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Top 10 Best Tennis Racquets of 2019 – Reviews

There are a ton of tennis racquets available nowadays, but not all of them are created equal. There are really exception racquets available, and there are some that would be better left off of the court. That’s why we’ve decided to do the research necessary to sort the good from the bad, so our readers don’t have to do it for themselves.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve not only selected the ten best models currently available but have also provided our readers with a guide which will be extremely helpful to them when they’re sorting the great tennis racquets from the not-so-great ones. We’ll discuss construction, use and other features that shape the quality of the racquet.

Best Tennis Racquets Of 2019

10Wilson Tour Slam Lite

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This lightweight racquet is designed to give the tennis player the power they need and do it without sacrificing comfort. And it all begins with this racquets 110-inch head that gives a large hitting area that allows beginners to achieve the performance they desire. It’s also 27.6-inches long, so the beginning player can have ready access to both power and ball spin. With every swing, the user will get the maximum power they deserve. It also has an 11.5-ounce strung weight that makes it easy to handle, and it has a 4-3/8-inch grip size that’s easy to handle for both professionals and beginners alike.

9Wilson Trimuph 4-1/4-Inch Racquet

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An extra large head is something that will enable a tennis racquet to impart real power and performance to the player’s game, and this is exactly what this model offers. It has a 112-inch head size that allows for easier use and more control. This racquet also has a length of 27.5-inches, which makes it easier to use by beginners and it has a 9.66-ounce weight so it’s extremely easy to handle. Additional features found on this racquet include a 16×19 string pattern, V-Matrix technology that delivers increased power, and shock sleeves which reduce vibration and allow the player to have better control.

8Wilson Pro Staff 97 LS

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Developed with the help of Roger Federer, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is ready to give the tennis player the advanced features they need to play like a professional. It has a lightweight that allows the player to get a good backswing and helps to deliver precision spin. Its built-in Spin Effect Technology increases the ball’s revolutions per minute, without the user having to change their swing. This enables them to achieve greater shots with fewer errors. All of which makes this racquet ideal for anyone who considers themselves to be an attacking player who praises power over everything else.

7Wilson Racquet Sports Energy XL 3

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This well-constructed racquet is ready for just about any game style. It’ features V-Matrix technology, which gives it a larger sweet spot on its already ample 112-inch head. This racquet is also 27.5-inches long and has a 4-3/8-inch grip size. This racquet is manufactured in China from quality components and has a strung weight of approximately 10.3-ounces. It’s the length and head profile gives the user more power during their game but is still quite easier to handle than comparable racquets. And it’s also durable enough to last through many, many games without major wear. This makes it suitable for professionals or beginning tennis players.

6Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

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Regardless of whether you have a compact swing or not, this racquet is designed to give you the power you need. It has an oversized 110-inch head that makes it easier for the player to hit the ball and it has a 27.5-inch length that helps the player with the reach they need. It’s heady-heavy design also gives the user the additional power they need during any game. Another key feature found on this racquet is that it gives the player’s swing a little bit more momentum and stability than other racquets are capable of doing. And it also has an open-string power for increased spin.

5Head Liquidmetal 8

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Available in a variety of grip sizes, the Head Liquidmetal 8 is a tennis racquet that anyone can appreciate. It’s approximately 27-1/3-inches long, has a head size of 112-inches and weighs only 9.2-ounces. It can be purchased with either 4.5-inch, 4.25-inch, 4-1/8-inch or 4-3/8-inch grip. It’s designed to deliver compact strokes and is a fairly stiff racquet. It’s also equipped with a Liquidmetal Technology Dampening System that helps to absorb shocks and deliver a more stable swing. It’s definitely a quality racquet that doesn’t twist in the hand and has an exceptional power profile that just about anyone can appreciate.

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4Wilson Tour Slam Adult Racquet

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This racquet from Wilson was an extremely popular racquet during the original Tour Slam, so it’s no wonder that it should also be a popular racquet for non-professional tennis players. It’s made out of aluminum, which makes it lightweight but durable, and it is equipped with power strings which help to magnify the player’s stroke power. It also features V-Matrix technology that allows the player to have a few errors in their game and it has shock pads which allow the player to have greater control. All of which makes this racquet one that will help the player deliver more power and spin to their swings.

3Wilson US Open Junior Racquet

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Available in one of four different sizes, this tennis racquet is designed for children 10-years and younger. These racquets are manufactured the U.S from quality components and are made from aluminum. Its aluminum construction allows it to be durable but also allows it to be lightweight as well. This racquet is available in a 19-inch, 21-inch, 23-inch or 25-inch sizes. The 19-inch size is suitable for children up to 5-years of age, the 21-inch is suitable for children up to 6-years old, and the 23-inch models are suitable for children age 8-years old. And finally, the 25-inch models are suitable for children 10-years old.

2Street Tennis Club For Kids

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Children who are just learning the fundamentals of tennis need a racquet that will provide them with the right teaching tool to develop proper game mechanics. Fortunately, this racquet is ready to help these children out. No more do children have to learn using racquets that aren’t properly sized. This racquet is available in 17-inch, 19-inch, and 21-inch sizes, and is made from high-quality aluminum so it’s durable and lightweight. Using this racquet will enable the beginning player to learn the technique they need to learn to properly play the game. Now every child can enjoy learning the game of tennis.

1Head Ti.S6 Racquet

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This racquet not only looks good but has the features that power players need to increase their on-court performance. These racquets have a head size of 115 square-inches and have a 16×19 string pattern. This product weighs approximately 8-ounces and has a length of 27.75-inches. It’s also available in a number of different grip sizes which include 4.24-inch, 4.5-inch, 4-1/8-inch, 4-3/8-inch, and 4-5/8-inch. Although it may be a little bit more powerful than what beginning tennis players need, it’s still a good racquet for those players which are not quite at the intermediate level yet. It’s also a great racquet for advanced users to play with as well.

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Tennis Racquet Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re just learning the game or if you have high hopes of playing tennis for a living, you’ll want to make sure that you buy the best tennis racquet available. Not only the best one overall but the one that’s best for you and your individual playing style. Below are just some of the basics you’ll want to keep in mind as you consider a new racquet.

Choose The Correct Grip Size

The first thing that you’ll want to do is to choose the correct grip size. The correct grip size will ensure that the racquet handles in a predictable manner. If the grip is too small, then it will require too much muscle strength to control the racquet. If the grip is too big, then it inhibits wrist snaps. The right size grip, on the other hand, allows the user to play the game of tennis that you want to play.

To measure your grip, you’ll want to make sure that you get a ruler and align it with the bottom lateral crease of your palm and measure it to the tip of your ring finger. Use this measurement to find a racquet with the correct grip size. Some of the more common grip sizes include 4-inch (junior size), 4-1/8-inch, 4-1/4-inch, 4-3/8-inch, 4.5-inch, and 4-5/8-inch. If your grip doesn’t fit one of these sizes nicely but instead falls between two of these sizes, then choose the smaller of the two sizes. That’s because although grip size can’t be reduced, it can be increased using overgrip tape.

Choose The Correct Racquet Length

For most adult tennis players, a 27-inch long racquet will be suitable for most purposes. Children racquets can be anywhere from 17-inches to 21-inches in length, but most adult racquets are approximately 27-inches or 28-inches in length. However, if you need a racquet with a little bit of extra power, then choose a longer racquet. 29-inch racquets give the tennis player greater leverage on each of their swings, which results in more power. Although 29-inch racquets do provide more power, they also are a little more difficult to use, so they should only be used by advanced tennis players.

Choose An Appropriate Tennis Racquet Style

Tennis racquets come in three major styles. These styles are Power Racquets, Tweener Racquets, and Control Racquets. Let’s take a closer look at each of these styles and see how they impact the tennis player’s game.

  • Power Racquets: These racquets have larger heads and are longer than traditional tennis racquets. They are designed for the beginner or intermediate players who are looking to add a little bit of extra power to their shots. Head size is approximately 107 to 135-inches and length is usually around 29-inches.
  • Tween Racquets: These racquets are designed for players of all styles. These racquets offer a great balance of power and control. They have head sizes of around 102-inches and a length of 28-inches.
  • Control Racquets: These racquets have small heads for better control. They are usually thinner than other types of racquets, too but surprisingly are also usually heavier.

Consider Racquet Materials

Tennis racquets are made out of a number of different materials these days, and each of these materials can affect how the racquet performs. As such, it’s important for the tennis player to carefully consider what their racquets are made out of before buying a new one for themselves.

  • Graphite: This is the most common material available and provides a great weight and balance for beginners.
  • Aluminum: Another commonly used material for racquets. It’s also quite light and feels good in the hands. This also makes it a good choice for beginners.
  • Carbon Fiber or Kevlar: Racquets made with these materials are more expensive, but they tend to provide good power to the player’s swing. However, they are also harder to control, so they’re not a good choice for beginners.

Choose Appropriate Stringing Patterns

The last thing worth considering is tennis racquet’s stringing pattern. Racquets are equipped with either an open stringing pattern or a closed stringing pattern. This string pattern is an indication of how the strings are aligned. Open string racquets have a less dense arrangement of strings than a closed string one. Although open strings are more apt to break than closed strings, they do allow the player to impart more topspin to their tennis balls. Closed strings, however, are more durable and allow for better shot placement. Which makes closed stringing patterns the choice for most beginners. It should also be noted though that some people, regardless of whether they’re a beginning player or not, prefer closed strings over open string patterns, so personal preference can also play into the player’s decision to choose a stringing pattern.