degrees
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 405-Degrees
  • Sesame Seed Oil: 410-Degrees
  • Cottonseed Oil: 420-Degrees
  • Peanut Oil: 450-Degrees
  • Refined Corn Oil: 450-Degrees
  • Palm Oil: 450-Degrees
  • Clarified Butter: 485-Degrees
  • Avocado Oil: 520-Degrees

Although a lot of recipes that can be found on the Internet call for using Coconut oil or Avocado Oil, we tend to favor good oil Corn Oil. Not only does it not affect the taste of the popcorn too much, but it also has a high smoke point. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that it’s sort of meta to cook popcorn in corn oil—at least we think so.

Step Three: Heat The Oil

Add in your favorite oil to your favorite pot and turn the heat on your stove up to medium-high heat. Once the oil has heated up, place two or three kernels of popcorn into the pot and wait. When those kernels begin to pop, you can then add in 1/3 of a cup of your favorite popcorn in an even layer.

Step Four: Warm The Popcorn

With the 1/3 of a cup of popcorn in the pot, cover the pot and remove the pot from the heat. Now, wait for exactly 30-seconds. This stage allows all of the popcorn kernels to come to the same temperature. This allows for even heating and more kernels being popped. Quickly head on to step five to complete the popping process.

Step Five: Pop The Corn

Return the popcorn pot to the medium-high heat. With all of the kernels warmed to the same temperature, the popcorn is all going to pop at the same time. As it pops, be sure to gently give the pot a shake by moving it back and forth. When the popping has slowed to several seconds between the popcorn pops, then remove the pan from the heat and dump into a bowl.

Step Six: Melt Butter To Coat The Popcorn

Now take some real butter and place into the now empty pan that you just finished making popcorn in. The pan is still hot, so the butter should melt pretty quickly. Allow the butter to brown just a little bit so that it gets that intense butter flavor and then pour it over your popcorn. When you’ve finished coating it in butter, grab your favorite type of salt (ours is sea salt) and then sprinkle it over your popcorn. Congratulations on perfectly popping your favorite popcorn.

A Little Note

What about microwave popcorn? Well, if you want to know how to make perfect microwave popcorn, then be sure to read our Guide to The Best Microwave Popcorn, we have listed everything you need to know to make the perfect pack of microwave popcorn.