Top 10 Best Pre Workout Supplements of 2019 – Reviews

Experienced bodybuilders and beginners alike know that bulking out isn’t easy, nor is it supposed to be. To achieve your perfect form, you must put in the hours and really focus on your training, almost religiously some would say. In other words, unless you are prepared to follow a pre-determined schedule for months or even years at a time, chances are that you will never achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of.

Fortunately for you, all the hard work that goes into working out can also be supplemented for that extra kick that some people require. We are, of course, talking about pre-workout supplements. These supplements boost your body’s capacity to deal with fatigue and tiredness so that you can meet the workout standards you aim to achieve. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best pre-workout supplements the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Pre Workout Supplements – Top List

10Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout Powder

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Mr. Hyde by Pro Supps stands out for its effective, high-quality formula and the growing popularity it currently enjoys. It packs select, proprietary stimulant blends integrating a novel pump agent called agmatine sulfate, which works in synergy with your body’s naturally produced chemicals. For this reason, it significantly supports and promotes skin tearing pumps, optimum performance, enhanced endurance, greater mental focus, muscular power, and a better overall strength. This makes it not only a reliable pre-workout supplement but also a quite versatile one.

9Naturo Nitro Decimus

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This is a pre-workout supplement that aims to provide you with great muscle mass as quickly as possible. With the Naturo Nitro Decimus, you can really rule your gym with dauntless motivation, drive and crazy intensity that combined deliver nothing short of excellent fitness levels. The supplement boasts an advanced workout formula that delivers energy, mental focus, and indefatigable drive while feeding the muscles with optimum building blocks, making your body a powerful, well cut-out masterpiece.

8NITROSURGE Pre-Workout Supplement

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This is a professionally formulated pre-workout supplement created for maximum strength, providing all you require for next-level workout regimens and easier to reach fitness goals. With it, you get to experience a surge in energy, power gains, improved mental focus, continued endurance, and incredibly high pumps. A powerful pre-workout powder that also enhances muscle building and fat burning, it features a synergistic formula with the most potent, trusted ingredients out there. It also helps in improving circulation for a healthier body function during the day, an added benefit on top of the many other it provides.

7Evlution Nutrition ENGN

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The Evlution Nutrition ENGN is seen as one of the best available pre-workout products for improved power, energy, and focus. Besides that, it also supports your cognitive functionality and improved mood while expanding muscle endurance for prolonged workouts. Moreover, Evlution Nutrition delivers it all smoothly without any crashing or jitters of any kind. Not only that but it is also ideal for both men and women alike due to its truly ingenious, universal formula.

6Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

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Made by Optimum Nutrition, the Gold Standard pre-workout supplement provides an improved focus and muscular energy while supporting prolonged endurance to help you get to the peak of your game, crushing your goals and achieving remarkable results in no time. Formulated for excellence in performance and safety, it can help you accomplish whatever fitness and training goals you might have without the risk of experiencing any side effects. Then again, this is always something to consider when buying supplements of any kind.

5Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout Supplement

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Created to be powerful and sustainable both, the Alpha GX7 is a pre-workout supplement that carries an expert design to help you achieve a peak workout performance while not experiencing any of the side effects most low-quality and sub-standard brands are associated with. With it, you get to enjoy immediate results that make you able to jump higher, lift more, as well as go longer than you have been getting to when you work out, no matter how great the intensity of your workouts may be.

4BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Supplement

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A pre-training igniter you can count on, the BSN N.O.-XPLODE doesn’t disappoint any athlete in need of maximizing their performance. Of course, for this to happen, you need an enduring mind-muscle cooperation, a synergy that few pre-workout supplements other than the BSN N.O provide. This provides you with a greater exercise intensity, improved strength, and also the push you might need to go past your status quo. For that matter, the N.O.-XPLODE was created using advanced ingredients and technologies for delivering an improved energy and endurance, supporting muscular strength and mental focus, and providing top performance support as you work out.

3Cellucor C4 Original Supplement

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Yet another top-class pre-workout supplement, the Cellulor C4 Original powder powers your workouts reliably, helping you take your fitness level a notch higher. Its high-powered formula integrates a special blend of proprietary ingredients that make it a cut above its competition in terms of performance, pump, and energy provided. You generally require energy for a great workout, which is why supplements like Cellucor C4 are so popular these days. Then again, the caffeine + creatine contents of a good supplement should provide more then enough energy to help you pull through even the most intense workout session.

2Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Supplement

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If you are looking for one of the very best in pre-workout supplements for enjoying an improved workout without any side effects, then Legion Pulse might just be what you want. Seen as one of the highest rated on the market today, the Pulse has 100 percent natural ingredients and contains no harsh or harmful stimulants. As such, it is bound to give you a smooth pre-workout power rush, pumping you up, not burning you out. At the same time, you are guaranteed to experience no stomach aches, no jitters, and no after workout energy crashes.

1Old School Labs VINTAGE BLAST

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Besides being incredibly popular, the Vintage Blast by Old School Labs is reputed as the world’s first 2-stage pre-workout natural energy powder supplement drink, one that was formulated to be ideal for both men and women alike. Its unique blend of natural ingredients is designed to provide a steady energy delivery flow for powering you through your exercises. Given its versatility, this supplement can very well be used as a trusted pre-workout supplement for body-building or pretty much any other form of athletic activity. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best pre-workout supplements money can buy.

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Pre-Workout Supplements Buying Guide

It used to be that only athletes and bodybuilders would take supplements before working out, not only to improve muscle mass but also to boost their performance levels as much as possible without any serious side-effects. These days, however, people of all backgrounds employ their use to further their exercising landmarks, even people who only hit the gym a couple of times a week. With this in mind, we should perhaps figure out what makes a good pre-workout supplement and what exactly to look for when buying one for ourselves.

Benefits Of Using Pre-Workout Supplements

There are indeed many benefits to using pre-workout supplements and not just for aesthetic reasons. That said, it is true that many of those who use them do so in order to bulk up faster and more efficiently. In principle, pre-workout supplements have the purpose of improving your metabolism, offer a faster muscle regeneration, and to help your body push through the tiredness and fatigue for faster workout results.

Quick Metabolism – One of the biggest benefits of using pre-workout supplements is the boost in metabolism it provides. Even though it doesn’t really speed up your metabolism in the clynical sense, a pre-workout supplement can definitely make it more efficient for short periods of time. This way, your body will assimilate vitamins a lot faster than normal, offering you a noticeable boost in energy in the hours after you take it.

Fast Results – Another great benefit of using pre-workout supplements is the obvious increase in workout energy. You will find it much easier to work out after taking such supplements, in the sense that your muscles tire slower overall. At the same time, these supplements will also provide much faster gains when paired with an efficient and well thought out workout regimen, without causing any noticeable side-effects to speak of.

Boost In Muscle Regeneration – Interestingly enough, some pre-workout supplements can also have borderline curative properties. We say this because they contain additives tasked with improving your muscle regeneration speed. Those of you who have workout out in the past know just how easy it is to injure yourself when you’re exercising. Although not serious enough to warrant a visit to a specialist, you still experience a certain amount of discomfort when you use those particular muscles. With the help of pre-workout supplements, however, you will notice an improved regeneration speed for most muscles and a decrease in post-workout pain.


Once you have figured out what type of supplement would best fit your needs, you have to then determine the dosage and how often to use it. To do that you have to first consider the ingredients and how they might affect your progress. The reason we say this is because each ingredient has an intended purpose and because if a pack of supplements contains the wrong mixture, it might affect not only your gains but also your general health. This is definitely something to bear in mind these days because the more supplements flood the market the more likely that few of them might cause adverse reactions.

Creatine – The first thing you want a supplement to contain is creatine, a fair amount of it. Creatine has the intended purpose of boosting energy production inside the muscle cells while drawing fluids from the blood plasma and redirect it towards your skeletal and bone joints. After intaking a healthy dose of creatine, you will be able to work out more intensely and for a much longer period of time with the knowledge that not only will your muscles keep up with you all the way through but also knowing that your body will also suffer a lot less from the effects of dehydration. It should be said, however, that the effects of creatine don’t really last that long, which is why you are advised to work out within an hour or sooner after taking the supplements.

Caffeine – You also want to consider when looking at the ingredients is how much caffeine the supplement contains. This is because caffeine will not only provide a reasonable boost in energy by itself but it will also help your body assimilate the supplement’s nutrients much faster. As a matter of fact, studies have clearly shown that caffeine is an excellent source of enrrgy that poses few if any health risks to speak of. As such, supplements with high caffeine content are usually very efficient at boosting your muscles endurance while helping you pull through the fatigue and tiredness of an intense workout session.

Niacin – A good pre-workout supplement also contains a fair dose of Niacin, which has the purpose of helping your body manage its sweating when you work out. It also helps with the balance and management of liquid distribution when you extensively and repeatedly employ the use of your extremities. Not only that but Niacin also manages blood flow close to the skin’s surface by widening blood vessels, thus preventing the skin from taking any sort of damage from the effort you subject it to. Then again, most vitamin B based chemicals tend to do that, yet none as efficiently as Niacin.

Using Pre-Workout Supplements

The way you want to use pre-workout supplements is to ingest them about half an hour before you plan to work out. This is because your body requires about thirty minutes to assimilate all its contents. We say that because caffeine and creatine are usually assimilated faster, in about a few minutes or so. In principle, a half hour should be more than enough before your scheduled workout, at least if you follow a healthy diet plan and you do not eat a big meal at roughly the same time. Keep in mind, however, that if you delay your workout session beyond that point, you will not get the full benefits that pre-workout supplements have to offer because your body will burn through all the newly ingested nutrients.