Top 10 Best Portable Camping Stoves of 2019 – Reviews

When it comes to essential camping gear, portable camping stoves are definitely among the most important tool a camper can have. One of the top selling points of these stoves is that for the time being, there is literally no other option for anyone who’s looking to do a bit of outdoors cooking. After taking into consideration everything the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best portable camping stoves money can buy.

Best Portable Camping Stoves 2019

10Lightweight Large Burner Classic Camping and Backpacking Stove

buy from amazonIf you’re looking for a low-budget portable camping stove then look no further. Other than boasting one of the slimmest builds in the market, this particular stove is both compact and significantly lightweight, making it a reliable source of portable cooking power. Moreover, it is complemented by a design that is collapsible hence easy to pack and a consequent fuel regulation valve compatible with virtually every camping stove out there.

9Primus Classic Trail Stove

buy from amazonIn terms of compactness and affordability, the Primus trail stove is among the best models out there. It is characterized by a simple design which only incorporates a control valve for the fuel and a burner (small) therefore making it one of the lightest models too. With regards to compatibility, aside from using Primus gas cylinder, it can also be used with other several gas canisters. With one cartridge, it can provide the user with a complete 70 minute usage time; and with a manual ignition provision, it is best applicable to between 1 and 3 individuals.

8Stansport Propane Stove

buy from amazonThe portability aspect of this compact stove makes it a reliable and perfect camping companion. Despite being characterized by a simple regulator for its fuel flow and a subsequent considerably large support base, it provides both stability and ease of use to the user. Moreover, its 10,000 BTU cooking power from propane canisters makes it a sufficient cooking appliance. As a testimony of their trust in the appliance, the manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty for this 7.5-inch diameter model.

7Etekcity E-gear Windproof Camping Stove

buy from amazonComing in with quite a captivating design, this compact model is both waterproof and sure right dependable. It is characterized by a hose which is compatible with most standard propane or butane cylinders and an inbuilt electric spark. The fact that it is easily set up and is accompanied by a regulator for fuel flow makes it a decent outdoor camping selection. Not only that but you will find this camping stove to be exceptionally good at performing most cooking tasks in windy weather conditions.

6Etekcity E-gear Collapsible Camping Stove

buy from amazonEtekcity makes the list again this time with an appliance that works for users coming in with a limited budget and or typical amateurs-The E-gear camping stove. Aside from the standard fuel regulation valve as with most stoves, this model boasts a collapsible design which significantly eases packing. It is characterized by a small simple burner sufficient enough to offer the required cooking power and a water-poof design. Moreover, besides the E-gear being very simple to set up, it is compatible with virtually all standard butane and propane cylinders.

5Sportster II Coleman Dual Fuel Stove


buy from amazonIf you are in the market for a premium camping model, then Coleman Sportster stove is a wonderful selection for you. Despite being considerably expensive, it comes in as a full package. With its dual system of fuel, it allows the usage of unleaded gasoline besides the typical Coleman fuel. In comparison to customary propane tanks, this burner has a 4x longer life span particularly since it utilizes liquid fuel. Other than incorporating a system that shields this burner against wind, it provides a 10,000 BTU cooking power.

4MSR Pocket-Rocket Stove

buy from amazonMost portable camping stoves boast a host of easy to use options but MSR stove raises the bar to significantly higher heights; all you need is to mount it on a butane or propane canister and alas! You are good to go! Aside from its expandable burner and an ensuing fuel regulation valve, this model is conveniently affordable. Even with no maintenance required and the fact that it offers a reliable cooking power, the most striking factor remains its compact design aspect.

3Coleman Bottle-Top Stove

buy from amazonOne of the key considerations you should make when purchasing a camping stove is the cost. What is your budget? In respect to this, the Bottle top stove by Coleman is one of the few decent choices for individuals with a budget that is slightly limited. With this stove, you are assured of a 10, 000 BTU cooking power and aside from boasting a valve for fuel regulation, this model is compatible with most butane or propane cylinders.

Moreover, aside from boosting its stability and support with a subsequent convenient holder, you never have to worry about the burner being disrupted by the wind since it also comes equipped with a protective system.

2Flash Personal Cooking System

buy from amazonSolid and dependable, the Flash Personal system comes equipped with numerous safety features and a build that is simple to setup. Despite the market having several smaller models, only a selected few can match the Flash system. Other than its adjustable burner, it is accompanied by among others insulating coating and a cooking cup (1-liter). Flash is solidly stable owing to its stabilizing tripod and devoid of the cup, this stove is highly portable.

1Etekcity Ultra-light Camping Stove

buy from amazonConvenience comes in different forms, especially when relating to stoves of all kinds. For the Etekcity Ultralight camping stove, it is mainly due to its small and portable construction. This portable camping stove has been designed to ease portability and packing while still functioning as a reliable cooking appliance. This model is ideal for campers particularly since it is easily set up and is compatible with most propane or butane canisters. Not only that but you will find this camping stove to be much easier to store than most thanks to its compact design.


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