Top 9 Best Tactical Pens of 2019 – Reviews

A tactical pen can be an essential tool for just about anyone to carry on an everyday basis. These pens not only keep a high-quality writing instrument at your disposal but also contain a number of things which can help the user in a survival situation. And that’s why so many first-responders, survivalists and anyone who wants to be prepared have now begun carrying them.

When selecting one of these survival pens, there are a number of things that need to be kept in mind. Not only do these pens need to be durable enough to hold up to actual use, but they also need to give the user a few extra tools that they can use in an emergency situation. Keeping that in mind, we’ve selected 10 of the best tactical pens currently available that we feel should be carried by just about everyone.

Best Tactical Pens – Top List

9LingSY Multifunction Emergency Pen

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This product comes with many of the features that people look for when they’re looking for a tactical pen. Not only does it accept most ballpoint refills, so it can be used as a writing instrument that can be used on a daily basis, but it also comes with a tungsten carbide tip that allows it to be used as a glass breaker. Having a glass breaker available on a pen is handy because the pen could then be used to escape from a car in case of an accident or other emergencies. This pen is approximately 6-inches long, only weighs around 1.4-ounces and is made out of aircraft grade aluminum alloy for durability.

8J5 4-in-1 Personal Defense Pen

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This pen is designed for self-defense and can be used in one of four different ways. It can be used as a conventional pen, can be used as an emergency glass breaker, can be used for self-defense and can be used as a DNA collector. The last two features are the most interesting and simply aren’t found on many of these types of pens. It can be used to hit pressure points and will hold on to the DNA of the attacker so it can be used to present to law enforcement personnel. It’s also pretty easy to use for writing, and its ink reservoir can easily be replaced when needed. This makes this pen a durable and effective tool to carry in an EDC bag, purse or a backpack.

7Schrade Outdoor Pen

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Manufactured from T6 aluminum and measuring approximately 5.7-inches, this pen can not only be used as a writing instrument but can also be used for self-defense. Thanks to its rigid end that slopes down slightly, it can be used to hit an attacker’s pressure points, and cause them enough pain for the user to get away. This pen can be easily refilled with any Parker-style ball-point cartridges and has a convenient to use screw-off top. It’s also manufactured in a black color that can easily blend into dark clothing and has a pocket clip so it’s easy to access when needed.

6Practical Tactical EDC Survival Tool


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This pen is ideal for an everyday-carry kit or to discretely slip into a bug-out-bag, so that’s it’s always ready for an emergency situation. It’s also suitable to be placed in the glove box of a car, or into a purse or backpack. Unlike other tactical pens, it has no writing on it, so it’s very discrete and other people will only see it as a pen, and not as a survival tool. It has a hole at the top that allows it to be attached to a carabiner or keyring, and the pen is made out of aerospace quality aluminum for durability. And finally, it’s a pen that’s easy to use and has a very elegant feel to it.

5Gerber Impromptu Survival Pen

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This American-made ink pen is designed to write in all conditions, both inside and outside, and will even write in the rain. It also has a reliable push-button mechanism that deploys the ball-point pen quite easily. The real genius of this pen isn’t its capabilities as a writing instrument, however. What sets this pen apart is its ability to be used in tactical situations. It’s made with a machined steel body and has a stainless-steel pocket clip for increased durability. It also has an integrated glass-breaker tip made from tempered steel that can be used to smash car windows in case of an emergency.

4Take Flight Military-Grade Pen

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Manufactured by a reputable U.S veteran-owned brand, these pens are sure to be the right tool for just about any emergency. It’s manufactured from heavy-duty materials and is equipped with an emergency glass-breaker that can be used to escape from a car or a truck in an emergency. This product is also equipped with an easy-to-use LED flashlight as well. This makes this product the perfect accessory for first-responders, for members of the military and for police officers. And since it has a cool-looking design, it’s also the perfect gift to give out for Father’s Day, Christmas or for birthdays.

3Smith & Wesson Every-Day Carry Pen

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Measuring approximately 5.8-inches long and with a weight of only 1.4-ounces, this handy pen can be carried just about anywhere. It’s made out of T6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and has an end that can be used for self-defense. This product can be easily refilled with Schmidt Parker-style ball-point cartridges, so it can easily be used for writing. This product also comes equipped with a screw-off top and a pocket clip so that it can be carried anywhere. And since it has a sleek and beautiful design, it can not only be placed in EDC and BOB kits but can also be given out to friends and family members as gifts.

2Off-Grid Tactical Ink Pen

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Available in gunmetal black, jet black or hot pink, this tactical pen is a tool that just about anyone can carry. It can easily be slipped into a backpack, purse or pouch and is made out of high-quality aluminum for durability. It has a pressure-point thumb grip that can also be used as a self-defense tool and has a conveniently located glass-breaker made out of tungsten steel. Other features which can be found on this inexpensive, yet exceptional pen include a removable stainless steel clip, anti-slip grip, and a black ball-point end. All of which makes this pen a handy tool for any situation.

1Atomic Bear Self-Defense Pen

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Anyone looking for a serious pen that’s not only a capable writing tool but can be used for self-defense in case of an attack is going to want to look at this pen. It’s crafted using military-grade aluminum so that it’s ready to be used for just about any situation. It has a great grip that makes it easy to use and has an end that can be used to deliver devastating blows. It also has a glass breaker function that makes it a handy tool to keep in just about any car’s glove box. This pen is well-balanced and is designed to never rust or break. All of which makes it a good pen for any survival situation.

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Tactical Pen Buying Guide

Tactical pens are tools that have been used by the military and government agencies for quite some time now. In the U.S., they’ve been used by everyone from the U.S Secret Service, the FBI and special forces including the Seals and Green Berets. As this usefulness and practicality of these pens began to become known to the general public, more and more companies have begun manufacturing them for civilian use. And while that means there’s a greater variety of tactical pens available to buy, it also means that not all of them meet quality expectations.

In order to help our readers find the best possible tactical pens for their own personal use, we’ve decided to put together this guide that will help explain some of the features which any good tactical ink pen should have and which optional features might be included on a pen to expand its usefulness and help it become a tool that can be used in any situation. Having said that, here are some things to consider when buying one of these pens.


Most of the high-quality pens that can be bought nowadays are constructed using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This metal, which is sometimes referred to as military-grade aluminum, is not only durable enough to withstand an impact but also won’t corrode or rust as other metals will. This makes them suitable for use as striking weapons and for resisting extreme conditions.

Use as a Pen

As the name of this tool implies, it’s also designed as an ink pen. Therefore, it’s important that it operates as one and that it’s ink cartridges are easy to chance. Not every tactical pen has a replaceable ink cartridge, which means that when the ink runs out of these models, then the pen is just about useless. Another thing to consider when choosing a pen is to choose one that uses common ink cartridges such as Parker cartridges. That’s really the only way to ensure that the pen will provide years of service.

Optional Features

Believe it or not, the above two things are really the only things that distinguish a tactical pen from a regular ink pen. A plastic pen or an ordinary ball-point pen isn’t suitable for tactical purposes because these two pens just aren’t strong enough to withstand heavy-use and to be used for self-defense. However, even though tactical ink pens have a very narrow definition, that doesn’t mean that some manufacturer’s haven’t added additional features to them that make them even more useful. Below are some of these optional features that people may want to consider when they’re looking for a tactical ball-point pen.

  • Glass Breaker: A glass breaker is an effective tool that can be a real lifesaver in an emergency situation. It can be used to smash out the window of a car or truck so that the user can escape the vehicle in the case of an accident.
  • Flashlight: A flashlight is another important addition to any tactical pen. Usually, these pens employ LED flashlights because they are small and light. Unfortunately, this also usually means that these lights aren’t as durable as the rest of the pen and they usually end up getting broken while being carried.
  • Removable Pocket Clip: Having a pocket clip is a requirement for any high-quality pen, but having a removable one is an even better feature. That’s because the user can either clip it to an exterior pocket for easy access, or they can remove the clip so they can put the pen easily into a pant’s pocket.
  • Ribbed Grip: A ribbed grip is another great feature to have on one of these pens. It not only makes them easier to use while writing, but they also are easier to hold onto when the pen is being used for self-defense.
  • DNA Collector: Although pens that are equipped with DNA collectors aren’t common, they do exist. Usually, the collector is just a pointed part of the pen that’s designed to hold on to pieces of the attacker’s skin when it’s used for defense. Allegedly, this allows the pen to be used to collect evidence for use by the police, but it’s unknown how effective this feature really is in a real-life self-defense situation.