Top 10 Best RV Batteries of 2019 – Reviews

Batteries designed for use in recreational vehicles may look like ordinary automotive batteries, but they’re a little bit different. They’re designed to not only handle the energy-depleting loads that RVs often place on them daily, but do it all while protecting the sensitive electronic appliances that are inside the vehicle. And this is a delicate balance that any recreational vehicle owner should take very seriously.

Only the best RV batteries will do the job asked of them by the recreational vehicles they’re used in, so the consumer must do their homework before purchasing a new battery. To help out with this research, we’ve researched the ten best recreational vehicle batteries and listed them below for our reader’s convenience. Hopefully, they’ll help RV owners get up and running, so they can once again hit the road.

Best RV Batteries Of 2019

10Odyssey PC925 EnergSys AGM LTV Battery

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Designed to provide the RV owner with a longer service life than comparable brands, the Odyssey PC925 is an RV battery that can handle the rigors of the road and keep ongoing. It has a 70% longer cycle life than other deep-cycle batteries and provides extremely stable voltages that are safe for RV electronics and appliances. It also features a non-spillage design and a shock-resistance outer covering that allows it to hold up well against road shock or vibrations caused from mechanical equipment. And thanks to its fast-recharge, it can be at a 100% charge in 6-hours or less.

9Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery

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Even though this battery is marketed as a general-purpose deep-cycle battery that’s especially useful for using with solar-panels installations, it’s also suitable for auxiliary use in many recreational vehicles. This battery is completely sealed, so it requires zero maintenance, and it’s made with a Pb-Ca Alloy that’s virtually corrosion resistant. It’s also a battery that works especially well when connected in series because it won’t over-discharge like some automotive batteries. Regardless of whether it’s used for auxiliary power on the RV or for backup power at home, this battery has what it takes to do the job correctly.

8XS Power D3500 XS Series 12-Volt

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This XS Power D3400 battery is technically designed as a racing battery, but with this level of power and output, it’s perfect for use in recreational vehicles as well. It’s an absorbed glass mat battery that’s completely sealed and spill-proof. It’s also a battery that’s valve-regulated and resistant to mechanical vibration. Another thing that makes this a great RV battery is that it can be mounted in any position and has low internal resistance as well. All things considered, it’s a battery that should provide recreational vehicle owners the power and reliability they need. Although its a tad bit expensive, it does its job well.

7Expert Power Rechargeable Deep-Cycle Battery


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Expert Power is a company that’s been making a variety of different batteries since 1987 and is now making a deep-cycle battery that’s great for RV use. This company has taken their 32+ years of experience and have put it into a battery that’s sure to meet the power needs of just about any recreational vehicle owner. It’s a sealed lead acid battery that uses absorbed glass matt technology that’s capable of handling wide temperature variances with easy. It’s also maintenance-free, is virtually shock-resistant and is very easy to install. Overall, it’s a battery that’s both powerful and reliable, so RV owners can stay on the road longer.

6Optima Batteries 8016-103 Deep-Cycle Battery

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Of all of the batteries we’ve reviewed, this one is probably the most versatile. It can be used either as a marine or an RV battery and will deliver excellent power regardless of how it’s used. It’s designed to start even under the harshest conditions and it’s fifteen times more vibration resistant than most other batteries. It’s equipped with 120-minutes of reserve capacity, delivers 870 cranking amps, and can be mounted in just about any position it’s needed. When this battery is properly installed, the RV owner is never going to have to worry if they’re the battery is going to work when the weather outside turns bad.

5Odyssey EnergSys PC680 RV Battery

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Designed to provide up to 10-years of service life, this RV-battery will consumers the ability to push their recreational vehicles to the max. It’s designed to have an extremely efficient recharge efficiency and is also designed to deliver a stable voltage discharge that’s good for RV electronics and appliances. It’s also resistant to vibrations caused by driving on bumpy roads or uneven highways. And since it has a sealed design that won’t ever spill, it can be mounted in any position that it needs to be mounted. All of which makes it an excellent battery candidate for any RV owner.

4DieHard Advanced Gold AGM Battery

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Even though most RV batteries are designed to be resistant to mechanical vibrations, this model is designed to provide a higher level of vibration protection than what most batteries are capable of providing. It delivers 20-times the vibration-resistance of other batteries, so it can handle even the harshest conditions. Need to take a road trip from coast to coast or travel through the desert? If so, then this battery is the one that’s going to provide the durability and power a person needs for their RV to weather just about any trip. In other words, it’s more than ready for the road.

3VMAXTanks VMAX V35-857 Marine Battery

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Regardless of whether this marine battery is used in a boat or an RV, it’s still going to deliver the power and performance needed. That’s because it’s made with absorbed glass matt that’s sandwiched between VMAX plates that help to make this battery maintenance-free and ultra-reliable. It’s this sealed design that also keeps it from spilling and allows it to be mounted in virtually any position. That allows the recreational vehicle owner to install it easily into their vehicle and forget about it. After all, who wants to spend time performing maintenance on a battery when they can be enjoying their RV?

2Universal Power Group AGM VRLA Battery

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This battery is only 12.17×6.61×9.16-inches in size and only weighs 63.93 pounds, but it’s more than capable of providing the power and performance asked of it from an RV. That’s because it has a sealed lead-acid design that’s spill-proof, maintenance-free and will deliver 100 Ah of power. It’s also a rechargeable battery that resists road shocks and mechanical vibrations quite well. Since it can be mounted in any position, it’s also very easy to install and is designed to last the user for quite a long time. Overall, it’s a great RV battery that works well and can hold up to even extreme weather conditions.

1VMaxTanks AGM Deep-Cycle Rechargeable Battery

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This is an extremely versatile battery that can be used with wind turbines, solar panels, inverters, and smart chargers. And yes, it can also be used for RVs. In fact, it does such a great job providing the power, performance, and reliability that recreational vehicles need, that it has catapulted itself to the top of this list. This high-quality battery uses AGM deep-cycle technology that delivers 125 Ah of power and holds up under any weather conditions. It’s also designed to never deliver any dangerous fumes and has a float service life of approximately eight to ten years. And all of that makes it the best RV battery out there.

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