Top 10 Best Tape Measures of 2019 – Reviews

Tape measures are invaluable tools for many professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. These tools are small, unassuming, and will prove themselves to be quite useful for years to come. They also allow for extremely accurate measurements to be performed, so the job can be done correctly the first time. That makes them one of the most useful tools, but also one of the most underrated ones as well.

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Many people will grab any one of these tools when they’re in need of one and not give it much thought at all. And that’s a terrible mistake. Although these tools may all look like one another, there are some differences between the worst and the best tape measures. Let’s take a look at those differences and find out which ones measure up to scrutiny.

Best Tape Measures Of 2019

10Tack Life 2-In-1 Laser Measure

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This 2-in-1 tool combines the convenience and accuracy of a laser measure with a conventional tape measure. Combining these tools into one allows contractors and DIY enthusiasts to use it in any number of different ways. Its laser measure can measure a total of 131-feet, and its tape can measure up to 16-feet. This tool is incredibly accurate, has a magnetic hook that can be attached to any ferrous material to hold the measure stead and its tape is nylon coated for durability. And since it also has built-in unit conversions, this tool is as easy to use as a person would need it to be.

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9Lufkin Quickread 25-Foot Measure

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This tool is designed to be a basic model, but it also has features that extend its durability and usability, too. For instance, this product has a 25-foot by 1-inch tape that’s yellow with black numbering and lines on it, so it’s extremely easy to read. This tool also features an over-molded case that makes the tool easier to hold onto and protects the tool when it’s dropped. Additional features that extend the usability and durability of this product include a quad-riveted end hook, graduations that are printed using both Imperial fractions and decimals, and a vertical orientation that makes the measure easier to read.

8Stanley Tools Fat Max 25-Foot Measure Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

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This 25-foot tape measure is designed and manufactured by Stanley Tools, a company that’s well known for creating quality tools. This tool features an 11-foot tape standout and has stud center markings at 16-inches and 19.2-inches, so it’s especially well suited for framing or drywall jobs. This product uses a heat-treated spring that ensures its recoil is as smooth as possible and ensures that this measure lasts for many years to come. It also has a polyester mylar film on its blade that ensures that it holds up to the rigors of long workdays without tearing or pitting.

7Stanley 100-Foot Bright Yellow Measure

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It’s pretty safe to say that this Stanley tape measure is very hard to use due to its bright yellow exterior. However, that’s not the primary reason why this measure is worth considering. It’s also jam-packed with features that make it quite useful for just about any job it can be used on. It features a yellow blade that’s 3/8-inch wide and is 100-foot long. This steel blade has 1/8-inch graduations that make it easy-to-read and it also coated with a special polymer so that it holds up well to frequent use and abuse. This tool also has a handle that snaps open, and it has an easy-wind drum for convenience.

6Kutir 7.5-Meter Retractable Measure

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This 7.5-meter tape measure can be used for both home or professional use quite easily. Its 25-foot blade is 0.15mm thick and has a 7-foot standout that makes it useful for many jobs. This blade is encased in a case that’s made to be extremely durable and capable of being dropped without being damaged. Other features found on this tool include easy-to-read large numbers on the blade, a magnetic hook for ease-of-use and its blade has both inch and metric rulers so anyone can use it. All of these features allow this measure to become an invaluable work tool for any job.

5Maerble Premium 25-Foot Measure

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A number of great features are found on this high-quality measure. It features a 25-foot blade that’s 0.03mm thick and is encased in a metal case that makes it extremely durable. This product also has a child-safe design, so that it only retracts when the button is pressed, so that children don’t get their fingers snapped by the retracting blade. Another feature found on this product is a clip that allows it to be easily attached to a belt or pocket, so it’s always available for the job at hand. All of these features make this tape measure one suitable for not only home use but also professional use, too.

4Komelon Professional 12-Foot Tape

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Despite the fact that this measure is extremely inexpensive, it still manages to be quite a useful tool that has some pretty good features. At first glance, it looks like it’s an extremely durable tool that will hold up to daily use. It has a triple-riveted end hook, a blade that isn’t too thin and a case that’s made from very durable plastic. It also has a very ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold in the hands, particularly while measuring long expanses of space. Although this product probably isn’t suitable for contractor use, it’s still a pretty inexpensive option for the home enthusiast.

3Magnelex Solid Rule Measure

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With a rubberized impact-resistant case that’s easy to hold and a recoil mechanism that operates smoothly, this tape measure is ready for any job out there. It’s not only resistant to being dropped or from damaged incurred by sudden impacts, but it also has a nylon coated steel blade that’s resistant to pitting or tearing. This measure can measure surfaces in both metric and inches, so anyone can use it accurately and effectively. And since its blade features measurement markings in black and red, this measure is also easy to read, even under difficult conditions. It’s a tape measure for professionals and amateurs alike.

2Komelon Gripper Speed Mark Measure

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The Gripper Speed Mark is a tape measure that’s been around since the end of the 1990s and has been a popular tool ever since. It’s especially popular among contractors who appreciate it’s ease of use and its durability. This product features a 25-foot tape that has fractional graduations on it and is encased in a thick rubber case that’s easy to hold. Since its blade is coated in acrylic, it’s not only easy to read but is less prone to damage than lesser tape measures. Anyone searching for a measure that provides professional results but one that’s also easy-to-use may want to check out this model.

1Komelon Professional Tape Reel Measure

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This reel tape measure has a number of interesting uses. This model can be used to measure yards, piping, can be used for scientific experiments or even used to measure running tracks. It features a double-coated fiberglass blade that has a handy end hook and is coated for added durability. Its blade is printed on both sides, so this tool can be used to measure inches and feet or used for metric measurements. Another great thing about this measure is that it has an ABS frame that comes with a rubber hand grip that makes this unit extremely easy to use.

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