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Top 10 Best Purple Lipsticks of 2019 – Reviews

While some women prefer violet lipstick or even bright pink when going for a bold look, there are some who prefer purple for the task. Although some would consider purple to be more somber overall, you cannot deny that violet shades have a beauty of their own, especially when combined with an equally contrasting makeup.

Even though most women know exactly what lipstick to combine with each individual part of their makeup setup, it still wouldn’t hurt to figure out exactly what the market has to offer in this regard. So without further ado, here are the ten best purple lipsticks out there.

Best Purple Lipsticks 2019

10Covergirl Star Wars Colorlicious Lipstick Dark Purple

buy from amazonShow off your dark side in style with the colorlicious dark purple lipstick number 50, the lipstick applies smoothly, provides full lip coverage and can last an entire day without retouching. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and contains skin-nourishing shea butter to not only settle on the skin smoothly but also to do so without causing any discomfort or irritation to speak of.

9Shany Bold Lipstick

buy from amazonSimple, elegant and sensational, this lipstick is the epitome of uniqueness and boldness. The cruelty-free lipstick has a nice creamy texture that makes it easy to apply. It gives you full lip coverage and lasts all day. The formulation of the lipstick not only looks fantastic, it also keeps your lips moisturized and contains a number of vitamins and essential oils that nourish the skin of your lips.

8NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Royal Purple MALS05 Lipstick

buy from amazonTreat yourself to this creamy textured, dreamy colored, sensuous purple lipstick that promises to make you the center of attention. It is available in a reserved pastel shade and a playful neon option for those with a more eccentric taste in style. A satin matte finish not only guarantees you that the lipstick will last, it also highlights every curve of your lips and helps you show off your best facial features.

7Maybelline Color Sensational 1000 Lavender Voltage Lipstick

buy from amazonShow off your best features with this shockingly vivid shade of purple that will look enticing and bold on any type of lips. The high-quality lipstick is very easy to apply, lasts long enough without constant retouching and promises to make you the center of attention wherever you go. One thick but smooth coat of the luscious purple lipstick guarantees you a fuss-free day of looking tastefully glamorous and bold.

6Covergirl Limited Edition Star Wars Purple Lipstick No. 50

buy from amazonThis racy shade of glossy purple lipstick has the potential to become the highlight of your makeup. This deluxe Star Wars limited edition lipstick is delightfully rich and promises to bring out every soft curve of your lips in vivid color. It also lasts throughout the day with minimum smearing and fading and is very easy to apply. To some extent, these are the exact characteristics any quality lipstick should have.

5Maybelline New York Color Sensational Brazen Berry Lip Color

buy from amazonThe Maybelline New York Berry Lipstick will stick through the worst of weather and keep your lips moist underneath that vivid coat of berry purple. It is made from honey nectar that gives it a very deluxe, creamy texture and ensures that the color never goes garnish even after a long day. Your lips will look unrealistically vibrant thanks to the sensational purple pigment that has been used to make it so boldly attractive.

4Kiss Ruby Kisses Ultra Matte Lipstick

buy from amazonNo longer will you have to deal with dry lips no matter what lipstick you wear. The Kiss Ruby Kisses matte lipstick is ultra smooth and very easy to apply. Enjoy flawless coverage throughout the day in a tasteful shade of RMLS18 purple affair color that will be every girl’s envy. Packed using a sultry design, this lipstick is designed for the modern woman with boundless confidence.

3Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick 28 Bossanova Purple

buy from amazonGet a taste of the clump-free and utterly smooth matte golden rose velvet lipstick. Coming in a vividly delightful shade of Bossanova purple, the lipstick oozes confidence and lets you show off your playful personality. It is made of pure, non-toxic pigments and is free of harsh chemicals and harmful parabens. There is also a wide range of colors for you to choose from in order to express yourself to the max.

2Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Violet Liquid Matte Lipstick

buy from amazonThis sensational matte lipstick features a flirty shade of violet that dries fantastically to ensure your lips stay perfectly colored throughout the day. The lipstick is made of pure, non-toxic pigments that offer vivid color and tastefully accentuate your lips. The smooth matte lipstick applies easily and evenly, giving you that professional finish you desire. What’s interesting is that it does so without the help of any hazardous chemicals to speak of.

1Lime Crime Valentines Liquid Matte Lipstick – Jinx

buy from amazonThis seductive shade of Witchberry purple matte lipstick is guaranteed to make your lips noticeably bold and enticing. The smooth matte liquid dries almost instantly and lasts the whole day no matter what kind of weather you come across. The lipstick is touch proof, smudge proof and vividly realistic, making it the perfect way to show off your best features in style. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best purple lipsticks out there.


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