Top 10 Best Tire Pressure Gauges of 2019 – Reviews

Keeping the proper air pressure in a tire is an essential part of maintaining your vehicle’s ability to drive smoothly and safely. Unfortunately, tire pressure changes over time and with temperature changes, so it’s important for a car owner to keep track of their tire’s pressure so that they know when it’s time to add air to it. And an important tool for that job is the humble tire gauge.

Good pressure gauges allow vehicle owners to keep track of their tire pressure, so they can add air to the tire before it becomes a safety hazard. Therefore, it’s very important for a person to choose the best one possible. Although some drivers do end up grabbing the first model they see online, it does pay for a person to do a little bit of research and choose one of the best tire pressure gauges available.

Best Tire Pressure Gauges Of 2019

10Tacklife TG01 Digital Gauge

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This high-quality handheld tire pressure gauge is easy to use because it presents the tire’s pressure on a bright blue backlit digital LCD screen. That means that the driver can check the pressure of their tires regardless of ambient light levels. They can check it in rain or snowstorms, and can check it during the day or night. This product will work in a variety of temperatures—from 23-degrees all the way to 122-degrees and works on all Schrader valves. It displays one of four setting ranges, which includes 0-150 PSI, 0-10Kgf, 0-10 bars or 0-1000KPA. It also comes with batteries so it can be used immediately.

9Topeak D2 Smart Gauge

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Even though it seems like this tire gauge was specifically made for bicycles and motorcycles, it does do an extremely good job of measuring air pressure in car tires. This model is small, so it’s easy to hold in the hand, but it has a fairly large LCD display that isn’t hard to read at all. This gauge can display air pressure of tires being measured using either PSI, Bar or Kg/Cm2 settings. It comes with a battery, so it can be immediately put to use, and it is capable of reading tire air pressures up to 250 PSI. And since it’s only 4×1.8×1.4-inches, it’s easy to store in the glove compartment or in a saddlebag.

8Accutire Measurement Mechanic’s Gauge

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When mechanics place new tires on a rim or install new tires on a car, then they need tire gauges that are quick and easy to use. They also need one that’s capable of delivering an accurate reading every single time it’s used. Fortunately, the two gauges in this pack are capable of doing all of those things. They’re just the right size to hold in the hand, and they have a handle that’s been rubber-coated for improved grip. It also has an angled head that allows it to more easily reach tight areas, and it has an LCD display that’s nice and large. And because it’s equipped with an auto shut-off switch, it will never deflate the tire during air pressure checks.

7Slime Automotive Accessories Gauge

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Slime digital tire gauges have been used by amateur and professional mechanics alike and with good success. That’s because these inexpensive gauges are easy-to-hold and their digital LCD display is very easy to read. It’s also due to the fact that they have a green translucent tip that makes it easy to check tire pressure at night. And because the rubberized grip of this product is made with the human hand in mind, using this gauge feels comfortable and natural. Additional features found on this model include an automatic shutoff that preserves battery life and a reset button that allows for checking the air pressure in several different tires.

6Milton Single Chuck Pencil Tire Gauge - Car & Truck Accessories

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Although many of the best tire pressure gauge lists tend to overlook pencil tire gauges because they’re inexpensive and aren’t very cool, we actually think these gauges are some of the better ones a person can own. That’s because they’re manual gauges that don’t require batteries to operate and are very simple to use. They can be be used to measure tire air pressure in 5 to 50 PSI increments or in 40-35 Kilopascal increments. These gauges are made with a single chuck head, a built-in deflator valve and have a nylon indicator bar that’s easy to use. All of which makes it a great model for just about any car owner.

5Safelife Backlit Pressure Gauge

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Safelink pressure gauges are designed with performance in mind, and that’s quite evident by just looking at some of the features they have. These units have an easy to use on/off button and an auto shut-off feature that helps to preserve battery life. It also has a backlit LCD display screen that can display pressure units in either PSI, KPA, BAR, or KFG/CM2 settings. It can be used on all Schrader valves and has a maximum pressure checking ability of 100 PSI or 700 kPA. And since it’s also equipped with a lit tip, it’s easy to use either day or night.

4Astro AI Digital Pressure Gauge

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Available in either blue, silver or red, these digital pressure gauges not only perform well, but they look good, too. They are also equipped with some of the more common features that people like their tire gauges to have. For example, they have four different setting ranges that can measure pressures in PSI, Bar, Kgf, or Cm2 levels. They also have an on/off switch, a backlit LCD, and a lighted nozzle. They can be used on all Schrader valves, and they give accurate readings in 0.5-increments. This eliminates much of the guesswork that people have to use when they end up using analog tire gauges.

3Astro AI ATG230 Digital Air Pressure Gauge

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One of the best things about this pressure gauge is that it has a long stem, so it can fit into tight spaces quite easily. Its stem isn’t just long, however, it’s also equipped with some very interesting features as well. It has a dual head nozzle that can be pushed or pulled to check tire pressure easily on cars, vehicles and even trailers. This model also has a built-in flashlight and a green backlit LCD display that makes it easy to use in dimly lit locations or during evening hours. And since this gauge can measure tire pressure up to 230 PSI, it can be used for all sorts of different tires.

2Tire Tek Flexi-Pro Tire Gauge

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With a very sturdy feeling gear design and a flexible hose, this model is not only designed for heavy-duty tasks, but it’s also designed to be easier to use than conventional gauges. This model is one of the most recommended tire pressure gauges by mechanics around the world, and there’s a good reason for that fact. It’s because it can easily take the air pressure of tires for cars, motorcycles, bikes, RVs, ATVs, or any other vehicle that requires inflated tires. This model is equipped with a 360-degree rotating nozzle, doesn’t require any batteries to be used and is calibrated to ANSI B40.1 standards.

1Jaco Elite Pro Professional Tire Gauge

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This product is designed to give the user the features they would find in professional quality tire gauges. In fact, this model is built from the ground up using suggestions from real mechanics all over the U.S, and they’ve incorporated those suggestions into this innovative tire gauge. This model has a durable gear design that holds up well to constant use and is easy to hold in the hand. It also features a 2-inch glow-in-the-dark dial that can read up to 60 PSI of pressure and can be used both during the day and at night. And best of all, it’s calibrated to international accuracy standards, so users can rest assured that the reading they receive is completely accurate.

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