Top 10 Best Sleep Masks of 2019 – Reviews

Sleep masks are a great tool which can help individuals who normally have problems sleeping get a better nights rest. Most physicians agree that people need anywhere from 7 to 9-hours of sleep a night, but many people are failing to hit that range. These night masks are an inexpensive solution that will better help the sleeper achieve a longer and more restful sleep.

We’ve done our research to find the best sleeping masks currently available and present them in the following list. We have also written a sleep guide which will help our readers get to sleep faster and get a more restful sleep once they’ve fallen asleep. Tips that will allow the reader to stop counting sleep and instead refresh themselves with a good night’s sleep.

Best Sleep Masks – Top List

10Pretty Care Eye Mask

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One of the great things about this eye mask is that it has a 3D design which features large eye cavities. This makes the mask more comfortable to wear and allows the user to open their eyes, even when their mask in on. That’s not the only great thing worth mentioning about this product, however. It’s also made with a super slim material that only weighs about half an ounce and is approximately 0.6 centimeters thick. It’s also made with a high-density memory foam that makes it extremely soft against the skin. And finally, it has a loop design that can easily be adjusted to fit the wearer’s head.

9Yiview 3D Mask

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If one mask is good, then three has to be better. Although that might not always be the case, it is for these 3D sleep masks. These comfortable and nice looking masks have a contoured shape design that doesn’t exert pressure on the wearer’s eyeballs and won’t brush against their eyelids. These high-quality masks are also made from an extremely light material that breathes and is comfortable enough to wear all night long. Another great feature found on these masks are their adjustable straps which hold the mask firmly to the wearer’s head but doesn’t pinch their hair in the process.

8Jersey Slumber Silk Mask

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This lightweight mask is not only a useful tool to have in the home, but it is also a useful tool for long plane rides, naps at the office or long train rides. It has a soft elastic strap that holds the mask close to the user’s head and does it without pinching the person’s skin or tangling in their hair. Although it’s not technically a 3D mask, it doesn’t cling to the eyelids as harshly as other sleep masks do. It blocks out all forms of light, so the user can get the REM sleep they need. And since this product is made from high-quality silk, it’s not only effective but also comfortable as well.

7LKY Digital Night Mask

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This 3-pack of high-quality contoured sleep masks gives the user for everyone in a household or for keeping a mask in several different locations for convenience. Each of these masks has eye spaces which are deeper and wider than many of the other 3D eye masks currently available. This means that it won’t disturb the wearer’s eye mask or exert pressure on their eyelids. Another great thing about this mask is that it has an adjustable buckle that allows it to be custom fit to the users head. And since this product is soft and gently breathes, these masks are also extremely comfortable.

6Mavogel Cotton Mask

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These handmade cotton masks are made with several features which make them extremely comfortable to wear. They have triangular wings which help to keep pressure off of the user’s eyes and nose. The cotton used in these masks breathe so they the user doesn’t get overheated as they sleep. It’s also extremely light, yet is capable of blocking out any and all light. This mask is made with an adjustable strap and has a bending cartilage piece that allows the mask to the sleeper’s nose shape. All of this comes together to create a mask that will help the user get the sleep they desperately need.

5Unimi Unisex Eye Mask

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Designed to provide a total blackout experience for the wearer, these high-quality eye shades are ideal for anyone looking to really get to sleep no matter where they are. It has a 3D contoured design that’s comfortable on the eyes but still provides the shade the wearer needs. This mask has an extremely soft and easy to adjust headband, is made with memory foam and elastic polyester for increased comfort, and is light enough that the wearer can forget they are even wearing it. And since this mask is made from high-quality components, it’s sure to give the sleeper many, many restful nights.

4MOSPRO 3D Eye Mask

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Weighing only 25-grams and with a very comfortable 3D design, this eye mask is barely noticeable to the wearer as they wear it in their search for a good night’s sleep. This mask is capable of blocking out 100% of all incoming light and do it without coming into contact with the sleeper’s eyelids. Other fantastic features which can be found on this mask include an adjustable elastic band that can be fit to the sleeper’s head and well-stitched edges which help to seal out the light. It’s also manufactured with materials which are not only fade-proof but is also bacterial resistant.

3OriHea Unisex Sleeping Mask

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For 99% of the people who try this sleep mask, it’s capable of blocking out 100% of all incoming light. This is because it’s made with a blackout feature that prevents light from coming in around the nose bridge, unlike comparable sleeping masks. This product is also comfortable to wear and has a 3D contoured design that prevents the mask from coming into contact with the sleeper’s eyes. This mask is also made with a light material that’s soft on the skin and allows air in so the sleeper doesn’t have to worry about the mask overheating their face in the middle of the night.

2Alaska Bear Silk Mask

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Is it possible for a mask that’s made for sleeping to be soft, comfortable and still provide the level of shade a person needs to get a good night’s sleep? The manufacturer of this mask believes it’s possible. This product is made from high-quality natural mulberry silk on both sides, and this provides a super soft experience to the sleeper. It also blocks out all of the light and has an adjustable strap that can be adjusted from 15.8-inches all the way to 27.6-inches, so it can fit just about anyone. This product’s strap is also designed in such a way that prevents it from snagging hair or pinching the user’s hair. Which means that this mask is soft, is comfortable and does block out most light.

1Paitree Travel Sleep Mask

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Manufactured with a breathable material that’s cool, soft and is extremely comfortable to wear, this sleep mask is sure to help the average person get the rest they need. It has a 100% blackout design that blocks out all of the light for almost everyone, and it has a 3D contoured design that allows the wearer’s eyes blink and doesn’t mess up their eye makeup. This mask also has a soft nose cushioning that prevents excess pressure from being placed upon the sleeper’s nose. And finally, this mask is equipped with a velcro strap that’s adjustable and will never pull the sleeper’s hair while they’re sleeping.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Sleep Mask Buying Guide

It might seem unnecessary to write a guide on how to buy a sleep mask, but the truth of the matter is that there’s a wide gulf between models that will actually do what they’re supposed to do and ones that don’t. Not every mask on the market does a good job of blocking out light or is comfortable enough to wear, or even stays on the user’s face all night. Because of these problems, we felt like we had to write a guide so people can get the rest they need. Having stated our intent, now let’s take a few things to consider when buying a night mask.

Decide on a Design

One of the very first things that need to be considered is the purpose of the mask. Not all masks are designed to block out light, other masks are designed for other purposes. For example, there are masks that are placed in the freezer and are designed to help eliminate sinus pain. There are also masks that add an aromatherapy element to the sleeper’s game. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume that most readers are going to look for a traditional sleeping mask that’s designed to block out the light that’s bothering them.

Mask Composition

The next thing to consider is what the masks are made of. Nowadays, masks are made with a variety of different materials which can include everything from PVC to silk to cotton. Although there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a mask for sleeping, most people tend to choose from softer materials. These people choose a mask that’s made from silk, satin or cotton. And those are probably the most comfortable options for most people.

Mask Shape

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a sleep mask is how it’s shaped. Most of the ones that are currently available at the local discount store or grocery store are made with a flat design. This means that they lay flat against the eyes. Since they exert a small amount of pressure on the eyelids, the user generally can’t open up their eyes while they’re wearing these masks. However, these type of masks may be common, but they aren’t the only ones available. There are also 3D masks. These masks are called 3D masks because they have a bit of depth to them. Inside of these masks is a little opening which prevents the mask from laying directly across the sleeper’s eyelids and allows the sleeper to open their eyes without having to remove the mask.

The Strap

When it comes to one of these masks, it’s important to choose one that has an adjustable strap. Although there are masks out there which have rubber-band straps, these masks tend to pinch and grab the hair. Therefore, it’s important that the mask that is chosen can be adjusted by hand for maximum comfort.

Additional Sleeping Tips

Now that we’ve covered how to buy the best sleeping mask possible and have given you a list of the ones that excite us, we feel it’s time to expand on the subject a little bit and give some additional sleeping tips. The following tips will help people get better quality sleep and to fall asleep faster.

  • Get Regular Exercise: People who exercise on a regular basis sleep better in general. However, it’s important that exercise is completed at least 3-hours before going to bed or else you won’t be able to sleep.
  • Avoid Caffeine & Nicotine: Caffeine and nicotine will keep people awake. Make sure to avoid caffeine at least a few hours before going to bed and avoid nicotine at least 2-hours before bedtime.
  • Don’t Drink Before Bedtime: Most people have the misconception that alcohol helps them sleep. However, it actually does the opposite, so avoid having a nightcap before bed.
  • Get Daylight During the Day: Studies show that a person’s sleep cycle is set by sunlight exposure they receive during the day, so be sure to get enough sun during the day.
  • Avoid Your Devices: The light from your smartphone, PC or tablet can alter your brain’s sleep cycle, so avoid electronic devices before bed.
  • Follow a Sleep Schedule: Your mind is greatly influenced by routine, so help it out by going to bed and waking up at the same times each day.
  • Avoid Heavy Meals: Heavy meals consumed before bed can make it difficult to not only fall asleep but also stay asleep, so make sure dinner is several hours before your scheduled bedtime.
  • Take a Hot Bath: A hot bath can relax the mind and the body. It relaxes the muscles, relaxes the joints and soothes the mind.
  • Avoid Sleep Anxiety: If you can’t fall asleep within 30-minutes of going to bed, then don’t just lay there because you’ll only make yourself anxious. Instead, take a few moments to do something soothing to take your mind off of not being able to sleep. Listen to some music or read a book. Once you get drowsy again, you can then head back to bed.

One Last Sleep Tip

There is one last tip we would like to convey before we wrap this article up. And this tip is to make sure that your sleep environment is the best that it can be. This means that there aren’t televisions or electronic devices in it, it has a comfortable bed in it and it is just the right temperature. This will ensure that you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.