Top 10 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers of 2019 – Reviews

A pour-over coffee maker is not only one of the simplest way to make coffee, but it’s also one of the best ways to pull out all of the ground coffee beans flavor and aroma. It’s for this reason that the pour-over method has been gaining popularity over the last couple of years, although there are still quite a few coffee drinkers who aren’t familiar with them. At least, not familiar with them yet.

Unlike traditional methods of brewing coffee, the pour-over method depends more on the device used for making the coffee than the beans themselves. That’s why we’ve decided to find the best pour over coffee makers available. Not only so everyone can learn the joy of brewing coffee this one, but also so everyone can enjoy the full richness of coffee brewed in this manner.

Best Pour Over Coffee Makers Of 2019

10OXO Brew Glass Pour-Over Set

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This hand-blown glass brewer is ideal for anyone looking to make 12 to 24-ounces of pour-over coffee at a time. Although this coffee brewer needs to be used with specialized paper filters, it’s still a remarkable device to use. It has a stainless-steel ring that keeps the filter stable as it’s brewing into the carafe. After brewing is done, the coffee drinker can then remove the filter so that they can pour it or place the cork lid on it to keep the coffee warm. It has a 12-ounce marking level on the carafe that lets the coffee lover known when they have 12-ounces of coffee brewed.

9Cuisinart CPO-850 Automatic Pour Over Brewer

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Although the Cuisinart CPO-850 looks like just another automatic drip machine, it’s actually designed to work like a pour over coffee maker, except with an automatic component to it. It’s capable of doing this by having several different exit points for the hot water and pre-wetting the coffee grounds before brewing to allow them to brew. It also allows the consumer to customize every single cup of coffee according to their own personal tastes. The coffee drinker can choose between mild, medium or bold and can enjoy anywhere from 8 to 64-ounces of coffee. It’s a great way to enjoy pour over coffee without all of the trouble of using a manual machine.

8Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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Making a cup of pour-over coffee has never been easier thank to the Melitta Coffee Maker. This stainless steel carafe has a cone attachment that fits on top of it and is designed to brew up to 10-cups of coffee at a time. All the coffee fan has to do is to insert a paper coffee filter into the device, add a scoop of their favorite ground coffee and then pour hot water through it. This device’s plastic filter cones and lid are dishwasher safe and BPA-free, so everyone from college students to office workers can enjoy up to 10 cups of fresh, hot and very satisfying coffee.

7Osaka Pour Over Coffee Dripper Starter Set

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Now anyone can enjoy a hot cup of pour-over coffee thanks to this set. Specifically designed for people who are unfamiliar with pour-over coffee brewers, this model contains everything a person needs to start. This set comes with a hand-blown carafe that has a lid and a handle that makes pouring the coffee extremely easy. It also comes with a stainless-steel cone dripper, a drip tray, and a coffee measuring spoon. Using this starter set, and a fine gourmet coffee, the average coffee drinker can quickly and easily brew up to 4-cups of coffee at a time. It’s also a great starter set to give the coffee lover in your life, too.

6Bodum Pour-Over 34-Ounce Coffee Maker

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This manual coffee maker is easy to set up and very easy to use. It has a carafe that made with a borosilicate glass that’s not only durable but is also heat-resistant as well. It also has a cone dripper that contains a permanent filter in it, so the user never has to worry about buying paper filters again. And since this permanent filter is made from a stainless-steel mesh, it won’t extract the aroma oils or flavors from the coffee the way that paper filters tend to do. And since it’s a complete set, all the coffee drinker has to do is use their favorite ground coffee and they’ll be making hot coffee in no time flat.

5Apace Living Pour-Over Coffee Set

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This pour over coffee maker is available in a variety of different sizes to meet the needs of just about any coffee lover. There’s a model that can brew 13.5-ounces of coffee, one that can brew 27-ounces and one that can brew 34-ounces of coffee. If that’s not enough to meet your needs, however, they also make larger sizes in this style. For example, they have a 41-ounce and 51-ounce model. No matter which size model you choose, however, because they are all made with high-quality glass carafes, stainless-steel mesh filters, and they even come with a free coffee scoop. All of these features make this one of the better pour-over coffee sets available.

4Coffee Gator Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

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If you want to get the most of your coffee, then you are going to want to use a pour-over coffee maker that’s made using high-quality components and can get the job done right. Fortunately, this brewer is such a set. It’s made with a high-quality heat-resistant carafe and a stainless-steel mesh permanent filter. This means that the coffee drinker never has to mess with paper filters, which is not only better for their tastebuds but is also better for the environment. Thanks to this handy coffee maker, anyone can enjoy a hot, clean cup of coffee anytime and anywhere.

3Coffee Gator Pour Over Travel Brewer

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Not everyone can use a pour over brewer that has a glass carafe. Some people need one that’s a little more durable and can make coffee anywhere. Fortunately, this pour over travel brewer is such a device. Instead of using a fragile glass carafe as other pour-over coffee makers do, this one uses a metal travel cup that uses double-wall insulation to keep your coffee nice and hot once it’s been brewed. And since it also uses a metal coffee filter, the traveling coffee drinker doesn’t have to worry about messing with paper filters. All they have to do is load this one and brew the kind of rich coffee they’ve always wanted out on the road.

2Chemex Classic Series Coffeemaker

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Although this Chemex coffeemaker looks a little bit more like a science experiment and a little bit less like a pour over coffee maker, it’s capable of brewing 8-cups of the best-tasting coffee you’re ever going to want to try. That’s because it’s made with a carafe that’s non-porous and is non-reactive with the coffee because it’s made out of Borosilicate glass. This glass is also heat-resistant and is durable enough to provide years of coffee making service. Using this coffee maker, just about anyone can brew up a fast, great tasting cup of coffee anytime they want.

1Bean Envy Pour Over Coffee Set

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There are plenty of things to like about this coffee maker. For instance, it’s high-quality glass carafe can brew up to 20-cups of delicious coffee at a time. It also has a metal permanent filter that not only allows for the best extraction of the ground coffee but also eliminates the need of the user having to use paper filters. What really sets this pour over set apart from other models is the quality of its design and craftsmanship. The carafe is thick and durable, and the filter feels like it’s designed to hold up to many, many pots of coffee. Overall, it’s a high-quality set that is the best pour over coffee maker currently available.

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A Guide To Pour Over Coffee Makers

Because pour over coffee makers are such a novel idea to most people, we decided to write this extensive article on the subject. In this guide, we’ll not only go over some of the things coffee lovers should think about when choosing a pour over coffee maker, but we will also go over the basic brewing process using these machines. Although this guide may seem basic to true pour over coffee connoisseurs, we’re just about willing to bet that experts will find something new in this guide, too. So, let’s jump right into and find a great pour-over coffee brewer.

Choosing The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Before you can brew the perfect cup of coffee using the pour-over method, you’re first going to want to make sure your purchase the best model. And when we say purchase the best model, we mean the best model for you. Not everyone will all want to choose the same coffee maker because everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Having said that, below are a few things a person might want to consider before they purchase their new coffee maker.

Pour Over Cone Or Coffee Carafe?

The first thing you’ll want to determine is whether you want a whole coffee maker of you just need the brewing cone. Many of the pour-over coffee makers come with a carafe that can be used for brewing the coffee into. However, not everyone likes this design and some people prefer only using cones that can be placed right into a vessel of their choosing. This allows them to brew their coffee right into a cup.

What About Travel Brewers?

Okay, there is one more choice between pour-over coffee cones and coffee makers, and that is travel brewers. If you’re going to want to brew coffee while you’re traveling, then this is the model that you are going to want to buy. That’s because it comes with a metal container that the coffee can be brewed into, and that can also be used for drinking coffee from. These are great devices for brewing coffee on the go.

Let’s Talk About Filters

Filters are another thing to consider when you’re purchasing a new pour-over coffee maker. When it comes to these devices, coffee drinkers usually have a choice between cloth, paper, and metal filters. Each of these filters has people who love them, and each of these filters has people who hate them. To see why this is the case, we’ll have to examine each filter type independently.

  • Paper Filters—These filters are cheap and easy to dispose of as they’re just tossed in the trash when the consumer has finished brewing coffee. Since paper filters tend to absorb some of the oils of the coffee, it’s said that these filters produce a less acidic and brighter coffee, but some people feel they rob the coffee of its individual characteristics. Regardless, it’s considered one of the least messy methods of brewing pour over coffee.
  • Coffee Filters—Coffee filters aren’t as easy to use as paper filters because they have to be washed out in between pots of coffee. Since they’re reusable, however, the consumer doesn’t have to worry about buying new filters all of the time. Unfortunately, they aren’t destructible and will eventually have to be replaced when the coffee flavor begins to build up in them.
  • Metal Filters—Metal coffee filters are the most durable of all three types of pour over filters. They are durable and don’t retain the coffee’s odor, and they’re easy to rinse out in between uses. This is probably why these filters are often preferred by coffee lovers.

How To Brew Coffee Using The Pour Over Method

Using a pour over coffee maker couldn’t be simpler. Although you should generally follow the instructions that came with your coffee maker, most of them are quite similar to the following brewing method.

  • Step One: Grind your favorite beans and place a filter into your brewer if it doesn’t have a built-in filter.
  • Step Two: Attach the cone to a suitable container or if its one with its own carafe, make sure the filter part is properly situated.
  • Step Three: Pour hot water over the coffee grounds; be sure to not go too quickly or too slowly while pouring.
  • Step Four: Remove the carafe and pour the coffee into a cup or remove the cone from your cup.
  • Step Five: Enjoy your fresh, tasty pour-over-coffee!