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Top 10 Best Purple Shampoos of 2019 – Reviews

Let’s face facts: salon visits can be expensive. That’s why it’s imperative that anyone who has taken the time and has spent the money lightening their hair take the proper precautions to keep it looking good. And that’s why purple shampoo is an important product to use. It keeps blonde hair from becoming brassy and ensures that it looks its best. By using violet shades, these shampoos can brighten blondes or banish copper tones.

Of course, not everyone has time to try and find which brands of shampoo are the best, and which ones are not. That’s why we’ve decided to do the research for you and find the best purple types of shampoo. According to what we’ve discovered, the following are the best brands currently available for taking care of lighter hair. These products are designed to make sure that a person’s blonde hair is always on point and looking good.

Best Purple Shampoos – Top List

10Marc Daniels Lush Luminous Blonde

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This shampoo is not only sulfate-free, so it’s easier on blonde and silver hair, but it’s also Paraben-free and Vegan-friendly as well. It contains a pro-vitamin B5 which makes hair stronger and restores dry or brittle hair back to a healthy state. This product also leaves hair with an unmistakable shine and luster. Since it provides deep hydration, this shampoo will also keep hair looking better for longer periods of time. It has been paired with a purple conditioner that helps to improve scalp condition after chemical coloring and provides natural antioxidants for damaged hair. Overall, this shampoo and conditioner is designed to keep hair looking as sharp as possible.

9Winsome & Wisdom Blonde Moment Shampoo

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This shampoo is designed to neutralize brassy yellows in blonde hair and tone down the silver in gray hair. It’s manufactured to be Paraben-free and cruelty-free and has a UV protectant to help it protect hair from the damaging rays of the sun. This product is safe for color and chemically treated hair and is formulated with natural extracts that serve to balance the hair. And since it’s made with the highest-quality ingredients, it will provide a luxurious clean and really invigorates the senses. It’s a shampoo that promotes healthy hair and keeps blonde and gray hair looking their best.

8Joico Color Balance Shampoo Plus Conditioner

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This shampoo and purple conditioner kit comes with 10.1 fluid-ounces of shampoo and also 10.1 fluid-ounces of conditioner. When used together, this set will help keep up to 89-percent of hair color from being washed out for up to eight weeks straight, even with a frequent hair washing routine. These products are made with high-quality ingredients and will eliminate brassy tones on both blonde and gray hair. Balancing out hair color isn’t all that this product does, however. It also leaves the hair clean and feeling stronger. And both the shampoo and the conditioner have a nice clean smell which really wakes up the senses.

7Fanola No Yellow Shampoo

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In this inconspicuous 350-ml bottle is a shampoo imbued with violet pigments that do a good job of toning down unwanted yellow hues and brassy notes on streaked, light blonde and even gray hair. It’s also a suitable shampoo that can be used on ash blondes, too. While the smell of this product might not be for everyone, and to some people may seem pretty strong, this shampoo does do a good job of balancing hair color. Other purple shampoos may slightly correct color over time, but this product is a fairly powerful toner that should be used with care.

6TIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Toning Shampoo

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This tone correcting shampoo was specifically designed to deal with the color problems associated with blonde hair. It contains purple toning compounds which help to tone down sassy yellows and neutralize brassy tones. When used, this product leaves hair extremely manageable and smooth. Manufactured using Polyquaternium 10, an ingredient which was designed as a moisturizer, which helps prevent static and flyaway hair. When used diligently, this product will ensure true blonde vibrancy and will leave the user’s hair as shiny as they would want it to be. This allows the user to transform themselves from a brassy blonde into a classy blonde without a whole lot of effort.

5Clairol Shimmer Lights Blonde & Silver

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This shampoo is designed for individuals with blonde or silver hair who are sick and tired of brassy notes or dull yellow shades in their hair. It enhances true blonde hair color and will help enhance the natural beauty of the hair itself. This shampoo will also refresh faded highlights on highlighted and ash-colored hair. Although this shampoo doesn’t moisturize the way that other color-enhancing or toning shampoos do, it does leave the hair shiny and has a fairly nice scent to it. This product does have sulfates, however, so users should keep that in mind when they’re considering this shampoo.

4B-Unique Silver Shampoo

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When an extra-strength purple shampoo is required to combat brassy tones undesirable shades of yellow, B-Unique Silver Shampoo is ready to do its business. It contains extremely powerful violet pigments which help to tone down unwanted yellow shades and can be safely used on blonde, platinum, gray and highlighted hair. This shampoo will naturally filter out damaging UV rays and will keep hair shiny and smooth. It’s manufactured to be sulfate, paraben, and SLS-free and is formulated with Vitamin B5 to add extra shine. This shampoo will banish brassy tones and develop a richer blonde color that looks nice to friends and family.

3Beauty With A Twist Highlight Shampoo

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Beauty With A Twist Highlight Shampoo is a product that’s manufactured in California and is completely animal-cruelty free. While it isn’t completely free of sulfates, it does contain certified organic extracts that are easier on the hair than other shampoo types. This product produces a full-body lather that feels luxurious as it color corrects hair. It’s imbued with natural proteins which not only add body to hair but also leaves it nice and glossy. The best part about this shampoo, however, is that reduces brass shades in tinted or bleached hair and helps to get rid of yellow tones in gray or white hair.

2Jhirmack Silver Plus Ageless

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This product will not only get rid of brassy notes that often crop up with platinum and bleached blond hair but also does an amazing job correcting gray and silver hair. This product will neutralize unwanted yellow highlights often found in silver hair and leave the hair with a nice smell and a soft texture. This product contains folic acid and tea extracts that help to keep even aging hair looking its best. It’s also formulated with antioxidants which help to keep the user’s hair soft and shiny. And since it has macadamia nut oil and COQ10 in it, it also helps users improve their hair’s natural elasticity as well.

1Fudge Clean Violet Unisex Toning Shampoo

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This purple toning shampoo will easily handle color problems that are often associated with blonde, platinum, gray and highlighted hair types. It will not only get rid of brassy tones and unwanted yellow hues, but it will also remove dirt and oil from hair as well. This product is manufactured using organic proteins that help protect hair from thermal damage and helps repair damage that has already been inflicted on the hair. It’s a shampoo that will hydrate hair as well and contains a sweet vanilla scent with hints of pears and apples. And all of this makes this one of the best violet shampoo products currently available.

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The Ultimate Purple Shampoo Guide

Not everyone is familiar with purple shampoo, and that’s why we’ve decided to do this guide. This guide will not only tell people what this shampoo is and what it does but also how it works. It also gives some tips on taking care of blonde or lighter colored hair and keeping it looking as good as possible.

What is Purple Shampoo?

One of the most frequently asked questions about this product is: what is it? A question that’s pretty easily answered. Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo. That means that it brightens up a light-colored hair so that it isn’t so brassy or yellow.

How Does it Work?

Purple and violet shampoos work by color-correcting the hair. Since purple is exactly opposite from yellow on the color wheel, it can reign in bright yellow and brass shades. This allows the hair to remain closer to the platinum end of the spectrum.

Who Can Use It?

This shampoo is specifically designed for people with lighter shades of hair. This means people with blonde, platinum, silver, gray and some extremely light brunette shades such as ashy blonde. However, it’s not designed for individuals with red or brunette hair. Using this shampoo won’t do anything for people with these hair colors.

Keeping Blonde Hair Looking Good

Keeping blonde and other lighter hair shades in good condition and looking good can be a daily chore. That’s because the elements are always out to dry out, yellow or otherwise damage lighter shades. To keep it looking good, here are a few tips.

Use a Purple Shampoo – As you might have already guessed, using purple or violet shades of shampoo is the first step to keeping blonde or platinum hair looking its best. It can prevent blonde hair from becoming brassy, unlike general-purpose shampoos or those meant for brunettes.

Use a Bonding Agent – A great first step to ensuring that your hair suffers less damage as it is being dyed. During the dying process, it’s not uncommon for hair to be broken. However, a bonding agent can prevent some of this breakage by bonding directly to the hair as it is being dyed. This won’t prevent all damage, but it’s a good start.

Use a Conditioner – Using a good conditioner is also vitally important. When people bleach their hair, they tend to not only strip color from it but also strip moisture. This can result in hair that looks like straw. It also may be necessary to do a deep conditioning treatment, in addition to regular conditioning, to keep hair looking its best.

Use Heat Styling Cautiously – Heat styling can pose an undue burden on blonde hair because it is already drier than brunette hair due to the process of bleaching it. Therefore, if a person intends on doing heat styling, then they should take extra precautions. Otherwise, they may end up doing irreversible damage to their hair.

Be Sure to Use a Protective Spray – A UV protective spray can go a long way in ensuring that your hair is protected against harmful UV rays. UV rays can not only dry out and damage hair but can also change the color of the hair. Sometimes in undesirable ways.

Wet Hair Before Going Into Pool –A good way to prevent your hair from absorbing chlorinated pool water is by using bottled or filtered water to wet your hair first. Hair only has a limited capacity to absorb water, so using bottled water can help prevent the hair from absorbing too much chlorine. Chlorine which can turn blonde hair green.

Apply Conditioner When Swimming – After you’ve soaked your hair, you can then apply a thin coat of conditioner to your hair before you go swimming. This will create a barrier that will also help prevent chlorine from damaging your hair. When done swimming, be sure to rinse the conditioner and the pool water out of your hair immediately.

Beware of Copper in Your Water – Copper in the water coming out of your shower faucet can gradually turn blonde hair green over time, so it’s best to avoid it if possible. This can be done by installing a shower filter to filter out copper or by using a mild acid rinse on your hair.

Wear a Hat – While sunlight can lighten naturally blonde hair, it can often have a disastrous effect on blonde hair from a salon. While a short interval of sunlight is okay, be sure to wear a hat if you are going to be in the sun for extended periods of time.

Keep Dead Ends Under Control – Bleached hair is prone to breaking at the ends, so it’s important that you make sure dead ends are routinely removed.

Don’t Blow Dry on the High Setting – It’s important to use cooler settings while you’re blow drying blonde hair. This will help prevent heat damage to the hair and keep it looking good longer.

Use Lemon Juice as a Highlighter – If you’re looking to give your hair some natural highlights, then all you have to do is to mix some lemon juice and water together. Then you can take this mixture and lightly spray it on your hair. After you’ve done that, you can then sit in the sun for about an hour. The lemon juice/water mixture will naturally lighten hair.

Don’t Over Process Hair – It’s natural to want to go back into the colorist to get your roots touched up, but you should be careful not to overly bleach the ends of your hair. The ends have already been colored and don’t need to be bleached again. Doing so can result in hair damage.

In Conclusion

Taking care of your blonde hair doesn’t have to be a challenge as long as you follow the above steps. By keeping your hair hydrated, protecting it from sun damage and not over processing it, you can ensure that you’re blonde or lighter colored hair remains looking as good as possible for as long as possible. You can also ensure that your hair doesn’t get brassy or too yellow by making sure that you use purple shampoo on a regular basis. Purple and violet shampoos can be a real lifesaver for lighter colored hair.