Top 10 Best Upholstery Cleaners of 2019 – Reviews

Even though there are several different tools that can be used to clean your sofa or loveseat, nothing works quite as well as the best upholstery cleaner. That’s because these devices are specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning upholstery. They’re capable of cleaning up spills, pet hair and other messes that might accumulate on your furniture. And since they’re usually highly portable, they can be taken to any room of the house to manage messes.

Although just about all of these cleaners will get the job done, there are some models which are better than others. That’s why we’ve decided to dig deep into the subject matter and find the best upholstery cleaners that can currently be purchased. And then we placed these machines in a top ten list that will help you sort out the good ones from the very best ones.

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Best Upholstery Cleaners Of 2019

10Bissell Little Green ProHeat Cleaner

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Even though this upholstery cleaner may be mistaken for a steam cleaner, it’s actually a wet vacuum that’s specifically designed for cleaning furniture and other soft surfaces. This product has a power rating of 9-Amps and has a built-in water heater that allows it to provide the type of cleaning results that are unmatched by other machines. For convenience, this machine has separate tanks for clean and dirty water, and it has a tank capacity of 48-ounces. Probably the best thing about this cleaner, however, is that it’s portable and only weighs 13-pounds so it can be taken virtually anywhere.

9Hoover Spotless Portable Spot Cleaner

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This portable carpet cleaner from Hoover is designed to be portable enough to be taken to the source of a stain so it can be quickly cleaned up without a whole lot of fuss. This model only weighs around 9-pounds, so it can easily be picked up and maneuvered around the home by just about anyone. Using Hoover’s specialized line of detergents and this machine’s deep-cleaning action, the user can clean up messes not only on their furniture but can also use it on carpets as well. And since this machine is only 15-inches tall, it can be easily stored when it’s not in use.

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8Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner

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The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is a machine that can be used for all different types of jobs. It can be used to clean upholstery, obviously, but it can also be used to clean car seats, carpets or other messes around the home or office. It has a hand-held motorized brush with oscillating scrubbers that can move at up to 1,200 movements per minute to scrub messes free of the carpet or upholstery. This allows it to easily clean surfaces, and do it without using steam or heat that could potentially damage the surface. And since it has wheels and a retractable handle, this device is easy to maneuver around the home and use.

7McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

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This heavy-duty steam cleaner from McCulloch is capable of giving the user the power they need to clean their upholstery and carpets and do it without using harmful cleaners or detergents. It has a 48-ounce water tank that heats up in under 10-minutes but can provide the user with up to 45-minutes of hot steam at one time. This unit also has a 15.7-foot power cord and 9-feet of steam hose, so they have the reach they need for any cleaning job they’re presented with doing. This product has been certified and safety-tested in the United States, so consumers can rest assured that it’s not only an effective cleaner but that it’s also a safe one to use.

6PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Cleaner

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The appearance of this steam cleaner may not be all that impressive, but its power is sure to make it a beloved upholstery cleaner in the home. Despite it looking somewhat like a flower waterer, this lightweight and portable cleaner can deliver superheated and pressurized steam that can tackle just about any mess. It heats up in only a couple of minutes but can provide the user with up to 15-minutes of steam. That’s more than enough time to allow people to clean their upholstery, ceramic tile, wood flooring or washable wallpaper. And since it comes with a 9-piece accessory kit, this cleaner can be used for a ton of different jobs.

5Bissell Spot Bot Pet Cleaner

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The Bissel Spot Bot is a cleaner that’s designed for people with pets. It’s designed to clean up pet stains quickly and easily and is capable of even dealing with deep-set stains. It even comes with a trial-size of Pet Stain & Odor so the homeowner can clean and refresh their upholstery right away. As good as this device is at cleaning upholstery, however, it is even better at cleaning carpets. That’s because it has 2-different automatic modes that allow the user to put this device right on the stain and allow it to get right to work, all without the user having to do it. This makes this a great tool for any pet owner looking to keep their upholstery and carpets clean.

4Mlmlant Handheld Pressurized Steamer

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This steam cleaner may be small and inexpensive, but it’s still capable of delivering some big cleaning power. Once this cleaner has been filled with water and set up, it’s capable of heating up to an operating level in under 4-minutes. That’s because it has 1,050-Watts of power and a 350-milliliter water tank that can produce steam that’s 270-degree Fahrenheit and keep it up for 20-minutes at a time. Although this does mean that the user will have to use it very carefully on some fabrics, it also means that this steam cleaner is able to clean more than just furniture, it can also clean stoves, counters, sinks and just about anything else imaginable.

3Bissel Spot Clean Professional Cleaner

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Although the Bissel Spot Clean Professional is very similar to the Bissel Pet Spot Bot, there are a few key differences between the two. For example, this model features a 22-foot cord and weighs a little bit less than the Spot Bot Pet. It also comes with not only the 3-inch tough stain tool that’s ideal for cleaning furniture, but it also comes with a 6-inch stair tool. This model uses warm water and Bissell detergents (sold separately) to clean a variety of different surfaces. And since this product also has 2-automatic cleaning modes, it can also be set to automatically clean carpet stains with the minimum of fuss.

2Bissell Pet Handheld Vacuum

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Even though the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is technically an upholstery vacuum and not specifically a cleaner, it still deserves inclusion on this list. That’s because there is probably no other device which can pick up pet hair as quickly and easily as this one. This is specifically because of this upholstery vacuum’s specialized tip, which is capable of dislodging stuck on pet hair. But that’s not the only reason it does such a good job picking up pet hair. It also has a powerful motor that runs at 4-Amps and is capable of sucking its hair efficiently. All of these features mean that this vacuum is one any pet owner should consider purchasing.

1Lambow Handheld Pressurized Steamer

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Thanks to this Lambow Handheld Pressurized Steamer, everyone has the tools they need to clean not only their upholstery but just about any surface in their home. This lightweight steamer has a 9-foot power cord that makes it easier to use, and it has a 12-ounce water capacity that allows it to be used for 20-minutes at a time. This product is capable of delivering 1,050-Watts of steam power and comes with 9 convenient tools that allow it to be used for different jobs. Some of the accessories that come with it include a window cleaning tool, upholstery tool, round nylon brush, jet nozzle, towel sleeve, a flexible hose with gun nozzle, a bent nozzle, a funnel, and a measuring cup.

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The Complete Guide To Upholstery Cleaners

Upholstery cleaners are perhaps some of the handiest devices for a person to have in their home. That’s because these machines are usually not only good for cleaning furniture but are also pretty good at cleaning other surfaces in the home. For example, some upholstery cleaners are basically makeshift carpet cleaners and therefore can be used to keep the carpets as clean as the furniture, and others are steam machines that can be used to clean grout, appliances or other household surfaces as well.

Of course, the versatility of these devices can make it difficult to determine which cleaner is the best and which one is merely serviceable in your home. After all, a homeowner who wants to clean their carpet and their upholstery may want a different cleaner than a homeowner who wants to clean hard surfaces in addition to their upholstery. So of course, that has to be kept in mind as the buyer shops for their new upholstery cleaner.

In order to sort through some of the features a person may need—or not need, as the case may be—out of their upholstery cleaner, we’ll go over some of the main considerations a person needs to make. Once those have been properly sorted and analyzed, then you’ll have a better idea of which upholstery cleaner is going to be right for your home. Okay, let’s get started.

Handheld Models Versus Canister Models

Probably one of the first considerations anyone is going to want to think about is whether they want a full-sized upholstery cleaner or if they’re looking for a machine that’s a little bit smaller. Although good cleaners are available in both sizes, your cleaning goals will probably determine what machine you intend on buying. For example, if you’re going to clean carpets as well as your upholstery, then you are going to probably want to buy a full-sized model. However, if you’re looking to clean hard surfaces in your home or use the cleaner in the bathroom, then a portable one might be the one you want.

Vacuums Versus Cleaners

Another consideration to keep in mind is whether you want an upholstery vacuum or a cleaner. Even though upholstery cleaners are useful for cleaning dried on spills off of upholstery, not everyone needs that capability. Some people may only need to clean pet hair off of their couch or sofa, so if that’s the case, then you can choose from one of the many available pet vacuums currently available.

Steam Versus Wet Cleaners

It’s also important to consider whether you’ll want a steam cleaner or a wet cleaner. Both of these devices are suitable for cleaning upholstery, but they do it in very different ways. Steam cleaners use super hot steam to clean and freshen the surface of upholstery, and wet cleaners use water that’s usually mixed with a cleaning product of some time.

What’s the main difference between these two types of cleaners? Well, steam cleaners are capable of disinfecting the surface of upholstery, and they usually leave the surface dry when they’re done. However, using hot steam may not be suitable for all surfaces, so the user should always keep that in mind, too.

Wet cleaners, on the other hand, can disinfect the upholstery’s surface with the help of chemical cleaning products, but often leaves the surface moist—requiring a drying period before it can be used. Wet cleaners, however, are usually good for just about any surface.

Consider The Upholstery Cleaner’s Attachments

Probably the most important consideration to make when purchasing a new upholstery cleaner is the machine’s attachments. Although some carpet cleaners can be used to clean upholstery, not all of them can. And it really depends on the attachments that come with the machine. Good upholstery cleaners come with attachments that make them easier to use on sofa, chairs and other pieces of furniture. This can include spot cleaners, upholstery cleaning wands, fabric steamer tools, or some other type of attachment that allows the machine to do a good job at cleaning and refreshing your upholstery.

The Machine’s Power Cord

The very last thing that anyone is going to want to consider is whether the device has a long enough power cord that allows it to be used where it’s needed to be used. If the machine you want to buy is cordless, then you obviously don’t have to worry about the power cord, but if not, then this is something you’ll seriously want to consider. Make sure that the cord on any device you intend on purchasing is at least 6-feet long so you can reach the areas of your home you need to reach.