Top 10 Best Sweatpants For Him and Her in 2019 – Reviews

Although initially designed to provide comfort when running or doing intense workouts, sweatpants have since become very versatile in their usage. People are using sweatpants for everything these days, even when relaxing in the comfort of their own homes. The many uses of sweatpants also extend to social gatherings where people prefer to wear them with sneakers or any other casual footwear.

This raises two important questions – what to look for when buying sweatpants and which ones should we consider when making a decision? To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best sweatpants money can buy.

Best Sweatpants For Him and Her in 2019

Top 5 Best Sweatpants For Him

 1  Adidas Men’s Essential Tricot Track Pant

buy from amazonMade from 100% polyester, the Adidas Men’s Essential Tricot Track Pant is a great piece of workout wear for all kinds of sports enthusiasts as well as professional athletes. It uses only the finest polyester from the USA or is imported to match the high standards of the company. These pants incorporate two slanted pockets on the sides for easy storing of keys, mobiles, wallets, or more. The elastic waistband is soft and comfortable and has a drawcord for adjusting the size.

 2  PUMA Men’s Contrast Pants

buy from amazonPuma has a legacy that cannot be matched when it comes to sporting equipment and a clear example is their Men’s Contrast Pants. The main material is made of a mix of 65% cotton and 35% polyester while the lining of the pant is made from 100% cotton. These pants are washing machine friendly and the elastic waistband is soft and easy on the skin. They also have a drawcord for a more customizable fit.

 3  Nike Men’s Club Fleece Sweat Pants

buy from amazonThe first name we often associate with sports gear is Nike and for good reasons. Their Men’s Club Fleece Sweatpants are something every athlete deserves. We say this because they’re great for all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports such as jogging, running, gym, basketball, and even gymnastics. They are also made from the best quality synthetic which keeps them breathable and extremely durable as well.

 4  Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Fleece Sweatpants

buy from amazonThese highly comfortable sweatpants from Hanes stand out through their strong elastic cuffs which are designed to withstand a fair amount of tension without losing their tightness. Speaking of tightness, these sweatpants also have an impressively strong elastic waistband and a strong internal drawstring to match. Not only that but the fact that they are constructed with low-pill high-stitch fleece makes them surprisingly lightweight despite their thickness.

 5  Champion Men’s Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant

Champion Men’s Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant

buy from amazonChampion is a name that is trusted around the world for its sports equipment and the Men’s Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant is a definite favorite. It is made from a mix of 75% cotton for a comfortable fit and 25% polyester for long lasting durability. Lined with 9.3-ounce fleece, cold winds are deflected out and the legs are kept warm at all times. The elastic waistband is covered and comes with a drawcord on the inside for adjusting.

Top 5 Best Sweatpants For Her

 1  SweatyRocks Women’s Tie Waist Yoga Jogger Pants

buy from amazonWhile it isn’t the most lightweight sweatpant available, the SweatyRocks Women’s Pants Colorblock Casual Tie Waist Yoga Jogger Pants are extremely durable and performance based to an impressive standard. They ensure your legs remain warm and snug during winters. The seams are practically missing which keeps away any annoying loose threads or itchiness. The color-blocking style ensures you are always in trend and the drawstring allows users to get that perfect fit.

 2  Champion Women’s Jersey Pant

buy from amazonThe brand Champion has gained immense popularity over the years, some of it thanks to their Women’s Jersey Pant. The sweat pant is made from 100% high quality, imported, and durable cotton which offers a great fit, comfort, and overall, an excellent performance.

It is safe to wash in the washing machine and its waistband is completely tag-free which means no itchiness when worn over long periods of time. It also features a drawcord for a better fit while the elastic sits comfortably on the skin.

 3  ToBeInStyle Women’s Solid Print French Terry Jogger Pants

buy from amazon

What makes these pants stand out is their functional front pockets which sometimes go amiss when it comes to women’s sweatpants. The reasons behind this are usually cosmetic, as some women prefer aesthetics over practicality, yet at the cost of not having where to carry your valuables. Still, these self-fabric 57% cotton & 38% polyester are some of the most durable out there, which when combined with their spacious pockets and functional drawstring waistband recommends them for any woman who lives an active lifestyle.

 4  Hanes Women’s Middle Rise Sweatpants

buy from amazonWant to hide that little tummy after a food-filled holiday season when you go back to the gym? Give the Hanes Women’s Middle Rise Sweatpant a go and you won’t regret it. These pants are super comfortable thanks to their unique construction that involves a mix of 50% cotton and 50% polyester which provides comfort and durability.

They are also 100% machine washable and come with a broad knit waistband that covers the tummy entirely. Thanks to their ingenious construction, they are extremely breathable and allows users to keep their legs warm in cold temperatures and cool in warmer temperatures.

 5  Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant

buy from amazonIf you’re looking to add style to your workout, then the Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant is the way to go. These quality pants are made from either 90% cotton and 10% polyester or 60% cotton and 40% polyester, depending on the color choice.

They can also machine washable and boast a waistband that is both soft and flexible. Not only that but it also features a drawcord for easy adjustments. The side pockets are perfect for carrying your smartphone, wallet, or cash around easily while its cuffs on the bottom come with soft bands for a snugger fit.


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What To Look For When Buying Sweatpants

sweat pantsThe versatile nature of sweatpants allows them to be worn for almost any occasion, not just for working out. This has pushed manufacturers to not only design practical sweatpants but also fashionable to an impressive standard.

Even so, you shouldn’t look for sweatpants that are only good for exercising just as you shouldn’t consider style as a determining factor when making a purchase.

If you have the time to analyze the sweatpants closely before buying them, we suggest to consider the following:

Make sure they fit – One common issue with sweatpants is that they don’t always fit the way other pants their size should fit. This is because of how sweatpants are constructed, a style that often causes discomfort for people who’s legs are muscular or particularly thick. Either that or they don’t provide a proper fit for people with skinny legs. A good way to avoid that is to always try them on before buying them.

They should be loose around the crotch – It is very important for sweatpants to be loos around the crotch and tighs for obvious reasons. Unlike designer clothes that are supposed to make you look good regardless of comfort, you want sweatpants to be as comfortable as possible. The entire point of wearing sweatpants is to be as comfortable as possible, which is where good airflow and freedom of movement come into play.

Good sweatpants are tight around the ankles – Pretty self-explanatory, really. You want sweatpants to be as loose as possible around the crotch area yet very tight around the ankles. To some extent, you want sweatpants to be as tight as skinny jeans while still being comfortable enough to wear for hours on end. In fact, sweatpants should possess both flexibility and tightness throughout their lower parts.

Elastic cuffs on the legs – Another important aspect of quality sweatpants is to have elastic cuffs on the legs. The reason behind is that you want them not to interfere with your footwear, while still bringing out the trendy design of whatever sneakers you’re wearing. At the same time, elastic cuffs will ensure that your sweat doesn’t slide down your legs whenever you’re engaged in intense physical activities.

Check the cotton quality – At this point, we should point out that quality sweatpants are almost all made of cotton. While low-end sweatpants do contain cotton in the upper pants, they mostly skimp on the cotton further down the leg area. What you want is a pair of sweatpants which contain cotton in their entirety, and not the cheap stuff either. If you know how quality cotton should feel like, that’s exactly what you should be feeling when running your fingers across the fabrics.

Look for the fine details – Whether it’s a logo or a design tweak, always check the stitching for any flaws. These problems do sometimes show up in mass-produced clothing, so make sure that the pair you’re thinking about buying doesn’t have them. Not only that but try to check if the pockets have double stitching or if they are reinforced in any way. It may be a lot to ask, but high-quality sweatpants almost all have reinforced pockets.

Pockets and drawstrings – Speaking of pockets, you should never get sweatpants that don’t provide a way for you to carry your valuables. Like we said, good sweatpants have reliable pockets for you to keep your valuables, not just a flimsy back pocket like some low-end models. Another important feature is the drawstring, which can definitely come in handy when the pants aren’t exactly your size around the waistline.

What To Avoid When Buying Sweatpants

Even though buying sweatpants shouldn’t be seen as one of life’s greatest decisions, you should at least take your time before buying a pair. Depending on what you need them for, sweatpants can prove both practical and fashionable if you know exactly what you need.

Thick sweatpants – If casual wear is what you’re interested in, stay away from thick fabrics. They may work for pants designed differently, but when it comes to the overly tight nature of sweatpants, thick fabrics can cause you to sweat a lot when worn for long periods of time

Overly trendy pants – Another thing to look out for is those sweatpants that seem a bit too fashionable. It often happens that these sweatpants aren’t at all designed for exercising, which makes them prone to tearing whenever you use them to work out or play sports.

Too many logos – While most manufacturers take pride in their work, sewing in too many logos is bound to cause problems in any clothing accessory. When it comes to sports apparel, stitches across the fabrics of the pants are bound to cause tears in the long run, not to mention how scratchy they can feel against the skin.