Top 10 Best Water Shoes of 2019 – Reviews

If you spend any amount of time in the water, then you are probably going to want to buy the best pair of water shoes you can buy. It doesn’t matter if you engage in paddle sports, boating or any other water-related activity. Those who decide to try to brave the water without a pair of these shoes will have to deal with the loss of traction and/or stone bruises that can result from going into the ocean, a river or a lake without foot protection.

Now that we’ve established that these type of shoes are absolutely necessary to make your expeditions into a body of water less aggravating, you then have to find the best pair for you. And while that usually requires a bit of research, we’ve decided to do that research for you and find the ten best water shoes available. A pair you’ll use and enjoy.

Best Water Shoes Of 2019

10Dream Pairs Women’s Quick-Dry Shoes

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These lightweight water shoes are good for casual wearers who need them for a day at the pool, at the beach or at a local water park. They’re manufactured from stretch polyester and have a spandex vamp, so they not only allow air to circulate around the foot but they also dry quicker than ordinary shoes. Inside of them, they have a cushioned insole that has a honeycomb design that helps with ventilation even more. Their light rubber outsole is flexible enough to allow the wearer to feel the surface they’re walking on but also provides a great deal of traction.

9Pengcheng Unisex Swimming Shoes

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These swimming shoes are probably as versatile as they are easy-to-wear. They can be used for not only a day at the beach or the local pool but can be used for a variety of other activities including yoga, beach volleyball, or surfing shoes. They are equipped with drainage holes which not only allow excess water to escape from the shoe but also helps to promote general air circulation as well. These shoes also have a rubber sole with a non-slip design and with a little bit of extra shock absorption than other types of aqua shoes. And they’re available in a variety of colors including black, green, purple, grey or blue.

8Moerdeng Unisex Quick-Drying Shoes

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These durable unisex shoes are kind of like a combination between a hiking shoe and a swimming shoe. That’s because they have an outsole that is thick enough to protect the feet from rocks and other sharp objects but also gives the wearer the traction they need for traversing slippery surfaces. These shoes have built-in drainage holes that increase air circulation to the foot and allow excess water to drain from them, so the user’s foot is as dry and comfortable as possible. These shoes are also available in exciting colors that also make them a fashionable choice for anyone heading to the beach or the pool.

7Aleader Unisex Beach Shoes

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These beach shoes are useful for a lot more activities than just spending the day at the beach. They’re also ideal for anyone who spends a significant amount of time at the pool, boating, surfing, windsurfing or kayaking. These shoes are so versatile and flexible, they can even be worn for yoga sessions. They are extremely lightweight and are barely noticeable when they’re on the wearer’s feet. And since these shoes aren’t equipped with an insole like other shoes of its kind, they can easily be rinsed out after a day walking the mud along river banks or if sand gets into them.

6Cior Fantiny Boy’s & Girl’s Pool Shoes

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Adults shouldn’t be the only ones who enjoy the benefits of a high-quality pool shoe, children should also have their feet protected. And that’s exactly what these shoes are designed to do. They have a special ankle design that protects the child’s foot while remaining flexible enough to be used in the water. They’re made with breathable fabrics, so parents can rest assured that their child’s feet are getting the airflow they need to remain healthy. And since these shoes are made with quick-drying materials, they won’t cause blisters the way normal shoes can when they get wet and soggy.

5Aleader Women’s Slip-On Shoes

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These quality all-purpose amphibious shoes are designed to give women that extra amount of traction they need for walking on the wet surface while remaining lightweight at the same time. They are designed to simply slip-on to the feet and are made with flexible fabrics that don’t constrict the wearer’s feet. It’s manufactured with an EVA insole that provides a bit of cushioning and it has a soft molded cushion that allows it to absorb light impacts. And since it’s made with a breathable mesh, this shoe dries quickly and always allows the correct amount of airflow around the feet.

4Calpzovr River Shoes

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These river shoes are designed to protect the wearer’s feet from river bottoms, small stones or seashells when they’re wading into a river or the ocean. It’s made with a soft material that doesn’t absorb moisture and is easy on the wearer’s feet. They are equipped with PVC draining holes that allow water to flow right out of it, so excess moisture isn’t clinging to the wearer’s feet. These shoes also have an anti-skid bottom that increases traction for the wearer on docks, decks, and other slippery surfaces. These amphibious shoes are available in a number of different colors including pink, green, purple or green.

3WaterLves Water Aerobic Shoes

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Although these water aerobic shoes are designed for active wearers, they can be used for a lot more than just exercising in the pool. Since they have an anti-slip outsole, they’re useful for wearing on slippery surfaces such as a boat dock or a ship’s deck. They have drainage holes in them that allow for proper air flow and allow excess water to escape from them. They’re also made with smooth, stretchable fabrics so that they fit snugly but don’t restrict blood flow in the foot. These shoes are extremely lightweight, almost like water socks, and are always comfortable to wear.

2Quicksilk Women’s Mesh Shoes

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These water shoes are designed for people who need a little bit more protection on their feet when they’re heading into the water. They have a midsole that provides bounce and is extremely durable, and it has a rubber sole that helps to protect the bottom of the feet against rocks, seashells, and sharp pieces or coral. Although they aren’t as lightweight as surfing shoes or water socks, they’re still pretty lightweight and are very easy to walk in. Since these shoes have open mesh on their upper portions, they also allow the wearer’s feet to breath. They also dry rather quickly.

1Zhuanglin Women’s Water Shoes

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Designed to look like a tennis shoe and available in a variety of different colors, these water shoes are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their look fashionable when they head to the pool or beach. These shoes are made with a breathable upper mesh that allows air to circulate around the foot and also speeds the shoe’s drying time. They also have a rubber sole that provides the necessary traction a person needs when they’re walking on slippery surfaces and also protects the bottom of the foot from rocks. And finally, this product features a sock liner that provides a nice cushion and helps to promote a drier shoe environment in wet conditions.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For? Check these suggestions:

Water Shoes Buying Guide

Although water shoes are an absolutely essential piece of equipment for anyone walking out into a body of water, they aren’t as popular as they should be, or at least, aren’t purchased as often as you would think. There are probably two reasons for that fact. One, people may not understand why they should own a pair of these shoes, and two, they may not understand how to buy one that fits them correctly. We are going to address both of those concerns with this guide.

Why You Need Water Shoes

Water shoes aren’t just a stylish choice for any aquatic adventurer but are also absolutely necessary. Below are some reasons why everyone who ventures into the water needs a pair of these shoes.

  • Better Mobility: If you try to wear a pair of tennis or running shoes into a body of water, it’s going to quickly become harder to walk. That’s because ordinary shoes absorb water and impede mobility. Water shoes, on the other hand, are designed not to absorb water and therefore is a better choice for improving underwater mobility.
  • Better Protection: Anyone who has walked out into the ocean or just off the banks of a river barefoot knows that seashells or small rocks can not only be uncomfortable to accidentally walk on but can really hurt the bottom of the foot. Water shoes are designed to protect against these object, and if the wader buys one with toe-shields, they can even prevent stubbed toes.
  • Enhanced Foot Warmth: Although water shoes are designed for increased air circulation, they can also help to keep the wearer’s feet warm in cold water. It’s extremely important for proper circulation to keep your feet insulated against the cold. Cold feet can actually lead to a drop in core body temperature—which can be extremely dangerous and can quickly escalate into hypothermia.
  • Better Traction: Wet decks, boat docks, and other surfaces can become extremely slippery and can pose a serious injury threat. It can also be dangerous to walk from the water to a smooth surface and result in the wader slipping and falling. Fortunately, water shoes are designed to grip slippery surfaces and provide the wearer with better traction.
  • Faster Drying Times: The last benefit we’re going to talk about is that these shoes dry faster than ordinary shoes. This not only helps to keep the feet from becoming too cold, but it can also help prevent painful blisters from developing on a person’s feet. And if that’s not a good enough reason, faster drying times also means there’s less of a change of mold or mildew developing in the shoes.

How to Buy Water Shoes

Now that we’ve listed just a few of the reasons why water shoes are an important piece of equipment for just about anyone to own, it’s time to find out what to look for when buying a pair of these shoes. Here are just a few tips to get you started:

  • Choose The Correct Shoe Size: It’s important to take an accurate measurement of your foot so that you know what size water shoe to buy. A snug fit will not only keep the shoes on your feet but will also make them more comfortable to wear.
  • Choose The Right Style: When we say choose the correct style, what we really mean is the correct style for you. After all, there’s no one right water shoe for everyone. For example, some people may want a shoe that slips on for casual trips to the beach, and other people may want a pair that laces up for going on long walks. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • Choose The Correct Cushion Level: The correct cushion level is the one that’s right for you and the activities you choose to do. People who not only wade into the water but also do a lot of hiking will want to get a pair with a thick outer sole. Other people may want to choose a pair with a thinner sole, so they can feel the surface they’re walking on—which is useful for activities such as surfing.
  • Choose The Right Traction Level: The final thing to look at is the bottom of the shoe’s sole. Does it have the amount of traction you need it to have? Not everyone needs a pair of water shoes that really grip surfaces, but those who spend a lot of time walking on a dock or a boat’s deck will want to make sure that the shoe has the amount of traction that they need.