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Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes of 2019 – Reviews

As a sport, tennis can be quite a strain when practiced regularly, which is why you must always wear proper apparel when you do it. If you are an experienced player, you should already know by now just how much you can improve your game with the proper gear, not to mention how much healthier it is overall. Yes, when using the right shoes, for example, you can vastly reduce the risks of injury, all while boosting your game to new heights.

It should be said, however, that when it comes to footwear, the market has quite a lot to offer, which may confuse inexperienced tennis players. To ensure that you get the right shoes, you must take the time to learn about tennis shoes and what characteristics make the good ones stand out. To give you a helping hand on the matter, we put together a list of the ten best tennis shoes money can buy for you to look at.

Best Tennis Shoes – Top List

10Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

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Featuring a professional craftsmanship, the Prince Men’s T22 tennis shoes are made of quality synthetic and breathable mesh, keeping your feet dry, comfortable, and cool. The shoe also boasts a properly cushioned sock-liner as well as a highly supportive TPU shank for excellent comfort, support, and stability, while its top-grade outsole delivers incredible on-court traction. Furthermore, a unique RASH toe cap alleviates injury and abrasion while an integrated Shock Eraser midsole provides superior impact absorption.

9adidas Performance Men’s CC Rally Comp

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A Climacool Technology, which provides 360-degree cooling for your entire foot, is among the highlights of the Adidas Performance Men’s CC Rally Comp tennis shoe. Then its mono-mesh upper for maximum breathability while integrating internal web skeleton for comfort and stability; forefoot integrated DIPRENE+ for high propulsion efficiency, and ADITUFF to ensure abrasion resistance at the toe area. The EVA-midsole is highly responsive for excellent forefoot propulsion, while the outsole is durable but flexible for both support and traction.

8Head Men’s Sprint Pro

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Crafted according to the best professional standards, this is a tough and stable but also lightweight and flexible men’s tennis shoe that is ideal for your competitive playing experience. With a very stylish design, it also boasts advanced features for improved movement, comfort, and stability. The Head Energy Frame, for instance, offers high support, the low-profile and lightweight EVA midsole being responsible for foot stability, while a mesh lining is properly breathable for added comfort and moisture management. Overall, it is one of the most breathable and flexible shoes out there.

7NIKE Men’s Vapor Court

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An improved version for improved performance, the Nike Vapor Court men’s tennis shoe provides you with the convenience and comfort you need. Optimized for support and stability, it is the right model for those fast dashes during a heated clash. A quality synthetic and leather upper delivers comfort, flexibility, and comfort while a high-quality midsole ensures support and convenient movement. At the same time, its top-quality rubber outsole has herringbone pattern for reliable traction and durability, features one must always look for in a pair of tennis shoes.

6ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate 5

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ASICS does not disappoint with their sports shoes in general and the Men’s GEL-Dedicate 5 is a prime example. This is a premium-quality model that features superior Forefoot GEL Cushioning as well as a Truss-tic system at the mid-foot to ensure a unique blend of comfort and support. Its long-lasting rubber outsole delivers incredible traction, and with the flexible and comfortable upper, wonderful support as well. Ideal for more frequent tennis players, this shoe also provides great ankle protection at all times.

5K-SWISS Men’s Bigshot Light

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The Men’s Bigshot Light is another top-rate tennis shoe for your improved on-court performance. Made by the renowned K-SWISS, it features a high-quality leather upper with an integrated Flow-Cool system for greater breathability and sweat management. That means added comfort. The shoe features a flexible but also durable rubber sole, allowing speed while not compromising traction. We should also point out that the multi-directional design of the outsole offers great performance stability when running at full speed.

4New Balance Men’s MC806

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Made of premium-grade leather and synthetic materials, the New Balance mc806 is another available and reliably durable tennis shoe. It has a light, comfortable and ergonomic design, delivering optimal motion efficiency. Its reinforced toe box is also breathable for comfort, while its side panel and special lace-up design offer superior fit and stability. A C-CAP midsole ensures extra foot support. It further features ABZORB padding for additional comfort and support, along with a very durable rubber outsole for good measure.

3ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 10

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Also by the world-renowned ASICS, Men’s Gel-Challenger is another wonderful tennis shoe you can count on at this point in time. Thanks to an advanced Gel cushioning at the forefoot and rearfoot areas both, the shoe offers unique comfort like no other in this price range. It is a reliably stable shoe due to integrated Truss-tic lateral propulsion technology, while its upper design ensures a perfect, comfortable fit. It is also designed for superior mid-foot support while a mid-foot brace made of quality leather adds a lot to its overall stability.

2ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2

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The GEL-Solution Speed 2 is also a great tennis shoe you can rely on, a shoe that stands out through its lightweight yet highly reliable construction. We say this because of its lightweight design, one that offers full-foot ventilation, making it ideal for summer use. At the same time, a premium-grade synthetic mesh upper ensures good fit and foot cooling; a top-grade rubber outsole delivers stability, and a foam midsole delivers support and comfort of the highest standard. Furthermore, this shoe has a full length integrated FlexionFit upper and a PGuard toe protector to offer added convenience and safety.

1ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 6

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Designed by ASICS, a world-leading sports shoes brand, the Men’s GEL-Resolution 6 is a highly rated tennis shoe you can get these days, a shoe that stands out for all the right reasons. Among them, an innovative PGuard toe protector and AHAR technology strategically integrated on the outsole for providing great durability, protecting the foot and also offering superior on-court stability. Not only that but this shoe’s upper boasts a Flexion Fit technology that delivers an optimized fit, great comfort, and support like no other. Overall, this shoe is also one of the most lightweight tennis shoes the market has to offer.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Tennis Shoes Buying Guide

Tennis is a game that entails sprinting, quick stops and starts, fast movement, and the capacity to change direction at a moment’s notice. For that, you require the right pair of tennis shoes, a pair that will enable you to boost your game without the risks of getting injured as you increase the pace on the court. This is why you need to think about the court, playing style, and of course your personal needs when you choose the correct pair of shoes because the market has quite a lot to offer.

Types Of Shoe Styles

Before buying the ideal pair of tennis shoes, it is important to know the difference between tennis shoes and what makes them stand out from one another. Although they’re all built to some standards, not all share the same construction quality, and they’re certainly not all guaranteed to provide you with the comfort you might require. Here is how you recognize a reliable yet comfortable pair of tennis shoes:

  • Tennis shoes are uniquely designed with patterned soles and are usually flat. These soles depend on the type of surface you are going to play on, which is why you need to give quite a bit of consideration to the venues you plan on playing on. Using the wrong type of shoes can not only strain your muscles but you also increase the risks of suffering short and long-term injuries.
  • Frequent lateral movements along with quick starts and stops usually require a well-designed sole. For this reason, you must choose a pair with durable soles, yet flexible enough to allow you a fair bit of flexibility on the court. Considering the fact that you will most likely change direction hundreds of time during the game, you want the soles of your shoes to be as reliable as possible.
  • Compared to a normal pair of sports shoes, tennis shoes are crafted with a much more sturdy and robust heel. Other shoes have a softer cushioning with thicker heels, mainly intended for greater comfort when worn. With tennis shoes, on the other hand, it isn’t comfort you should consider first and foremost, but flexibility and reliability. This is precisely why on average, tennis shoes are somewhat less comfortable than the footwear most of you are used to wearing casually.

Determine Your Playing Style

When buying the ideal pair of tennis shoes, one must first know their personal playing style. Depending on the type of player you are, you might want to invest in a pair of shoes that reflects the way you play, one that complements your movement on the court while minimizing the risks of strains and injuries. On average, tennis players can be baseline-inclined or aggressive by nature, each with its own benefits.

Baseline Player – This type of a player usually play at the back line of the tennis court. In this style, a tennis shoe with optimum lateral support is recommended as baseline players tend to move sideways a lot. It is also essential to have a robust, reliable sole as this playing style requires constant movement. In fact, footwear affects baseline players a lot more than aggressive, volley players for obvious reasons.

Serve and Volley Player – This type of a player plays beside the net, a more aggressive stance, one that warrants a more active array of motions. A tennis shoe designed with a durable toecap along with a medial present inside the arch is required, only because the player tends to slide their back foot while serving. This way, you can move between various areas of the court at a moment’s notice.

Court Surface

The different type of court surfaces plays an important role when purchasing the perfect pair of tennis shoes. Hard concrete surfaces, for instance, require tennis shoes with a sturdy, hardcore outer soling with a strong upper covering is required. Hard courts may tend to wear out the sole, so it is important for you to choose one with a durable outsole as well as upper cover. High-quality leather or vinyl material is usually a good option, a design some would also recommend for hard clay surfaces. Speaking of which, clay surfaces require shoes that are designed with less traction in mind, the type of shoes that are generally more comfortable overall. There are also multi-court tennis shoes out there and they are usually designed for both soft and hard court surfaces, a flexibility that also allows you to play in different weather conditions with the same shoes.

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Tennis Shoes

Lateral Support – Tennis requires a lot of changes in direction and movement, which is why you need a steady, durable and secure pair of tennis shoes. Tennis shoes that provide optimum levels of lateral support are essential. Not only does it allow ease of movement but also helps to prevent injuries long-term, especially if you play the game regularly.

Cushioning – A proper cushioning in all tennis shoes is necessary as it provides support and reliability. The two main materials utilized are EVA and polyurethane. For those seeking additional stability and sturdiness, polyurethane is a better choice as it is heavier and long-lasting. EVA, on the other hand, is lighter and does not provide ample amount of stability. If possible, go for the type of cushioning that is light yet stable but not too soft.

Comfort – Comfort is another important factor, all within certain standards of course. A proper tongue padding is necessary to prevent the laces from causing any discomfort. For those who have flat feet, a softer cushioning is preferred whereas people who have arched feet, firm, sturdy shoes are a much better choice all things considered.

Sole Type – The perfect sole type goes hand in hand with the type of court surface. Concrete courts, grass courts, clay courts and indoor carpets all require different types of tennis shoes. Like we said, soles affect the potential for changing direction quickly when running. Passive players, in this respect, require much more flexible soles than aggressive players who prefer sturdy soles.

Size – There are three factors one must consider when selecting your perfect tennis shoe size; these include length, width, and height. If your tennis shoes are too big, they can cause blisters and would not provide the support and stability you require when playing. If your tennis shoes are too small, on the other hand, they will cause a great deal of discomfort and can damage your feet permanently over time.