Top 10 Best Sun Hats for Babies in 2019 – Reviews

You don’t really want your baby to be exposed to too much sunlight during hot summer days, no parent does. Yet a surprisingly big number of parents don’t really invest in sun hats for their babies, preferring to either use regular baby hats or to improvise whenever the need arises.

With regular baby hats, your baby is bound to experience a certain degree of discomfort and this is mainly because of the fact that sunny days are usually a lot hotter than usual, which means that while you’re keeping your baby safe from UV rays, you’re also causing the baby a great deal of discomfort. To give you a better idea of what to look for if you’re ever in the market for a good sun hat for your baby, we put together a list of the ten best sun hats for babies that money can buy.

Best Sun Hats for Babies 2019

10Zutano Sun Hat Candy Stripe

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buy from amazonMade from 100% cotton, this sun hat is bound to provide your little one with not only the UV protection it requires but to also assure that they’ll get proper airflow at the same time. We say this because many baby hats out there completely disregard a baby’s need to also feel comfortable when wearing summer clothes and this includes baby shirts and pants as well. Also worth mentioning is that this particular cap is machine washable at any temperature and that it comes available in a rainbow of colors.

9Toubaby Kid Boy’s Dolphin Sun Hat

buy from amazonThis simplistic yet highly durable baby hat from Toubaby is designed with comfort in mind above everything else. For this reason, you can rest assured that your baby will experience the highest standards of comfort during hot summer days. As you would expect, this hat is also relatively easy to store, thanks mainly to its flexible construction, one that makes it both comfortable and tough at the same time.

8Kids Sun Hat – UPF45 Wet & Dry Sun Hats for Kids

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buy from amazonDesigned to fit most toddlers, this microfiber & polyester hat won’t lose shape when wet, nor will it evaporate water during quick temperature changes. For this reason, this particular hat is perfect whenever you take the family by the seaside or when your toddler is having fun by the pool. Due to its snug comfy fit, it is bound to fit the head of most toddlers, even those under two years of age.

7Marca West Unisex Baby Kid Toddler Hat

buy from amazonMade from cotton, this hat will prove extremely comfortable in all weather, even though it was mostly designed to be used during hot summer days. We say this because you will find this hat to be more than capable of keeping your child’s head warm if the weather changes while still providing proper airflow when it’s hot outside. As for its construction, let us point out that the hat features adjustable chin straps that tie under the neck so as to provide a perfect fit for all babies and toddlers.

6Born to Love – Baby Boy Infant Trucker Hat

buy from amazonThe first thing to point out about this particular hat is how trendy and fashionable it looks. Designed to fit most babies and toddlers, this interesting hat features an aesthetically pleasing construction that not many sun hats for babies have if we are o be honest. Concerned with comfort and flexibility, many manufacturers completely disregard the need for such a hat to also be pleasant to look at, which is the department where this hat stands out.

5i Play Baby & Toddler Protective Hat

buy from amazoni Play Baby & Toddler Protective Hat is head wear that’s designed for babies and children ranging in sizes from newborn to 4T. It’s a sun hat that’s made out of 100% polyester that provides a UPF of 50+ and has a convenient pull-on closure. It has a cap brim that can protect the child’s face and eyes, as well as a long neck flap that keeps the back of their necks from getting burned. This protective hat also has an adjustable toggle that allows it fit snugly on your child. Another great thing about this hat is that it’s lightweight and easy to pack, allowing it to be taken just about anywhere.

4Twinklebelle Baby Sun Hat with Chin Strap

buy from amazonThanks to its drawstring head adjustment feature, this particular sun hat is much easier to fit than most. It also benefits from a breathable 50+ UPF cotton construction aimed at providing good sun protection and comfort. Interestingly enough, it also packs a chin strap with easy toggle adjustment additions and a breakaway safety clip for good measure. Due to its construction, it is also very easy to store when traveling.

3Sunday Afternoons Baby Unisex Play Hat

buy from amazonThis lightweight, stroller friendly, water repellent unisex play hat from Sunday Afternoons is one of the best sun hats for babies when it comes to UV protection. We say this because it has a UPF 50+ certification rating along with a design that offers a neck veil for protection the back of the neck as well as the baby’s head. Furthermore, you will find this nylon/mesh hat to be extremely easy to clean thanks to the ingenious design it enjoys.

2Eyelet Baby Sun Hat 50+ UPF Size Adjustable

buy from amazonThe Eyelet Baby Sun Hat is perhaps one of the best baby sun hats out there and a look at its construction will tell you why. You see, this hat features a drawstring head adjustment feature that makes it a good fit for any baby or toddler. It also features a breathable 50+ UPF cotton construction that makes it both protective and comfortable, even when worn for long periods of time. At the same time, it features a toggle adjustable chinstrap and a breakaway safety clip for good measure.

1Sunday Afternoons Youth Unisex Play Hat

buy from amazonWith the Sunday Afternoons Youth Unisex Play Hat, your baby will experience the highest possible standards of comfort and protection without sacrificing shape or style in any way. Thanks to a nylon, mesh, and polyester construction, this hat will prove surprisingly resistant to any weather conditions along with being very easy to clean. At the same time, it offers a 50+ UPF resistance and a moisture wicking surface along with a floatable foam core. Overall, it is perhaps the best sun hat for babies that money can buy right now.


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