Top 10 Best Rolling Papers of 2019 – Reviews

Papers for rolling and smoking tobacco was first invented during in early 18th century Spain and has been popular ever since. Nowadays, these papers are not only used for smoking tobacco, but they’re also used for smoking a variety of herbal blends. And since they’re popularity has increased with the legalization of medical forms of marijuana around the world, there are now more varieties than ever for consumers to consider.

However, it should be noted that buying the best rolling papers isn’t about buying a brand of papers just because they’re popular. Instead, it involves the smoker taking their personal needs into consideration and buying the best papers for their own needs. Having said that, below are some of the top rated brands currently available that people may want to consider when searching for the best ones available.

Best Rolling Papers Of 2019

10Zig-Zag 1-1/4-Inch Slow-Burning Papers

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Packaged in iconic orange packs that bring them instant recognition among smokers, these papers are ready to provide the user with a true smoking experience. Each package contains 32-papers that are made from natural Flax plant fibers that provide a slow-burning and smooth smoking experience. These papers have a natural Arabic gum that’s easy to lick and allows the cigarettes to be rolled quite tightly. These papers are manufactured in France and are approximately 78mm by 44mm in size. It’s no wonder Zig-Zags have been used by discriminating smokers who want to enjoy the product their smoking and not hurry through it.

9Trip 1.25-Inch Clear Cellulose Papers

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Although some people consider these clear cellulose papers to be somewhat of a novelty, the reality is that they are one of the more environmentally brands of rolling papers. That’s because they are made without having to cut down any trees and are made from transparent cellulose that’s easy to roll and even easier to smoke. Another thing that makes them an attractive choice for many smokers is that they burn very slowly, so the smoker can really enjoy their smoke. And since they don’t have an aftertaste like wood pulp papers, they are preferred by many people who may be sensitive to smoking with some other paper products.

8Top Fine-Gummed Cigarette Papers

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Manufactured in France for the Top Rolling Paper Company in Glenview, Illinois, these rolling papers are known all over the world for their quality. They are not only inexpensive, but they’re also made from some of the best wood pulp paper available. They are easy to roll and also extremely easy to smoke. Thanks to their slow burn, they also don’t burn up all of the smokers product when they’re smoking with it. Although some users may consider them to be just basic rolling papers, part of their charm is their simplicity and straightforward construction that makes them a hit at just about any party.

7Raw King-Size Slim Organic Hemp Papers

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Organic hemp rolling papers have really come into their own lately, and that fact is proven by these high-quality papers manufactured by Raw. They are made in Spain from only the highest grade of organic hemp and even use a natural hemp gum adhesive so it can be sealed tightly. They are ultra-thin, almost translucent, so the smoker tastes what’s inside the paper and not the paper itself. And since they’re in a King-Size Slim size that’s 110mm by 44mm, they’re big enough for use at parties, concerts or other large gatherings. And since they’re organic and Vegan, they can be enjoyed by just about anyone.

6Elements 300 Ultra-Thin 1.25-Inch Papers

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Manufactured using a thin rice paper and made without chemicals or chlorine, these papers are ready to be enjoyed by anyone looking for a pure smoke. They are packed with 300-leaves to a pack, so the smoker doesn’t have to keep a large number of different packs around the house to make sure that they always have a rolling paper available. They have a 76mm by 44mm size, so they roll up into just the right size and shape as a cigarette. And since they use a sugar gum that’s not only natural but also holds well, the smoker doesn’t have to use a lot of spit to keep their cigarettes tight.

5Shine 24K-Gold Hemp Papers

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At first glance, this product may seem like more of a novelty item than a genuine rolling paper, and just maybe that’s the case. After all, they’re only 2-papers to each pack, and they do come with a certificate of authenticity so they can be saved as a collector’s item. Having said that, however, it’s quite surprising just how well these papers smoke. They’re made with a combination of hemp and 24-karat edible gold, so they not only burn nicely but they also look pretty cool, too. This makes them the perfect papers for parties, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.

4Juicy Jay’s 1-1/4-Inch Flavored Papers

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Although this product isn’t meant to be used with tobacco, it does provide a great smoking experience when it’s used with smoking herbs. This 10-item bundle comes with 6-different flavors of Juicy Jay flavored rolling papers. The flavors that smokers can expect out of this pack include apple, blueberry, cherry, grape, orange and watermelon flavors. And since each 6-pack comes with 32-papers, that means this bundle provides 192 flavored papers. It also comes with 4 Doob-Tube storage tubes that are meant to be used to store pre-rolled herb cigarettes. These tubes are moisture-resistant and help to preserve the natural flavor of the cigarettes.

3Raw Unrefined Classic 1-1/4-Inch Papers

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Raw is a company that’s quickly making a name for itself, and these papers will tell most people why they’re becoming such a popular brand. That’s because they make products that not only are easy to roll, but they also create papers that are easier to smoke and just plain healthier than bleached wood pulp papers. This product is manufactured in Spain from all-natural vegan rolling papers that are ultra-thin and burn quite nicely. They also have a natural gum adhesive strip that allows them to hold together nicely and they’re packed 50-leaves to a pack for the smoker’s convenience.

2Zig-Zag Ultra-Thin 1-1/4-Inch Papers

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The 78mm by 46mm rolling papers in this box are made with an ultra-thin paper, so they burn really nicely without having to taste a bunch of paper while you’re smoking it. They are made with high-quality glue that’s easy to lick and easy to seal, so cigarettes can be rolled quickly and efficiently. These papers are manufactured in France by the Zig-Zag company, so smokers can rest assured that this product is made according to strict quality standards. Now there’s no reason for anyone to smoke using an inferior rolling paper thanks to these quality papers that are ready for use anytime and anywhere.

1Raw 1-1/4-Inch Class Pre-Rolled Cones

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These Raw rolling papers have a design that frankly should’ve been invented a lot sooner than they were. That’s because these pre-rolled cones allow just about anyone to roll the perfect cigarette. They are made with an unbleached natural paper and are shaped in 1-1/4-inch cones that already have a paper tip inserted into them. They also come with a Doob Tube, which allows the cigarettes to be safely transported from one place to another. And they have a simple taste that’s doesn’t leave an aftertaste. All of these features make these high-quality papers the best ones available and ones that every smoker should look at closely.

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Buying The Best Rolling Papers

Although some rolling paper guides concern themselves with the history of papers or the sheer number of different varieties available, we’re not going to do any of those things. Instead, we’re going to give our readers the information to buy the best rolling papers available. And since everyone’s time is valuable, we’re just going to jump right into the mix and get started right away.

Rolling Paper Sizes

The first thing that anyone is probably going to want to consider when buying rolling papers are their size. In the past, there were only one or two different sizes of rolling papers to choose from, but that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, there are a variety of different sizes available. How big are rolling papers? Well, they can range in size from 2.6-inches long all the way to 4.3-inches long and with widths ranging from 1.3-inches wide to 3.46-inches wide. Let’s take a look at each size designation and their dimensions.

  • Single Wide Papers: Anyone looking to roll a really tight cigarette is probably going to want to go with single wide papers. These papers are approximately 2.6-inches long and about 1.33-inches wide. Although these papers are good for individuals wanting to make smaller smokes, they aren’t the ideal size for sharing with others.
  • 1-1/4-Inch Papers: These papers are extremely popular, and there’s a good reason for that fact. That’s because they roll up into a size that’s pretty similar to a normal size cigarette. This is a good choice if the user is smoking with 2 or 3 other people.
  • 1-1/2-Inch Papers: These papers are approximately 3-inches long. This size is good for groups of people up to 4 big and roll up to a size that’s a little larger than an ordinary cigarette.
  • Double Wide Papers: Although this size of rolling paper allows people to roll bigger cigarettes and joints, it’s this bigger size that makes them less popular than other sizes. They are the length of a 1-1/2-inch rolling paper but are up to 3.4-inches wide. That means if they’re improperly rolled, then the smoker can end up smoking a lot of paper.
  • King Size Papers: These papers are extremely large and are suitable for sharing with up to 5 people. They’re up to 4.3-inches long and 2.3-inches wide, which is a pretty healthy size for just about anyone.
  • King Size Slim Papers: These rolling papers are about the same length of king size papers, but they’re not as wide. They’re approximately 4.1-inches long and around 1.8-inches wide. That’s a good size for groups of 4 people or more.

Rolling Paper Composition

The next thing that the smoker is going to want to concern themselves with is the composition of their rolling papers. Nowadays, papers are made out of all kinds of different materials and each of these materials burns and tastes differently. Let’s take a look at the 3 most popular materials that they use to make rolling papers.

  • Wood Pulp Rolling Papers: These papers are the most popular and the most common. They are made from the same type of material that’s used to make cigarettes, so many smokers will be well acquainted with how they burn and taste. The white ones are bleached with chemicals, so they may not be the healthiest choice for smokers, but there are brown natural wood papers that people can use. However, it should be noted that these natural wood pulp papers tend to burn a little quicker than rice rolling papers.
  • Rice Paper Rolling Papers: Although these papers can be tricky to roll because of their low-friction coefficient,  they do burn slower than wood pulp paper varieties and often taste better, too. When buying these papers it’s important to realize that some brands may be healthier than other brands. That’s because some manufacturer’s use additives in their rice papers and others do not, so it’s important for the smoker to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the product they’re thinking of using.
  • Hemp Rolling Papers: These papers have enjoyed a surge in popularity lately because people have discovered that they’re not only easy to roll but are also better for the environment. That’s because they’re not manufactured using trees but are instead manufactured using hemp. However, their taste may not be to everyone’s liking, so smokers may want to sample them before they begin using them regularly.

Other Types Of Rolling Papers

And there are other types of rolling papers available, too. The following is a short list of some of these types. They’re mostly novelty papers, but some people may want to try them out and see if they like them.

  • 24K-Gold Rolling Papers
  • Transparent Rolling Papers
  • Flavored Rolling Papers