Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts – Reviews

Now that you have chosen a flat-screen TV that meets your needs, all that remains is that you figure out a way to safeguard it on your wall. Traditionally, people have been doing that with universal mounts/brackets, which are no longer as versatile as they used to be. That said, there is a wide variety to choose from the still, just as long as you take the time to browse through everything the market has to offer. To guide you through, we put together a list of the ten best TV wall mounts out there along with a short guide on what to look for when buying one.

Types of TV Mounts:

13Fixed TV Mounts

A wall-mounted tv bracket is the easiest to install out of all the bracket types. If you’re going for the clean and sleek television set look, then this fixed wall mount bracket type is for you. It keeps the screen very close to the wall. Once installed, you cannot adjust the screen or the cables anymore.

For instance, since the flat panel doesn’t move on its tv wall brackets, you are going to have the remove the flat panel physically and change the cables. This can be the best wall mount for tv if you have control over the lighting of the room since you won’t have to deal with that annoying tv glare. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the flat screen being always in the same position in the tv room.

12Tilting TV Mounts

A tilting mount would cost money during the mounting. With tv wall brackets like these, you can adjust the vertical viewing angle while maintaining the position of the flat screen.

This is the best tv wall mount for those who want to install a flat panel tv on a higher location that would require you to angle the screen down to your viewers. Changing cables is easier but limited.

11Full-motion TV Mounts

Also called as articulating mounts, the full-motion tv mount allows for the maximum range of movement that you want for your flat panel tv. The wall studs and wall plate are made to make adjusting your screen at eye level easier. It is appropriate for all tv sizes, make sure that your cables are long enough to fit your needs.

Best TV Wall Mounts – Top List

10Sanus Super Low Profile TV Wall Mount

best tv wall mount

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This universal mount from Sanus benefits from a super low-profile design that places the TV at a very short distance from the wall. It does so with the help of a quick-release mechanism that secures the TV to the wall efficiently and sturdily. It is also worth mentioning that it enjoys a post-install horizontal shift that allows you to center your TV perfectly up to 24 inches apart between wood studs.

9Invision Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount Bracket

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You can expect this particular mount bracket to be compatible with a wide variety of TV mounting holes. It also offers a uniquely slim wall distance installation that allows you to safeguard the TV between 46mm/1.8 inches and 500mm/19.7 inches. It is also built to the highest CE specifications in regards to load capacity, mainly an 88lbs maximum. Furthermore, this mount comes with a 25-year warranty, which is impressive as far as TV wall mounts go.

8Impact Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

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With a solid backplate and sturdy verticals, this lockable TV wall mount bracket from Impact Mounts is guaranteed to secure your TV onto the wall as efficiently as possible. It is designed to fit most screen sizes and can support up to 165 lbs without any issues to speak of. We should also point out that it comes with a variety of screws and hardware to install the TV onto the mount, but an installation process that shouldn’t take you too much time to complete.

7AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

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A good TV wall mount should be not only sturdy but highly accommodating as well. Such is the case with the Articulating TV Wall Mount from AmazonBasics, an amount that offers up to 15 degrees of tilt for an optimal viewing angle. It does so regardless of the size of your TV thanks to an articulating design that extends up to 19.9 inches from the wall. At the same time, it should be said that it enjoys a heavy-duty aluminum and steel construction.

6VonHaus Cantilever Articulating Arm Swivel and Tilt Wall Mount

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Garmin 728x90 Banner

As one of the most durable TV walls mounts out there, this one can withstand an 88 lb load capacity, which is impressive when it comes to 26 to 55-inch TVs. As the name suggests, it is also capable of swiveling and tilting to an impressive standard, allowing you to choose between three left & right settings. Furthermore, this wall mount is also quite easy to install, much thanks to the fact that it comes with all the required fitting hardware.

5Mount Factory Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

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Thanks to an ingenious design, this mount provides a universal fit and compatibility for TVs between 42 and 70 inches in size. Given its heavy-duty mount options, it can hold TVs up to 100 lbs at almost any angle you choose. This is done via a 160-degree swivel mechanism that also allows your TV to extend out from the wall or to compress flat if needed. Not only that but it also includes a magnetic level and a 10 ft braided HDMI cable.

4WALI Articulating TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

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This particular wall mount enjoys a full VESA compatibility with virtually any modern TV out there. Given its design, it can safeguard TVs just two inches from the wall in order to enhance the look of any ultra thin LED TV. It can also extend 14 inches from the wall and features a +/-15 degree tilt option for you to use as you wish. Furthermore, it also benefits from a 180-degree swivel and a 360-degree rotation mechanism.

3Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket

buy from amazonThe Mounting Dream MD2380 is among the most accommodating wall mounts out there, one that allows you to tilt your TV at almost any viewing angle. We should also point out that it features VESA 16-inch studs spacing options to help you fit TVs of any size with relative ease. Speaking of which, the installation process for this wall mount is surprisingly easy, a process made easier by the complex hardware included in the package.

2Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

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It is essential for a wall mount to accommodate a wide variety of TVs, which is precisely what makes the Cheetah APTMM2B stand out. This ingenious wall mount can fit virtually any TV between 20 and 80 inches wide. It will also have no issues with heavy TVs, just as long as they do not go over 165 lbs. Interestingly enough, this wall mount also comes with an easy lift and lock attachment with adjustable pull tabs.

1VideoSecu MW380B3 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

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Widely popular, the VideoSecu MW380B3 stands out as one of the very best full motion tv wall mount out there, both in regards to versatility and durability. We say this because it can accommodate TVs between 37 and 70 inches wide as long as they are mounting hole compatible. At the same time, it will hold TVs as heavy as 165 lbs without any issues whatsoever, at any distance between 3 and 16 inches from the wall according to your personal preferences.


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Choosing A TV Wall Mount

The reasons for wanting a wall mount over a TV stand are many, and so are the characteristics to consider when buying one. Perhaps the main reason for using one is to set up your TV in a way that allows it to swivel or to remain stationary at a peculiar angle. Most of the time, these mounts let you change the orientation of your TV almost any way you want, which comes in handy if you prefer a certain viewing angle. With this in mind, let us find out what makes a suitable wall mount and what to look for.


In regards to style, wall mounts can either be fixed, tilting, or articulating. While fixed mounts are the most basic of the lot, they do not allow any freedom of movement, which is something that throws some people off. Tilting brackets, on the other hand, do allow some degree of vertical adjustment, around 15 degrees or so. With articulating mounts, you get not only a tilting mechanic but also a certain amount of swiveling.


One should also consider the room arrangements before installing a wall mount of any kind. We say this because some mounts aren’t exactly flexible, meaning that they can only be connected towards the center of the wall. This vastly reduces the mobility of your TV and it also affects the viewing angle. Depending on the furniture, you might need a swiveling mount no matter what, a choice you don’t really want to be forced to make.

Room Size

Bear in mind that you aren’t supposed to stay to close to your TV when watching your favorite shows. This has been clinically proven to damage your vision long-term, no mention how uncomfortable it can get. That said, make sure that whatever mount you choose doesn’t push out your TV too much from the wall. An important rule is to go for mounts that keep the TV at around 10-16 inches from the wall.

Mount Strength

Not all TV wall mounts can be expected to accommodate large TVs, not unless their specifications state that. This is why you should check how large your TV is before buying a wall mount because you don’t want your TV to fall down at some point. That said, it should be said that modern TVs aren’t exactly massive, even though some of them can weight a lot more than 100 lbs or close to that. Do your research for the best large tv wall mount to ensure you’ll be able to get the right one.

VESA Compatibility

In order for a television to be secured safely in place, it needs to be compatible with the mount in every way possible. You see, TVs fit brackets and mounts via a system of screw patterns that have to reflect the exact shape of each mechanism. As you would imagine, these screw patterns are standardized in what’s called a VESA system. Mounts that boast the same screw pattern are much more likely to accommodate popular TV brands.


We should point out that not all TV mounts are built the same way, neither regarding shape or features. While some mounts are capable of securing a wide variety of televisions, some can only fit a specific model or size. You should be looking for a highly versatile mount in this regard, one that will enable you to fit yet another TV further down the line once you’ve replaced your TV.


One thing to remember about installing wall mounts is that fixed and tilting versions are the simplest to install. Fully articulated mounts, on the other hand, can be quite complicated given the many mechanisms they involve. Always make sure that the fixtures and fittings of the mount are included in the package. If possible, look for a TV wall mount that doesn’t require that you use any additional tools to set it up.


A good way to make sure that your wall mount will meet all safety standards is to go for a reputable brand. Not to say that you cannot find a bargain if you know what to look for, but the cons beat the pros regarding this one. As a rule of thumb, wall mounts with an extended warranty are much less likely to break down over time. This is precisely why you should steer clear of refurbished devices.