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Top 10 Best Training Shoes of 2019 – Reviews

By their very design, the best training shoes are designed to give athletes the stable platform they need to reach all of their physical activity goals. These shoes are designed to be a little bit wider than contemporary running shoes and to have a more stabilized outsole as well. They’re also designed to give the athlete the foot support they need for extremely grueling lower torso and leg workouts.

Of course, as is the case with just about anything, how well these shoes do their job depends on not only their construction but also their features. That’s why we’ve decided to research the best shoes for cross-training so that both amateur and professional athletes alike can take their workouts to the highest level possible.

Best Training Shoes Of 2019

10Aleader Men’s Mesh Shoes

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These training shoes are not only comfortable, but they’re also extremely durable as well. They are made with a thick rubber sole that’s designed to absorb any and all impacts to the bottom of the foot, and they have a double mesh upper construction which flexes with the wearer’s foot. It has a unique side-support lacing system that gives additional stability to the foot and also allows the shoe to better protect the foot. Additional features found on this quality shoe include a cushioned insole that allows oxygen to reach the feet, a hydro-grip outsole that provides traction and both tongue and heel loops that make it easier to slip these shoes on.

9Nike Women’s WMNS Metcon 3 Trainers

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These cross-trainers are specifically designed to give women’s feet the additional support they need during their workouts. These shoes are designed specifically to handle just about any activity that’s thrown their way—including rope climbing, martial art classes or sprinting. They have a rubber sole that does a great job at absorbing shocks and has a drop-in midsole that’s soft on the foot and is designed to give the wearer’s feet much-needed stability. Other features that can be found on these shoes include Flywire cables that lock down the shoes, mesh on the ankle and heel for additional air circulation and a flat platform that enables for increased stability during dead-lifts.

8Adidas Speed Trainer 3

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Although these shoes are specifically designed as baseball shoes, they do provide some of the features that athletes need out of a trainer. Sure, they may not be suitable for sprints or long runs, but they are just the ticket for powerlifting. They have a durable rubber sole that provides a good deal of traction and absorbs any incidental shocks and bumps. It also has a removable insole that’s very comfortable. The real beauty of these shoes, however, is their outer construction. These shoes are designed to not only provide a stable platform for the wearer but to also flex as the athlete moves, which gives them the flexibility they need for any activity.

7Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV

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This shoe is designed from the ground up to be a high-quality cross training shoe. They start with the solid rubber outsole that is not only designed to hold strong from one workout to the next, and they then equip it with an air-sole unit that provides the athletes’ foot with the support and comfort they need. These shoes have an all-leather upper that protects the wearer’s foot during workouts but is perforated to allow air to circulate around the foot. And since these shoes are available in a range of different colors including white, black, white on black and metallic, there’s a shoe style that’s designed for your personal style.

6Nike Metcon 4 Men’s Shoes

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Available in a variety of colors including black, atmosphere grey, blue/green, rush orange and camo, there’s a pair of these training shoes that are suitable for just about anyone. However, it isn’t just their good looks that make these shoes a great shoe for any athlete to own. They also have the features that people need to push their workouts to the next level. These shoes cushioned collar, a fabric lining that soft on the foot and a textile footbed that provides the wearer with the support they need. It also has a heel clip for additional side-to-side stability and has a rubber outsole that provides added support during workouts.

5New Balance Women’s Fuel Core Nergize V1

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These trainers may just look like stylish shoes that come in a variety of different colors and has a very impressive look about them, but their real value is in the features that they offer athletes during their workout. These shoes are manufactured with a synthetic upper that not only looks nice but also gives the wearer’s feet the support they need for intense workouts. They also feature a lightweight midsole foam that provides a nice cushion and helps to keep the wearer’s feet stable. And finally, these shoes are not only ideal for grueling workouts, but they are also versatile enough to be worn as an everyday shoe as needed.

4Puma Women’s Tazon 6 FM

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These shoes may look like ordinary running shoes, but in fact, they are high-quality training shoes that are designed to really take a beating. They’re made with a rubber sole that does a marvelous job of absorbs shocks and bumps, and it has a synthetic leather outer composition that gives the wearer’s foot much needed support. Inside of these shoes is an Eco Ortho Lite sock liner that’s not only designed for comfort but is also designed to protect the foot from hard. Additional features found on these shoes include a TPU shank for added stability, a form-fitting midsole, and a streamlined silhouette.

3Adidas Men’s Alphabounce CR

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Available in a number of different colors, these shoes are as stylish as they are comfortable to wear. Their real value isn’t how they look like an everyday shoe, however, it’s how they perform in the gym, and there they do a very good job indeed. These shoes are built with a ClimaCool System that allows the entire foot to get the air it needs, and thereby ensures that the wearer remains as comfortable as possible. These shoes also have an open mesh upper that increases this cooling effect and an Adiwear outsole that’s extremely durable and moves with the wearer’s moves.

2Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8

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If there’s one reason why this shoe is such a great trainer, it probably has to do with its Flexweave design. This material allows the shoes to not only remain durable through even the hardest of workouts, but they also help the wearer’s feet remain stable. Flexweave is also well known for its ability to allow the athlete’s feet to breathe, which not only improves the wearer’s comfort but also helps prevent blisters from developing. Additional features found on these shoes include a dual-density midsole, a low-cut design for a greater range of motion and a durable sole that provides a great foundation for tough workouts.

1Nobull Men’s High-Performance Trainers

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It doesn’t matter what activities you choose to do these shoes are ready to make your life easier. They are designed to handle just about any physical activity that they wearer can put them through, including running, jumping, sliding, climbing, or lifting. They have a one-piece construction that breathes very well and is not only abrasion-resistant but also has a very durable overall construction. These shoes also have an outsole lug pattern that’s designed to hold up to a variety of different environments. And all of these features add up to one thing: These are one of the best pairs of training shoes available.

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How To Buy Training Shoes

When shoe manufacturers first began to make cross-training shoes, they didn’t make a whole lot of different varieties available to the public. In fact, there were only about 2 or 3 dedicated shoes for training and the rest of them could be better lumped into the running shoe category. However, as the demand for dedicated training shoes began to rise, shoe companies began to meet the demand and each designed their own brand of shoes designed for training. As a result, there are now dozens of different brands available—with each of them claiming to have the features that athletes need. No wonder it’s so difficult for the average person to find a shoe that meets their needs.

To help people find the best training shoe possible, we decided to put together this little guide. This guide will help just about anyone to navigate the potential minefield of finding an adequate shoe for their athletic endeavors and allows everyone to choose the best shoe for them. Having stated that goal, let’s move ahead and find out how to choose the best shoes for training purposes.

Investigate The Shoes’ Heel Support

Heel support is probably one of the greatest indicators of whether a training shoe is good for a tough workout or if it’s a cross training shoe in name only. It’s the heel on cross trainers that really differentiate these type of shoes from the average running or tennis shoe. They are usually designed to be firmer than these other types of shoes, which gives the athlete more support while they’re working with weights. Generally speaking, cross trainers usually have a heel made out of a combination of several materials including TPU, High-Density Rubber, and EVA Foam. These shoes often have an additional plastic layer on the outside of the heel that’s designed to increase the stability of the heel even further.

Investigate The Shoes’ Midsole Construction

Although most companies do the same sort of designs when it comes to the heel of cross trainers, the midsole is often a different story. That’s because each company tends to do something a little bit different when constructing this part of the shoe—which can make it tough for consumers to figure out which shoe is really the best. As a general rule, it’s important to look for a shoe that adds a little bit of extra cushion in the midsole area. This will ensure that the athlete’s foot remains stable and comfortable during their workouts.

Investigate The Shoes’ Outer Construction

It’s also important to consider how the outside of the shoe is made. When it comes to these types of shoes, the outer construction is probably the biggest difference a person will notice between these shoes and running shoes. That’s because running shoes are typically made with a single layer of material in their vamp, while training shoes will be composed of several different layers that not only make the shoes durable but also flexible as well.

Some of the materials that are used to create cross-training shoes outer construction include the following materials:

  • Synthetic Mesh
  • Textured Rubbed
  • Ribbed Nylon
  • Flex Weave
  • Dyneema

Investigate The Shoes’ Outsole Construction

The outsole of the shoe should be made with a layer of rubber or other suitable material, and it should be thick enough to absorb the impacts the wearer’s foot is going to experience. If a person buys a shoe with an outsole that’s not thick enough, then they’re really going to feel it in their legs when they workout. The sole of the shoe should also have a good pattern on it that enables the athlete to have the traction they need during tough workouts.

One Final Consideration

The last thing a person has to consider before buying their next pair of shoes is the fit of the shoe. It’s vitally important for the athlete to measure their shoes properly, so they can buy a shoe that fits them well. Ill-fitting shoes will lead to blisters, cramped toes or other conditions that may damage the wearer’s feet. A pair of shoes that fits well will also help keep the ankle stable, and that increased stability will result in fewer ankle sprains for the athlete.

And after you’ve purchased a pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly, it’s also important to properly lace them up so that they’re stable and don’t slide around on your foot. If you do both of those things, then you’ll have a better platform from which to conduct your workouts, and this will result in better results in the gym.