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Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men in 2019 – Reviews

A good pair of walking shoes should be not only comfortable but resilient as well. These shoes have to withstand quite a bit of abuse before showing any signs of damage, which is what you should expect from any good pair of shoes, regardless of the brand or the price tag.

Speaking of which, you also shouldn’t be buying shoes based on how much they’re worth thinking that it somehow reflects their overall value because more often than not, it really doesn’t. To give you a good idea of what to look for if you’re ever in the market for good shoes, we put together a list of the ten best walking shoes for men that money can buy.

Best Walking Shoes For Men 2019

10Ryn Nazca Sympatex Racing Shoes

buy from amazonIf comfort is what you’re looking for, look no further than this pair of sneakers from Ryn Nazca. Featuring seven separate layers of cushioning within the soles, these shoes are ideal for walking and sprinting, regardless of how harsh the terrain may be. Available in four different colors, these shoes are also less expensive than most similar walking shoes out there, not to say how much more durable they are than your average walking shoe.

9Nike Flyknit Racing Shoes

buy from amazonNike very rarely disappoints with its shoes and this pair of sneakers is no exception to that trend. Scoring high on both style and functionality, this is an excellent choice of sneakers. Cushioned bottoms at the soles make for added comfort and also add a touch of spring to your walk. The Nike logo featured on the lower half of the shoes makes it look particularly sophisticated.

8Altra Instinct II Running Shoes

buy from amazonThis pair of running shoes from Altra is among the best the market has to offer and it’s easy to see why. A toe box at the upper part of the shoe provides you with added toe space while the mesh-like design of the shoes allows for smooth air circulation inside the shoe. The middle of the shoes is packed with EVA foam to make it even more comfortable to wear, even when worn for long periods of time.

7Asic’s GEL-TECH Men’s Neo 4 Walking Shoe

buy from amazonAsic’s GEL-TECH Men’s Neo 4 Walking Shoe is a shoe that’s designed to be comfortable while you’re doing your favorite activities. It has an upper mesh that promotes proper air circulation around the foot and a high-performance sock liner that actually inhibits the growth of many microorganisms. This shoe is also designed using a number of different technologies to ensure that you have the foot support that you need and that each step you take is stable. It also has a forefoot cushioning system that ensures each step is as comfortable as it could possibly be.

6Nike Men’s Air Max Dynasty Sprinting Shoes

buy from amazonThese are some of the best looking shoes Nike has ever made and the vast popularity they enjoy worldwide should tell you everything you need to know about their overall quality. Streaks of platinum and silver merge to form a delightful coloring scheme. The transparent rubber soles are perfect for comfort and support, all the while making the shoe look even more attractively unique. In this sort of price range, you simply can’t beat this shoe in terms of looks and wearability.

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5Mohem Poseidon Men’s Casual Walking Shoes

buy from amazonDesigned to be a soft shoe for people with an active lifestyle, Mohem Poseidon Men’s Casual Walking Shoes have many of the characteristics athletic and adventurous people are looking for. These shoes weigh less than twelve ounces, making them very lightweight, and it’s very easy to just slip them on your feet. They also have a slip-resistant rubber outsole that helps to keep the wearer stable even on surfaces that are a little bit slick. Another thing worth mentioning about this footwear is that is also has a breathable upper mesh design that allows air to reach your feet.

4Skechers Go Walk 2 Performance Men’s Walking Shoe

buy from amazonSkechers Go Walk 2 Performance Men’s Walking Shoe are shoes that are designed to not only be comfortable but also to deliver the performance need while leading an active lifestyle. These shoes are designed from a combination of fabric and leather that supports the foot very well and provides a nice cushion for the soles of your feet. They also have an OrthoLite sock liner that inhibits the grown of microbes and helps prevent unpleasant odors from developing in the shoe. These shoes also have a sole that is very responsive and allows for a more natural feel while walking.

3Rockport World Classic Men’s Walking Shoes

buy from amazonScoring top marks for durability is this pair of shoes from Rockport with its rock-steady leather construction. These shoes will easily last for quite a while, regardless of what terrain they’re being used on or how often they are being worn. Comfortably wide and spaced out, these should be perfect for people with foot afflictions who wouldn’t want to constantly be rubbing against the insides of their shoes.

2Skechers Slip-On Walking Shoes

buy from amazonShoes don’t really get more comfortable than slip-ons and they are rarely as well made as this one from the highly reputable Skechers group. Not only are these shoes incredibly luxurious and cozy on the inside but they are also extremely breathable because of the mesh integration in the uppers of the shoes. In addition, the rubber soles are great for traction, even on very slippery surfaces.

1New Balance MX608V4 Men’s Training Shoes

buy from amazonTopping our list are these high-end shoes from New Balance which are almost perfect in terms of toughness and flexibility. The strong stitching and leather uppers make these shoes as durable as they are comfortable. The rubber soles, along with a specially manufactured design which supports the curve of the foot while walking, make these shoes an absolute delight to wear for long periods of time on a daily basis. Also, the addition of odor-resistant insoles prevent these shoes from ever developing any nasty odors during the day.


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