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Top 10 Best Soccer Cleats of 2019 – Reviews

Soccer cleats are a vitally important piece of any soccer player’s equipment. A good pair of high-quality cleats will grip the ground better and will give the player better traction during their games. And better traction almost always equals improved performance. A good pair of shoes will also help the player stay on their feet longer and helps prevent them from needlessly losing their footing.

Unfortunately, too many people are worried about the name brand that manufacturer’s their shoes or how stylish their shoes look and don’t worry enough about performance. However, we don’t believe that style, fashion and performance have to be mutually exclusive. That’s why we’ve found ten of the best soccer cleats that combine all three aspects into some pretty good shoes.

Best Soccer Cleats Of 2019

10Puma Men’s Evospeed 4.2 FG

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Puma’s evoSpeed 4.2 FG shoes are designed to give both offensive and defensive players the speed they need to play their game in the best way possible. These shoes are made with a softer upper portion that’s made out of a synthetic material that makes it not only durable but comfortable as well. It also has a lightweight TPU outsole that’s equipped with a well-balanced mix of both bladed and conical studs, so it can be used on firm natural surfaces with great ease. And best of all, these shoes come in bright and flashy color configurations that introduces you as the star of the game.

9NIKE Men’s Mercurial Victory V

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This shoe is not only designed to deliver blistering speed but is also designed to provide the player with explosive maneuvering and incredible ball touch, even at higher running speeds. These shoes have low-profile cleats that are designed to be used on natural surfaces, and they also have a TPU outsole that delivers good bounce and control. These shoes have an internal cage that helps to lock down the foot to provide the user with a more controlled and softer touch. And since these shoes also come in a variety of different colors and styles, there’s a pair waiting for just about anyone.

8Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.2 FG/AG

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With a revolutionary claw and stud configuration, these shoes allow the player to achieve greater acceleration than some of the more expensive soccer cleats currently available. They’re built using a synthetic X-skin material that gives the shoe the lightness the player needs to control the ball at any speed the player chooses. These shoes are also built with an X-cage that locks down the foot and allows the player to make incredibly quick and unpredictable movements on the field. They also have a close-fitting upper skin made of synthetic materials that are extremely durable and these shoes also come in a number of vibrant colors.

7Puma Men’s King Allround TT

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Equipped with a unique ground control outsole that’s fitted with multi-studded cleats and a high-quality rubber sole, these shoes are ready to help the player perform their best on the field every time they’re on the field. These shoes have a quilted vamp that gives good shooting control, and they have Puma Cell cushioning in the midsole, so it’s always comfortable to wear them. These shoes absorb shocks from the ground extremely well, and the shoe is made from 100% leather for durability and comfort. And finally, these shoes have a nice black, white and gold design that’s sure to stand out on the field.

6Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial

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These Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats are made with a full leather upper body, a synthetic sole and a synthetic lining for comfort. It’s designed to be used on the firm natural ground and to not only provide the wearer with much-needed comfort but also improve their performance as well. These shoes have a die-cut EVA insole that’s lightweight while remaining comfortable, and the entire shoe has a nice rugged look to it. These shoes are manufactured in Germany using high-quality materials and are designed to be shoes that give soccer players a little bit of a boost in their performance.

5Zephz Wide Traxx 2.0

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These shoes not only provide great performance but they also look good, too. They’re made with a one-piece upper portion that is crafted using synthetic leather and has a dimpling that very much resembles the dimpling on golf balls, although it’s less pronounced. This product also has a very wide cleat, and its TPU outsole is equipped with rivets. These shoes are also sold not only with traditional black laces but also with a number of brightly colored laces that are designed to help the soccer player stand out. Some of the laces included with these shoes include green, orange, yellow, blue and teaberry laces.

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4Dream Pairs Men’s Cleated Soccer Shoes

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These soccer shoes have a number of things going for them including not only their brightly colored style but also the fact that they cost less than traditional soccer shoes. They are made with synthetic materials that not only make these especially comfortable but also extremely lightweight and durable as well. They have rubber molded cleats that are arranged in a rotational traction configuration, and they have insoles that are cushioned for added comfort. Although some people may see these shoes as merely budget soccer cleats, in reality, they are extremely well designed and well-built shoes that provide players with the performance they need.

3Vizari Stealth FG Soccer-Shoes

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These soccer cleats not only come in a variety of exciting color combinations but are also made with a number of different features which helps the player achieve the performance levels they’re attempting to reach. These shoes are made with an outsole that’s stitched to the upper portion of the shoe for increased durability and have a padded heel for comfort. It also has a collar lining designed to be easier on the player and has a low ankle height for increased maneuverability. It also has flat round cleats that give the player the traction they need on firm surfaces, so they can really explode on the field.

2Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro 16.1 FG

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Designed with a vamp that’s made from kangaroo leather for increased flexibility and a heal that’s made with synthetic leather for stability, this shoe is often the preferred choice for shooters and other offensive minded players. They’re made with a synthetic lining that provides great in-step comfort and has a lockdown fit that improves overall stability. These shoes have a die-cut EVA insole that’s not only lightweight but also comfortable, too. And the final thing worth mentioning about these cleats is that they have a low ankle height for improved maneuverability, so players can move quickly and efficiently when on the field.

1Adidas Peformance Men’s X 16.3 FG

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These soccer cleats are designed and manufactured to give the player the edge they need on the field. It’s designed with the unique FG Chaos stud alignment that provides excellent speed and traction when used on the firm ground. It also has a compression upper portion that delivers a perfect fit every single time they’re worn with very little to no break-in period. These shoes provide excellent control and have a natural feel to them that other shoes can only dream about. And since they are designed in a number of vibrant colors, these shoes also look as good as they perform.

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Soccer Cleat Buying Guide

Although it’s quite understandable that the player may want to get a pair of soccer cleats that not only perform well but look good, it’s also important that the player begins with performance and then select their style among the top performing cleats. This allows them to not only find a shoe that looks good but to also find one that will help their performance during their games. Having said that, below are a few things that everyone should consider when buying a new pair of soccer cleats.

Upper & Midsole Construction

When it comes to buying a pair of soccer cleats, there is really no right answer to the question of what materials the upper part and the midsole should be made out of. There are a number of different choices when it comes to the materials used to make modern cleats, and these can include everything from full-grain leather, kangaroo leather, and a number of synthetic materials. That’s because every player has to determine for themselves how the shoes are going to be used and the conditions they need them to withstand.

For example, many professional soccer players use full-grain leathers because they are extremely comfortable and durable. However, these shoes really aren’t suitable for playing in wet grasses because they aren’t waterproof. If a player wants a waterproof shoe or at least water-resistant, then they are going to have to go with a synthetic material. Some players like to use shoes made from kangaroo leather because they are extremely supple and usually don’t have much of a “breaking-in” period. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to the player and their particular needs on the soccer field.

As far as the midsole goes, it’s important to choose a pair of soccer cleats that have enough cushioning material to absorb the shocks of running and playing soccer. A good midsole will be comfortable but won’t be too bulky. Of course, if a good midsole isn’t present in a pair of soccer cleats that you want, then an optional cushioned midsole can be used to fix the problem.

Outsole Construction

The outer sole is the part in which the cleats are located and which come directly in contact with the ground. In most instances, consumers have the choice between natural rubber and EVA outsoles. Each of these materials has different properties and provide different results. If the soccer cleats are going to be used on softer ground or ground that is wet, then rubber usually provides the best grip possible. However, if the ground is hard or patchy, then rubber is not going to be a good choice for an outsole. In those instances, it’s best to have an EVA outsole.

However, having said that, if you aren’t going to be using your cleats exclusively on soft or wet fields, then EVA is going to be a natural choice. That’s because EVA, also known as Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, has a number of handy characteristics which makes it ideal for soccer cleats. Some of these characteristics include the following:

  • Better traction on harder surfaces
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Resistance to stress
  • Resistance to UV radiation

As you can clearly see from the above list of characteristics, in most cases, EVA is going to be the preferred material for most applications. However, if EVA isn’t available, then TPU (also known as Thermoplastic Urethane) is the next best choice in most instances.

Cleat Construction

Although most leagues have rules, regulations, and restrictions as to what cleats can be used, it’s still important to have a basic understanding of which cleats are available. Typically, cleats can be broken down into five different categories: Hard Ground, Firm Ground, Soft Ground, Indoor and Turf. Below is a brief explanation of each of these types.

  • Hard Ground: These cleats usually are equipped with conical studs that can be used on patchy fields that have rocky or flinty dirt. Unlike other forms of cleats, they don’t dig into the earth, but instead, ride on top of it.
  • Firm Ground: These cleats are used most often on frass fields during outdoor games. They’re designed to give a little bit of extra traction on surfaces that are dry and firm.
  • Soft Ground: These models are designed for muddy fields, so they have long studs that dig into the earth. They can be more dangerous around other plans than other types of cleats, so some leagues restrict their use.
  • Indoor: These actually look like they don’t have cleats at all, although they do have somewhat of a raised sole pattern. They are designed for use on indoor courts.
  • Turf: These models are designed for artificial turf and have conical studs that are grouped in clusters.

Ankle Height

When it comes to soccer cleats, there are really only two different height positions for how the shoes fit on the ankle: low profile and mid-profile. Although it’s your personal preference to decide which ankle height is right for you, there are pros and cons to each height. Low profile ankle heights allow the ankle to move in a wider range of directions, and this increases the player’s range and motion, as well as how well they’re able to corner.

On the other hand, low-profile ankle heights don’t provide the same protection that mid-range ankle heights provide. Therefore, defensive players tend to prefer shoes with a mid-ankle height and offensive players tend to prefer a lower ankle height. However, we would like to emphasize that these aren’t firm rules and both defensive and offensive players should choose the shoes which serve their playing style the best.

The Last Word

As it can be seen from the above guide, there’s a lot of things to consider before purchasing a new pair of soccer cleats. However, this shouldn’t deter the soccer player from doing their research and choosing the best pair of cleats for themselves and their game. If they do, then they can rest assured that their speed and performance is complemented by the shoe that’s right for them.