Top 10 Best Snow Blowers of 2019 – Reviews

Snow blowers are among those machines you don’t really know you need until you need them most. Depending on where you live, winter can be anything from very mild to extremely harsh, usually the farther North you live. So unless you want to spend a lot of time shoveling snow every winter, you might want to invest in a snow blower to make your life easier, especially nowadays when the market has so much to offer in this regard.

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A lot can be said about what makes a good snow blower, starting from the design, the construction, and the overall size of the machine, all the way up to the fuel used to power it and its maneuverability. What you need to keep in mind is that size doesn’t usually determine how good a snow blower can be, nor is it a good indication of its potency. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best snow blowers money can buy at this point in time.

Best Snow Blowers – Top List

10Snow Joe Ultra SJ624E Electric Snow Thrower

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Designed for handling deep snowfall on big driveways, the Snow Joe’s Ultra SJ624E moves up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, cutting an 18-inch wide, and 10-inch deep snow swath in one pass while an integrated scraper blade clears the snow down to the pavement efficiently and effortlessly. And since it is a smart electric-powered model, it is quite simple to use as well as maintain. It is also easy to control, a feature one must always look for when shopping for a snow blower of any kind.

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9Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 Single-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

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With the Troy-Bilt’s Squall 2100, snow removing jobs are a lot easier than you would be made to believe judging by its size alone. Utilizing a reliable 208cc 4-stroke engine that integrates an easy electric start, this lightweight, single-stage snow thrower clears snow from your walkways up to 21 inches wide by 13 inches deep in a single pass. At the same time, its polymer chute rotates through 190 degrees to allow snow discharging efficiency and convenience, while a gull wing handle ensures ease of use and maneuverability.

8Briggs & Stratton Single Stage Snow Thrower Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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Made by Briggs & Stratton, the 1696737 snow thrower works great for shorter driveways and sidewalks with light, even medium, snowfall. A small design, it is a single-stage model that offers efficient and simple snow removal. Light and simple to control, this Auger-propelled snow thrower boasts convenient features, among them manually rotatable chute integrating a quick deflector. We should also point out that it is powered by a unique 208cc engine that generates power to cut through even the heaviest winter snow.

7Husqvarna ST224P Power Steering Snowthrower

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Featuring a powerful 208cc engine, Husqvarna ST224P is a 2-stage snow thrower that does a great job for 2 through 12-inch snow piles. It also boasts an electric start, power steering, 24-inch wide clearing path, LED headlight, 180-degree rotatable remote chute with a deflector, improved performance 12-inch augers, heated grip handles, high-performance friction disc transmission, reliable tires, and a lot more. Not only that but you will find this particular snow blower to be a lot more maneuverable than many in this price range.

6WEN 5662 Snow Blaster Electric Snow Thrower

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WEN Snow Blaster is another great snow thrower available today, one that stands out through its ease of use and improved durability. This machine enjoys an ingenious design that enables it to clear snow 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep per pass. Its reliable 13.5-amp motor offers great power, blasting the snow even 20 ft. away at 10 ft. high. Moreover, its adjustable discharge chute is easily rotatable up to 180 degrees, providing a great deal of control over the throw direction.

5Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower

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Behind the Snow Joe’s Ultra SJ621’s reliable snow throwing performance is a robust 13.5-amp motor, offering power enough for moving 650-pound snow in one minute. Designed for clearing snow from walkways, driveways, and patios quickly while sparing time and effort in the process, it uses a 4-blade heavy-grade steel rotor to throw the snow 20 ft. away in a single pass. Furthermore, this high-end machine is seen as one of the most reliable out there on account of its clever design and improved flexibility.

4Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

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Powered by a robust 15-amp motor, Snow Joe’s Ultra SJ625E can move 800-pound snow in under a minute. A durable augur and two rubber blades cut snow 21-inch wide and 12-inch high path every pass, a potency that surely makes it stand out among 15-Amp snow blowers/throwers. It also has easy-glide, all-terrain wheels, making it simple to control and maneuver. At the same time, its variable chute rotates 180 degrees, offering full control over the snow discharge direction. We should also point out that it features an integrated chute deflector that can be adjusted to control the snow stream height.

3Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower with Light

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If you’re looking to make a quick, easy job of the heavy snow around your home every winter, then you should definitely consider one of the most powerful snow throwers today, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E. Integrating a robust 15-amp motor, it moves up to 720-pound snow in a minute, which is impressive, to say the least. At the same time, this blower has a durable 4-blade rotor made of heavy-duty steel and cuts an 18-inch wide by 10-inch deep snow. Moreover, it features a halogen headlight for added visibility and versatility.

2Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

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The Briggs & Stratton 1696619 snow thrower is a medium-duty, dual-stage model featuring a high-efficiency 250cc gas engine and 27-inch wide and 20-inch high snow clearing deck. It has an effortless push electric start that works well even in the coldest conditions, which should come in handy if you live in a particularly cold climate. Furthermore, its friction disc transmission performs well in heavy snowfall for a more reliable clearing capacity. This recommends it for anyone who has a large yard to clear or for anyone with a particularly long driveway.

1Snow Joe iON18SB Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower

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A highly popular snow thrower by most metrics, the Snow Joe iON18SB is great for clearing snow-packed sidewalks, decks, or driveways of any size. It is a single stage model that offers convenience without being too demanding control-wise. Weighing just 32 lbs, it allows for a much easier maneuverability than other blowers, which is also facilitated by an integrated LED headlight and a cordless design that makes it stand out quite a bit. Last but not least, this single-stage brushless snow blower is seen as one of the most reliable on the market due to its ingenious engineering, which may explain its tremendous popularity.

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What To Look For In A Snow Blower

Even if you are aware of the key features, functionalities, and important factors when selecting a snow blower, you still have to ponder about its intended use and whether not you can hanlde its maintenance requirements. For that reason, you must begin your quest by keeping in mind your budget above all else, because some blowers can be quite demanding in this respect. Over the next few minutes, we will try to figure out what makes a good snow blower and what features one should look for when buying one.

Types Of Snow Blowers

There are three types of snow blowing devices, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While they are all designed to perform roughly the same tasks, some are definitely more peculiar than others, design-wise or in regards to how you operate them. In principle, there are three types of snow blowers to choose from: single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage, usually separated by the strength of their motor and their operating parameters.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

Lighter, compact and much easier to handle, the single stage snow blower is perfect for small-scale areas with up to 8 inches of snow and less. A single stage snow blower is further divided into three types. These include:

Corded Electric – This type of blower is switched on with a single push of a button. However, it requires a cord that should be effective during all weather conditions. With low maintenance requirements, these machines can be stored with relative ease. We should, however, point out that the presence of a power cord makes them rather rigid and difficult to maneuver, albeit at a much lower price tag.

Cordless Electric – Similar to corded single stage blowers, this type of blower does not come with any wiring and is flexible by design, easy to carry around, and compact in size. This makes them perfect for people who require a fair share of flexibility when removing snow. Not only that but cordless snow blowers also make great gifts for people who wouldn’t otherwise consider investing in such a long-term solution for removing snow.

Gas Blowers – These kind of snow blowers are the most reliable of them all as they offer extreme mobility and can clear a much larger space thanks to their powerful engine. The gas-powered motor of a gas-based blower is far more potent than the electric motor of much smaller versions. This recommends gas-powered blowers for people with particularly large areas that require clearing come winter time.

Two Stage Snow Blowers

With the ability to handle snow for up to 8 inches and less, these type of snow blowers are gas models and feature a heavy-duty engine, robust wheels and can clear large areas of snow with the toughest surface. A two-stage snow blower helps to remove all traces of snow much quicker than a single stage blower. Loaded with additional features and functions, a two-stage snow blower is quicker, more powerful, and can clear moderate to heavy snow.

Three Stage Snow Blowers

Similar to two-stage snow blowers, a three-stage snow blower is also backed up by gas and features a powerful engine that works a lot faster, cleaning up more snow than a two-stage snow blower or a single-stage version. Like the name suggests, the motor on these blowers is usually a lot stronger than regular snow blowers, which means that they are commonly aimed at small businesses or people with large yards.

Features To Consider When Purchasing A Snow Blower

Electric starter – Rather than utilizing a manual starting mechanism, an electric starter is a far better choice. We should point out that most gas models are equipped with electric starters that eliminate pull cords altogether.

Gas engine – A gas engine is much a better option than electric models, and much more powerful as well. Maintenance-aside, the fact that these blowers are designed to process large areas should recommend them to anyone with a particularly large yard.

Size of the blower – The width and height of the machine help to determine the amount of snow it can take in. A bigger width and height helps clear snow faster and reduces the time. It also works great with tall collections of snow.

Single-hand mechanism – A blower that can be operated by one hand is much more efficient and handy, especially when it comes to on-the-go adjustments. Offering an improved handling, these blowers are not only easier to start up but also a lot easier to maneuver overall.

Speed settings – A varied set of speed controls is essential as it lets you set the pace of the blower depending on the snow, either in a forward or reverse motion. In this respect, we should point out that most modern blowers benefit from fully controllable speed settings, especially the high-end models.

Power steering – This helps with optimum maneuverability and movement while clearing snow. Along with the maneuverability of the blower itself, a certain degree of power steering is also to be expected from a good model.

Robust tires – Sturdy, heavy-duty tires help with providing high levels of traction, especially when used on rough terrain and uneven surfaces. On a related note, dual tires models help by providing not only flexibility but a much better grip overall.

Chute control – This helps with proper adjustment of the direction in which you would like the snow to be discharged. This can either be remote controlled or joystick controlled. They also come with extensions to prevent the snow from blowing back.

Drift cutters – These are narrow bands made from high-quality steel that cut through the thickest snow, making it easy to move through quickly. Depending on the model, these bands can be quite large in some models. Keep in mind, however, that larger drift cutters make the snow blower less maneuverable.

Headlight – A powerful headlight is somewhat essential for a high-end snow blower, especially since darkness sets in early during the cold season. These improve visibility quite a bit, making the blowers a lot more easy to use in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

Heated handles – Although your gloves might keep your hands snug and warm, heated handles on a snow blower would definitely add to the comfort making it easier to work no matter how harsh the weather conditions get. If possible, go for a model that offers full-handle heating because cheaper models only heat up partially.