Top 10 Best SAT Prep Books of 2019 – Reviews

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or the SAT as it’s more commonly known, is the source of anxiety for over a million students each and every year. That’s not surprising considering the importance of this test. After all, it’s considered by many colleges to be the most accurate way to test students to determine their college readiness. Often times it can determine whether or not the student is going to be eligible to go to a top tier school or not.

It’s obvious that it’s very important to have the right study aids to prepare for the test. Unfortunately, many of these students will end up buying the wrong studying tools because they don’t know what study aids they may need. That’s why we’ve listed ten of the best SAT prep books below. The following are study aids designed to give students the edge they need while they’re taking the test.

Best SAT Prep Books Of 2019

10The Official SAT Study Guide

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This SAT prep book provides everything a student may need to get a good start with taking their exam. This book provides detailed descriptions of the evidence-based reading and writing sections that the student will be expected to face, as well as detailed descriptions of the math section of the SAT. It also includes 8 official SAT practice tests that are written by the same authors who wrote the actual exam. This book even has a section that’s been updated over the 2018 version, with new practice essay questions as well as sample responses. This allows the student to study in a way that will help improve their chances of success.

9SAT Prep Book: SAT Secrets Study Guide

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Written in an easy-to-understand style and with the needs of the student in mind, this book will help just about anyone practice for the test. It provides a thorough explanation of the exam, with detailed emphasis giving to the math and evidence-based reading sections of the test. It also has much of the critical information on vocabulary, and concepts that the College Board expects its students to have when they’re taking these test. Probably the best thing about this book, however, is that it provides practice test questions that allow the student to test their competency before they even take the actual test.

8Barron’s SAT 29th Edition

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Anyone looking to improve their chances of scoring a perfect 1600 on the SAT is probably going to want to take a closer look at this book. It features a 4-point system that allows for targeted test preparation, winning tactics for taking the test, diagnostic tools so students can pinpoint their weak spots and a section on how students can improve their overall test-taking skills. This book does it with extensive subject reviews that detail every portion of the test, with a diagnostic test that will enable students to pinpoint where they should begin their studies and 3 full-length practice test with detailed answers.

7Kallis’ Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy 2.0

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This SAT guide book helps students master the test by focusing on using the student’s own active engagement to propel their success. It does this in a number of different ways, including using materials that are designed to build not only competency but also confidence as well. Some of the features of this book that students can expect to find include a detailed analysis of questions the students will come across when they take the SAT, over 1,000 practice questions that help students gauge their own understanding of the test material, 6 full-length practice tests and concise answers that pinpoint the exact areas where the student may need improvement.

6Kaplan SAT Prep Plus

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Since 1938, Kaplan Guides have been used by aspiring students to prepare for the SAT test, so it’s probably safe to say that they know a little bit about preparing students. This guide attempts to separate itself from all of the other guides available by using specialized strategies and crystal-clear course instruction that gives the student everything they need to prepare. This edition is different from previous ones because it not only includes 3 additional tests which aren’t available in previous Kaplan editions, but it also features answers and explanations to several different practice tests. This gives the student just about everything they need for adequate SAT preparation.

5SAT Prep Black Book Second Edition

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It doesn’t matter if the student is looking to achieve a perfect 1600 on the SAT for admission to a top-tier school, merely needs to get a 450+ score to claim an athletic sports scholarship, or needs to meet some other arbitrary goal because this book is ready to help them out. It’s designed in such a way that students can discover for themselves what section they need in order to prosper during their test. This book contains over 600+ detailed question walkthroughs that will help the student increase their test-taking proficiency and highlights the areas they need to work on in order to succeed.

4The Ultimate Guide To SAT Grammar 4th Edition

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Although this book is designed to focus on a very small portion of the SAT test, it’s probably the most thorough study aid for SAT grammar currently available. This book dives down into all of the grammar and rhetoric that is tested for on the SAT test so that the student can achieve the highest score possible. This book will cover everything from diction and idioms to colons and dashes. It will explain the intricacies of sentence and paragraph order, sentence formation and fragments, as well as detailing specific parts of speech. Anyone looking for a comprehensive guide on grammar for the SAT need look no further than this book.

3Ivy Global’s New SAT Guide 2nd Edition

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This book is designed to help students break down their strengths and their weaknesses, all while helping the student figure out just how difficult the test is going to be for them. It does this using tried and true study guidelines that will help the student immerse themselves in the information they need to pass the SAT. This book features high-quality strategies for dealing with the extensive reading, writing and math portions of the test, as well as content that will help students navigate the optional essay portion of the test. It also includes over 500 practice problems, 7 different SAT essay prompts and access to a wealth of online resources for additional practice.

2PWN The SAT: 4th Edition Math Guide

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Although this is yet another prep book that chooses to focus on a narrow portion of the SAT instead of focusing on the entire test, it is probably the most comprehensive guide book on the math portion of SAT that’s currently available. Using this book, a student will be able to sharpen their math test skills to the level that they will be able to take the test with absolute confidence. It does this by examining such math heavy subjects as algebraic manipulation, data analysis for a variety of media, quadratics, polynomials, solving linear equation systems, ratios and proportionality, and even complex numbers. All of which makes it the most detailed math preparation book available.

1The College Panda’s SAT Writing: Advanced Guide and Workbook

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Anyone looking to hone their grammar and writing skills to the level necessary to ace the SAT is going to want to consider taking a look at this prep book. That’s because this guide puts everything the student needs into one comprehensive volume that’s easy to read and understand. Inside of this book, the student will find clear explanations of SAT grammar rules, hundreds of different drills to help students master writing and grammar concepts, and the most common mistakes that are made by students when they’re taking the grammar portion of the SAT. That makes this guide book invaluable to anyone taking the SAT.

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How To Use SAT Prep Books

In order to get the best grade possible, the student is going to have to have the best SAT prep books available to them and spend the time necessary to thoroughly learn the material. Unfortunately, too many students don’t know which materials they need or where they need to begin with their study regimen.

To combat this problem, we’ve put together the following resource which will explain to students how to use SAT prep books to get the best result. Before we begin, however, let’s start off with the most commonly asked question by students: “What is the SAT test?”

What Is The SAT Test?

The SAT is a test that covers at least 3-hours of the student’s time and has sections on it testing the student’s math, writing and evidence-based reading skills. The test is an extra 50-minutes long for those students who decide to take the essay portion of the test. Most of the top schools in the U.S use this test to determine whether to admit a student or not, so it’s a very important test.

What’s On The SAT Test?

The SAT is broken down into two distinct sections: Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math. Below is a breakdown of each section, so students can adequately prepare for the test.

The Evidence-Based Reading Portion

  • Questions that determine reading comprehension
  • Questions that require the student complete sentences
  • Questions testing the student’s vocabulary

The Math Portion

  • Problems that are answered using multiple choice
  • Problems that cover numbers and operations
  • Problems that cover algebraic formulas
  • Problems that cover geometry
  • Problems that cover probability and statistics

The Writing Portion

  • A 25-minute timed written essay section
  • A 25-minute timed multiple choice section
  • A 10-minute timed multiple choice section

The above points are some of the things that the student is going to want to familiarize themselves with before they take the test. Obtaining the best SAT prep books available and studying them is the student’s best chance for success when taking this test.

Additional SAT Study Tips

Now that we’ve given a basic overview of what students can expect on the SAT test, it’s now time to talk about some of the things that students should keep in mind for the day of their SAT test. Below are some things the student should keep in mind when they’re getting ready to take the test and once they make it to the test.

Limit Your Areas Of Study For Best Results

One thing that ends up tripping up many students is that they begin studying for things that aren’t going to be on the SAT. To help students avoid this problem, we’ve listed some of the subjects that WON’T be on the test. These include specific historical events, scientific concepts, or philosophical proofs.

Know The SAT’s Rules For Calculators

For the mathematical portion of the test, the student is allowed to use a calculator. However, it should be stated that not all calculators are created equal, so it’s important to know the rules about the specific calculators the student can use. As a general rule, students can’t use mobile phones, tablets or laptop computers as calculators. Students also aren’t allowed to share calculators either.

Make Sure Your Calculator Is In Good Working Condition

It’s also important that the student makes sure their calculator is in good working condition and that it contains fresh batteries in it. Calculators or batteries are not provided at the testing site, as the student is responsible for that themselves.

Get A Good Night’s Rest The Night Before The Test

The student should make sure that they’re well rested when taking the test, so they should make sure that they get at least 6 to 8-hours of sleep the night before. That will ensure that their stress levels are manageable and that their mind is relaxed and focused.

Eat A Good Breakfast Before Taking The Test

The final thing to consider is eating a healthy breakfast on the day of the test. Preferably, something with protein in it so that the student has the energy and mental focus to make it through the 3-hours of the test. That will ensure that they get the best results possible when they’re taking the test.