Top 10 Best Slippers of 2019 – Reviews

Few things are finer than slipping off your shoes after the end of a hard day at work and putting on your favorite house slippers. Slippers are not only less restrictive than ordinary shoes but are capable of keeping the soles away from cold floors, which is especially handy during the winter months. Their comfort and warmth level is probably why they’re iconic of home comfort and have been since the 1950s.

The slippers made today, however, aren’t the same ones that our parents and grandparents wore. No, nowadays, they come in an almost unlimited number of styles and materials. And that makes buying the best pair all the more important. To help our readers find the perfect pair of slippers, we’ve selected the following ones below. Now everyone can get comfortable.

Best Slippers Of 2019

10Halluci Women’s Fleece Slippers

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Manufactured with a fleece upper body that not only makes these house slippers extremely cozy but also allows them to be machine washed, these house shoes are ready to help anyone relax at home. Inside, it has a memory foam insole that will cradle the wearer’s tired feet and give them the support their feet need as they march through the home. It also has a soft suede sole that’s waterproof and has anti-slip qualities as well. What’s truly remarkable about these shoes, however, is that they come in a variety of fun animal styles including unicorn whales, lions, bunnies, fluffy dogs or crocodiles.

9UGG Women’s Birche Slipper

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Manufactured from dyed sheep fur that’s been sourced from the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and the U.S., these slippers are as stylish looking as they are warm. All of the sheepskin that’s sourced to make these slips are sourced only from suppliers that comply with a strict animal welfare policy, so consumers can rest assured no animals were harmed to supply them with a cozy home shoe. They have a suede outsole which is thick enough to give the shoes a bounce to them, but not too large as to disrupt the stability of the foot. It also has a Jersey knit lining that keeps the foot comfortable and helps to wick away sweat away from the foot.

8Rock Dove Women’s Nordic Slippers

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Not only do these slippers have a fleece upper body that’s available in a variety of different colors including Cinnamon, Maple, Frosted Black, and Polaris Blue, but it also has a memory foam cushioned insole that’s sure to provide hours of comfort. Inside of the shoe is a micro-fleece that’s capable of keeping the toes nice and warm, even on the coldest of winter evenings. And these shoes are also easy to care for, thanks to their ability to be machine washed when they’re dirty. Available in U.S sizes from Size 6 to Size 11, there’s a size available for the majority of people.

7Fleece Anti-Slip Booties

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Available in a variety of different sizes from a U.S Size 5.5 to a U.S Size 10.5, and made in a number of different animal designs, there’s an anti-slip bootie that’s made for just about everyone. Some of the designs this shoe can be found in include fox, dog, a pink dog, white deer, brown deer, grey deer, and even gray sheep. They are made with soft fleece fabric and a cozy lining that cradles the foot after a long day of work. And since they have memory foam inserts, they give more than enough support for walking around the home. This makes them a great choice for adults of all ages.

6CLPP’LI Womens Slip-On Mules

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These slippers not only have a cute contemporary style, but they’re also extremely comfortable. They are manufactured with a synthetic suede upper body, a chunky synthetic rubber sole and are designed to be merely slipped onto the foot. They’re also equipped with a special inner lining that allows them to cradle the foot closely, but also makes the slippers a size smaller than actual foot size. They are not only ideal for wearing around the house, especially on cold winter mornings, but they also make an excellent gift to give someone for Mother’s Day, Christmas or any other special occasion.

5Rock Dove Men’s Two Tone Slippers

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Manufactured with a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, this shoe slides right on the foot and is comfortable enough to be worn all day long. It has a decidedly masculine design to it and has an open back so air can get to the foot. Inside, the shoe has a memory-foam cushioned insole that conforms to the curves of the foot and gives it the support it needs. These slippers also have a terry lining that helps to keep the toes warm during winter weather. And finally, this shoe is available in a variety of sizes which allows it to be bought for everyone from small children to adults.

4Home Top French House Slip-On Slippers

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Although these slippers are made with a French terry material that wicks moisture away from the foot to keep them warm during the winter, they are comfortable enough to be worn all year round. They have a special heel trim design, however, that actually makes them one size smaller than normal shoe sizes, so consumers should keep that in mind if they buy them. They are made with an insole that’s made from sponge and high-density memory foam, so the wearer not only receives much-needed arch support but actually feels like they are walking on a pillow all day long.

3Sosushoe Women’s Fluffy Slip-Ons

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Available with either a dark blue, light brown or dark brown exterior color and with a soft white fleece interior, these slippers are not only the epitome of style, but they’re also the epitome of comfort. They have a breathable cotton upper that provides support but doesn’t restrict the wearer’s foot, and it has a fleece insole that provides an extra level of comfort to the mix. It also has an anti-skid PVC sole that’s designed to absorb the impact of walking and to be durable enough to last for several seasons of use. And finally, these slippers are available in a number of sizes, all the way up to a U.S Size of 10.5.

2Home Top Women’s Knitted Slip-Ons

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Not many slippers can boast not only of having a design available in fun colors but also of being made of a wonderful combination of plush and knit. They are made with a knit exterior that’s as durable as it is cozy, and it’s available in one of several different fun colors including pink, light blue, light grey and dark grey. Inside, it has a faux fur trim that’s accented with a wood button that gives it a unique and memorable style. And since it’s made from a combination of knit uppers and a memory foam insole, this shoe not only flexes with the wearer’s foot but also supports the foot exceptionally well.

1Ultraideas Knitted Cotton Slippers

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These slippers may look like they’re made out of wool, but actually, they’re made from knitted cotton that gives them that appearance but also allows them to flex with the wearer’s foot. Once they’re slipped on, these slippers adjust to the wearer’s feet exceptionally well and provide a comfort level that can’t be beaten by many other house shoes. They give great support to the arch of the foot as the wearer walks across their house and they’re easy to maintain by just tossing them into a washer when they’re dirty. All of these features make them ones that are definitely worth checking out.

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A Guide To Buying Better Slippers

Slippers, also known as house shoes, are a great accessory for anyone to own. They not only prevent the wearer from remaining cooped up in their work shoes all day but also gives them something warm to slip on their feet when they have to head to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And since some people prefer to wear slippers with a distinctive animal shape to them, house shoes can also reveal quite a bit about the personality of the wearer.

The casual nature of these clothing articles makes it seem like a person can just buy the first pair they come across and not give them a second thought. Unfortunately, that’s simply isn’t the case. There are plenty of house shoes available today that don’t keep up with industry standards and are made with inferior materials. In order to help our readers avoid these “slipper lemons,” we’ve decided to create this guide which will help you determine if a particular pair of slippers is suitable to buy.

Choose The Correct Size

Obviously, the first thing anyone is going to want to consider is the size of their feet and the size of the slipper. Although you would think that most slipper sizes are standard, the fact of the matter is that there’s a lot more wiggle room when it comes to sizes than you would expect. And this is further complicated by the fact that some slippers are made in the United States, all across Europe and all over Asia. This means that you’ll want to pay attention to sizes closely to make sure that the pair you’re going to buy is going to fit your feet well. Let’s look at some common American shoe sizes and compare them with the size in inches and in European sizes.

  • U.S. Size 5: 8-5/8-inches from heel to toe or European Size 35-36
  • U.S. Size 6: 9-inches from heel to toe or European Size 36-37
  • U.S. Size 8: 9-5/8-inches from heel to toe or European Size 38-39
  • U.S. Size 9: 10-inches from heel to toe or European Size 39-40
  • U.S. Size 10: 10-1/4-inches from heel to toe or European Size 40-41

Consider The Materials

What’s really going to make the difference between the worst and the best slippers available is what they’re made from. High-quality house shoes will obviously be made from high-quality materials, but consumers have a choice as to what those materials will be. Let’s examine some of the more common shoe materials and see the properties that make them worthy of being considered.

  • Leather: Leather is durable and breathes extremely well. It’s also quite flexible and helps to support the foot’s natural movement. However, it’s also more expensive than other materials and leather house shoes can’t be washed in the washer when they’re dirty.
  • Wool: This material helps to regulate temperature and also helps to isolate the foot against the cold. Which makes them good for winter, but they’re also suitable for summer because they allow excess heat to escape from the wearer’s foot when the temperatures are higher. This material is also extremely comfortable and flexible. The only downside is that some people may be allergic to wool or find it to be too scratchy.
  • Cotton Or Cotton Blend: Cotton is a great material because it’s comfortable, it breathes, and it flexes with the natural movement of the foot. However, this material does have one drawback, and that’s the fact that when it gets moist it tends to pull heat away from the skin. That means if your feet tend to sweat then these slippers can become extremely cold in the winter due to the wet cotton drawing heat away from the feet.

Consider The Sole

The last thing to consider is the sole. Modern slippers come with quite a variety of different soles, and they are made with everything from Thermoplastic Rubber (TP) to Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). They’re even made with a material called Elon—which is a compression molded product made using natural rubber and EVA. The point of the matter is that it really doesn’t matter what material the soles are made from, not unless you have a very sensitive allergy to one of the materials used to make the sole. What does matter, however, is that they’re thick enough to provide the bounce that you need and to insulate your feet from the cold floor. If they do those two things, then they’re probably a good buy.