Top 10 Best Rollerblades of 2019 – Reviews

Also known as Inline Skating, Rollerblading is an extremely entertaining and healthy sport that people of all ages can practice at their leisure. The great thing about rollerblading is that it can be practiced virtually anywhere in an urban landscape by pretty much anyone who has a pair of rollerblades. Now, we should point out that these skates come in various shapes and sizes, which is why you should take your time and learn as much as you can about what makes a good pair of rollerblades before buying one. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best rollerblades the market has to offer for you to look at.

Best Rollerblades – Top List

10K2 Skate Boy’s Raider Pro

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With the K2’s Raider Pro for boys, parents get a high value for the money, while their little boys get a great performance skate combining performance, quality, and style. Combining K2’s proprietary Speed Lacing System and Original Soft Boot, the Raider Pro also offers ideal fit and up to five sizes of adjustability, so different foot-sized boys can wear it fittingly. Moreover, it includes elbow, wrist, and knee guards for a comprehensively safer, more confident action.

9Rollerblade Men’s Spark 80ALU

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This is a highly versatile rollerblade model that you can use for different purposes in various conditions. This is why it is professionally designed to maneuver even rough surfaces and retain its functionality. Its components are expertly put together to ensure users get the very best experience. Their inner lining, for instance, allows a more comfortable and stable fit for a more enjoyable overall performance.

8Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Men’s

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If you fancy skating in a wet setting, the AERIO Q-60 Men’s from Roller Derby is your best rollerblade pick. Designed for such climates, its outer shell is waterproof, thus keeping your feet from catching moisture/cold. Its lower part features a mesh lining to allow proper ventilation into the boot, helping control the moisture your feet release. It further features impressive clips for fastening the skater’s legs and even more for protecting against ankle injuries.

7Roller Derby AERIO Q-60 Women’s

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Also by Roller Derby, the Women’s Aerio Q-60 is popular for its capability to move around with superior control and efficiency. It provides optimum comfort due to its quality inner padding made of cushion bags. It is an ideal inline skate for those who need to stay fit and also engage outdoor fun. It also offers an easy, smooth ride with a well-controlled start as well as stop features that many people find extremely useful.

6Rollerblade Zetrablade Men’s

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The Zetrablade Men’s by Rollerblade is a superior entry level roller-skate that can support the needs of novices and casual enthusiasts on a budget. Besides, it is comfortable and supportive, easy-to-use and offering a smooth ride. Its shell is durable and of great quality, while an ample liner padding delivers matchless comfort. Easy-adjust closure systems ensure a proper fit for a stable and fun experience while thanks to their high-quality wheels these skates are capable of an impressive control and speed.

5Roller Derby Girls Tracer

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With the best performance bearing design for assured smooth roll and a lightweight, breathable, and formfitting Soft Boot, you can trust the Roller Derby Girls Tracer if you need a great inline skate. Its ankle and heel feature EVA material for excellent support and comfort, preventing impacts and ankle injury and keeping you fit for longer performances. Its frame is made of durable materials while dual cam-lever buckle closures allow a convenient fit.

4K2 Skate Girl’s Marlee

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As aforesaid, new skaters need high-quality skates which provide fun and safety. The girl’s Marlee by K2 Skate deliver that as well as more stability the young skater needs and also feature a vibration-reducing composite frame. Its proprietary boot offers great comfort and is adjustable to five full sizes to make the Marlee the best inline skater for girls. Their ingenious design also recommends them for rollerblading on difficult terrain.

3K2 Skate Boy’s Raider

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Junior skaters need high quality and safe skates which provide a fun and stable experience. This Boy’s Raider from the famous K2 Skate is an inline skate that offers fun as well as the much-needed stability that these skates require, a system with an anti-vibration composite frame. Added to the comfort the K2 Soft Boot benefits from five sizes of adjustability, thus providing you with the perfect gift for any skating enthusiastic young boy.

2Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s

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Sleek and specifically designed for women, the Rollerblade’s Zetrablade inline skate has its movable parts featuring various colors, while its frame has superior quality materials for a reliable ride. This skate also has laces and clips for fastening the legs to ensure an advanced stability and also avoid the risk of ankle injury. Furthermore, its aluminum outer shell is sturdy yet light in weight for added speed and mobility.

1Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500

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A very popular model, the Women’s V-Tech 500 by the reputed Roller Derby is a great and versatile inline skate that is adjustable up to four different sizes — a unique feature that makes it stand out and which makes it appropriate for a wide range of skating enthusiasts since it can fit various feet sizes/types. Moreover, the boot boasts great comfort thanks to its fit padding while its polymer frame ensures an impressive long-term durability. Overall, these are some of the most reliable rollerblades money can buy.


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Rollerblades Buying Guide

If you find yourself in the position to buy a pair of rollerblades, you should first take the time to learn as much as you possibly can about what makes a good pair. In this regard, you must ensure that the skates have hard outer frames as they provide the best support for your ankles. You should also look for rollerblades with a soft frame because they are generally the most comfortable. While you’re at it, analyze the quality of their boot liner and footbed to ensure that you get a breathable model that will make the whole experience easier on your feet. Before all that, however, keep in mind that rollerblades fall into several, somewhat different categories:

Types Of Rollerblades

Recreational Rollerblades – These are by far the most popular type of rollerblades and understandably so. They are simplistic by design yet sturdy enough to withstand a fair amount of abuse before showing signs of damage. Construction-wise, these skates enjoy a soft boot construction with a reinforced mesh and cloth with plastic cuffs for added support. They are also rather lightweight and easy to look after.

Fitness Rollerblades – As the name suggests, these rollerblades are intended for people who skate in order to get in shape. For this reason, these rollerblades are more comfortable than high-performance skates, yet just as practical and maneuverable. Although they tend to differ in size and shape from one model to another, they generally enjoy a low-impact design suitable for wear and tear, a design that helps you burn calories without being too stressful or hard on your feet.

Hockey Rollerblades – Just as you would have guessed from the name, these rollerblades are indeed aimed at hockey players. As such, they enjoy a high-performance design that involves a fair bit of leather along with plastic or carbon fiber to enhance the boot’s sturdiness and flexibility. Most of the time, the frames of these skates are constructed of aluminum to boost their durability.

Speed Rollerblades – These skates are designed with speed in mind, the type of speed standard rollerblades simply cannot provide. They will enable you to reach impressive speeds, be it on the concrete outside or on specially purposed tracks. It isn’t just an increased speed that they provide, mind you, but a fair share of stability as well, which makes them perfect for almost anyone looking to improve their skating game.

Aggressive Stunt Rollerblades – Although quite rare, these rollerblades stand out as some of the toughest out there. Designed for grinding and spins, they are unlikely to get damaged under normal circumstances. As a result of their ingenious construction, these rollerblades wo0rk best on concrete ledges, jumping stairs, or regular concrete surfaces. Just as you would imagine, they are also the best when it comes to performing tricks.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Rollerblades

Once you have figured out what type of rollerblades best suit your needs, all that remains is that you choose between the many different models out there. This is a lot easier said than done, mind you, mostly because of the sheer variety available on the market at this point in time. Even though the price has gone low over the years, the risk of getting a sub-par model is enough to keep you sharp and keen when choosing a pair. In this respect, here is what you need to consider when buying rollerblades of any kind:

Wheels and Bearings – If you stumble upon two models that appear to fit the bill, you should determine which is best based on the wheels and bearings. While beginners do better with slower wheels and bearings, they will most likely slow you down once you get the hang of it. It is also important to remember that good bearings can prolonge the life of your rollerblades quite a bit if handled with care.

Your Size – Not many people do this, unfortunately, even though it is extremely important when choosing a pair of skates. You have to understand that as an adult, you shouldn’t be looking for what most teenagers and kids are using, mostly because of your heavier frame. Although it is unlikely that you will damage the rollerblades, they will definitely underperform when you increase speed and when you perform quick turns.

Particularities – Last but not least, educate yourself on the terminology of rollerblades so that you can analyze a pair in great detail. For instance, when people refer to the durometer standard they refer to the hardness of the wheels. While you’re at it, check out the diameter of the wheels, because the smaller the diameter the more maneuverable the rollerblades will be. Bigger wheels, on the other hand, allow you to go a lot faster, albeit at the expense of your general mobility.